ISRO is gearing up for the next lunar frontier with the Chandrayaan-4 mission after the success of the Chandrayaan-3 mission. (JAXA) Space 

ISRO Soars to New Heights with Chandrayaan-4 Mission!

Following the success of Chandrayaan-3, ISRO is now preparing for its next lunar adventure with the ambitious Chandrayaan-4 mission. Although the chances of Chandrayaan-3’s return to Earth are diminishing due to possible communication difficulties, ISRO remains determined, highlighting the valuable data already obtained from the mission. The Chandrayaan-4 mission, a symbol of advancement in space exploration, is set to enhance India’s cosmic pursuits. Diverging from its predecessors, this mission not only aims to land on the moon but also intends to retrieve lunar samples and bring them back to Earth.…

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Editing and sharing of HDR images on iPhones has been added in the new Photomator 3.2 update. (Photomator) News 

Unlock HDR Editing and Sharing on Your iPhone with Photomator 3.2!

According to a recent announcement from the app developer, Photomator, a widely-used photo editing app, has been enhanced with a new update. The latest version, Photomator 3.2, now enables users to open, edit, and share complete HDR photos on iPhones. This means that the app can now edit images taken in HDR mode on iPhones. Additionally, the updated app has the capability to transform regular photos into HDR format. According to the company’s blog post, the Photomator 3.2 update “opens up new creative workflows with full support for opening, editing…

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WhatsApp is currently working on allowing channel owners to specify a reason when requesting a review for their suspended channel Reviews 

Review Suspensions Easily with WhatsApp’s New Feature!

Meta-owned instant messaging platform WhatsApp plans to introduce a new feature that will allow channel owners to request a review of their frozen channel. This improvement makes the process more transparent, as channel owners can seek clarifications and address potential violations more effectively. “Thanks to the latest WhatsApp beta for Android update available on the Google Play Store, we found additional improvements to develop this feature,” WABetaInfo, a website that tracks WhatsApp, reported. The report revealed that the Meta-owned app is currently working on allowing channel owners to provide…

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Procreate Dreams is available on the App Store for the iPad. It is an alternative to Adobe After Effects. Check details. (Apple App Store) News 

Dream Big with Procreate Dreams: The New 2D Animation App for iPad!

Procreate, a highly popular app within the Apple ecosystem, offers users the ability to create digital art using a diverse range of tools such as brushes, colors, and layers. Serving as an alternative to Adobe Illustrator, the app has now introduced Procreate Dreams, a new application that enables users to craft 2D animations and express their narratives. Discover more about this exciting addition to the iPad. What is Procreate Dreams? Procreate Dreams is a brand new animation app packed with powerful tools that anyone can use. The application allows users…

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Public accounts can turn off the ability for people to download their reels but you can still tap the three dots and Save it to watch it later in the app. News 

“Reel It In: Share Your Short Videos with Instagram Reels!”

Instagram, the photo and video sharing platform owned by Meta, now allows users worldwide to save clips from public accounts directly to their camera rolls. This feature was previously only available in the US. However, discs saved with this process still display a watermark with the creator’s Instagram handle. Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, said on his Instagram feed: “Reels update, you can now save rolls created with public accounts to your camera roll – every roll you upload is watermarked with the creator’s Instagram handle. We rolled it out…

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With the introduction of a dedicated shortcut, users can now directly access AI-powered chats from the Chats Tab without navigating through the chat list to find the previous interaction with the AI. AI 

Chat with AI on WhatsApp: iPhone Shortcut Now Available!

WhatsApp, the popular meta-owned instant messaging app, has launched a feature that includes a shortcut to access AI-powered conversations directly from the Chats tab. There is a new button in the navigation bar of the Conversations tab that allows users to quickly open an AI-powered chat. “With TestFlight’s latest WhatsApp beta iOS update, some beta testers of the iOS app are now getting a shortcut,” WABetaInfo reported. Thanks to its own shortcut, users can now access chats with AI directly from the Chats tab without having to scroll through…

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Sam Altman, US entrepreneur, investor, programmer, and founder and CEO of artificial intelligence company OpenAI, is back as the CEO. (AFP) News 

Sacking Sam Altman: Uncovering the Secret Behind OpenAI’s Move

In contrast to Google, Facebook, and other tech giants, the creators of ChatGPT established it as a nonprofit organization rather than a business, aiming to ensure its independence from commercial influences. But the arrangement became complicated. Although OpenAI later transitioned to a for-profit model, its controlling shareholder remains the non-profit OpenAI Inc. and its board of directors. That unique structure allowed four OpenAI board members — the company’s chief scientist, two outside tech entrepreneurs and an academic — to oust CEO Sam Altman on Friday. The sudden departure of one…

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The Mumbai cyber crime report shows that online job scams have multiplied in the first 10 months of 2023 with 362 such cases. This number was 119 and 106 in 2021 and 2022, respectively News 

Beware of Online Job Scams in Mumbai: ‘Work-from-Home’ or ‘Money-for-Task’, Don’t Fall for the Trap!

Online job scams called ‘work from home’ or ‘pay for work’ are on the rise in Mumbai. As people look for extra income amid high inflation, it has become easier for scammers to lure people into so-called part-time or full-time jobs in the form of simple tasks like creating content or even liking YouTube videos. According to a report published in the Times of India, Mumbai’s cyber crime report shows that such scams have multiplied by 362 cases in the first 10 months of 2023. This number was 119 and…

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A geomagnetic storm caused by solar winds could be on the cards. (Pixabay) Space 

Feel the Force: Solar Winds Could Create a Geomagnetic Storm on Earth!

As we approach the peak of solar cycle 25, the ongoing surge of solar activity persists. A solar cycle, lasting 11 years, involves fluctuations in the Sun’s activity. The lowest point, referred to as the solar minimum, is when activity is at its lowest, while the solar maximum represents the period of highest activity. With the solar maximum drawing near, experts anticipate an increase in CMEs, sunspots, solar flares, and solar storms that Earth may encounter. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), which includes a full suite of instruments for observing…

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Users can now access the feature on the stable version of the app, available for both Android and iOS devices. News 

Share Instagram Reels and Posts with Your Besties: Here’s How!

Meta-owned photo and video sharing platform Instagram recently rolled out a new update that allows users to post and scroll with only a select group of friends. The new feature, highlighted by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, gives users more control over their privacy. With the addition of stories and notes, users can tailor their content for more personalized sharing. Sharing posts and reels exclusively with your close friends list ensures that only members of this select group can view your stories, likes, and comments. Users can now access the feature…

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XROS aimed to bolster Indian developers venturing into XR technologies. Extended reality or XR is an umbrella term encompassing Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) News 

XROS Initiative Expands Beyond Delhi, Bengaluru and Chennai: Meta Public Policy Head

The XR Open Source (XROS) Fellowship, a key component of Meta’s global XR programs and research fund, has celebrated the diverse pool of Indian talent in emerging technologies. XROS aimed to support Indian developers pursuing XR technologies. Augmented reality or XR is an umbrella term that covers augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR). These technologies enhance the perception of the real world by adding or combining digital elements to create interactive and immersive experiences. Led by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)…

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The maker of ChatGPT had made progress on Q* (pronounced Q-Star), which some internally believe could be a breakthrough in the startup's search for superintelligence, also known as artificial general intelligence (AGI). (REUTERS) News 

OpenAI Researchers Foretell Major AGI Breakthrough – Sam Altman’s Fateful Last Days

A recent report has revealed surprising information in the ongoing OpenAI saga. According to Reuters, prior to Sam Altman’s dismissal from the OpenAI board, a group of researchers within the organization sent a letter to the directors, alerting them to a significant AI advancement that could potentially pose a threat to humanity. This groundbreaking development is being referred to as artificial general intelligence (AGI), or superintelligence. For the uninitiated, AGI or AI superintelligence means that the computing capabilities of a machine are higher than those of humans. This can lead…

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The report suggested that providing a channel review feature offers a sense of fairness to channel owners as it can finally help mitigate wrongful or accidental suspensions. News 

WhatsApp Reviving Suspended Channels with THIS Essential Feature!

Meta-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp is reportedly developing a new feature that will allow channel owners to request a review of their frozen channels, and this feature will be available in the future. The ability to request a review of frozen channels aims to provide owners with a mechanism to correct discrepancies or misunderstandings that led to the freeze. According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp channels, like any other messaging or broadcasting platform, must follow specific guidelines outlined in the channel policy. This policy serves as a set of rules and standards…

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SIM swap attacks are dangerous because people lose access to their phone number without any alert or taking their consent but that could be avoided now. News 

Secure Your Phone Now: New US Govt Rules Aim to Stop SIM-Swapping Attacks

SIM swapping attacks have become a serious concern not only in India but across the world. And everyone understands that these attacks must be prevented, making it difficult for the victim to be alerted when their own phone number is being copied and used without their knowledge or consent. Fortunately, work has already begun in this regard, and the US government is heavily involved in its plan to prevent these attacks. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has released new rules that can help people avoid SIM swapping scams and secure…

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Check out how the new WhatsApp email address verification feature works. (Unsplash) News 

Say Goodbye to Network Issues – WhatsApp Email Verification Here to Help!

WhatsApp has been implementing a range of safety measures to ensure the security of its users. In recent times, the app has introduced features like Chat Lock, Account Protect, and Device Verification. Currently, the platform is striving to enhance its security measures by introducing email address verification. Previously, verification was solely reliant on SMS, but now users will have the option to verify their email addresses as well. Discover how the email address verification feature will operate on WhatsApp. WhatsApp email address verification According to a WABetaInfo report, WhatsApp will…

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Check out the newly discovered galaxies captured by the James Webb Space Telescope. (Representative image) (NASA| Twitter) Space 

Exploring the Universe’s Youthful Side: Peeking at Teenage Galaxies with NASA’s Webb Telescope!

A recent study conducted by NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has surprised astronomers by capturing images of young galaxies and their heavy elements. These galaxies, whose lights have traveled for billions of years, have finally reached NASA’s instruments, allowing researchers to conduct further studies. The James Webb Space Telescope’s unique capability to look far back in time, almost to the Big Bang event, sets it apart from the older Hubble Telescope, which is limited by its location in Earth’s orbit. Explore the fascinating findings from the images captured by the…

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In India, WhatsApp collaborates with 10 independent fact-checking organizations across 13 languages to help users verify information News 

Combat Fake News On WhatsApp: Follow These Easy Steps!

Meta-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp is launching a security campaign called “Check the Facts” to combat misinformation on its platform. The campaign raises user awareness of WhatsApp’s security features and encourages digital best practices to prevent the spread of misinformation. The month-long campaign highlights WhatsApp’s built-in product features and security tools, such as block and report, forward stickers that help users spot misinformation and stop it from spreading further, and encourages people to verify information that sounds suspicious or inaccurate through fact-checking organizations. on WhatsApp channels. Here’s how to combat…

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WhatsApp is releasing the ability to associate your email address with your WhatsApp account. News 

Log In To WhatsApp With Your Email – iPhone Users Rejoice!

WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging platform owned by Meta, is now widely rolling out a feature that allows iOS users to associate an email address with their accounts. According to a report by WABetaInfo, the Meta-owned app is now rolling out an additional access method to the platform that will allow iPhone users to log into their account in situations where they may have temporary difficulty receiving the 6-digit code via text message. “Over the past few hours, WhatsApp has released update 23.24.70 for iOS on the App Store. Currently,…

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WhatsApp is introducing a functionality that enables users to filter and browse through status updates in a vertical list. News 

Unlock the Possibilities: Discover What’s New with WhatsApp Status Updates!

Meta-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp is reportedly rolling out a new feature that lets users filter and view status updates in a vertical list. The new improvement is useful for users who don’t follow any channels, making it easier to access muted status updates without going to a separate section via the three-dot menu. According to a report by WhatsApp tracker WABetaInfo, the Meta-owned app is introducing a feature that allows users to filter and scroll through status updates in a vertical list. The feature is currently available to Android…

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Joe Biden now has an account on Meta Threads, X's biggest rival. Notably, this move comes amid Musk's ongoing anti-Semitism controversy. Here are the details. News 

Joe Biden Weaves His Way Through Elon Musk’s Controversy with Meta Threads

US President Joe Biden has joined Meta’s Threads, X’s (formerly Twitter) biggest competitor. This comes on Biden’s 81st birthday and just days after Elon Musk, who bought X in October 2022, came under fire for allegedly supporting anti-Semitic messaging on his platform. White House spokesman Andrew Bates called it a “disgusting promotion of a lie.” “I turned 81 and just got a new social platform! Thanks for the good wishes, folks. And to the birthday candle factory workers, I hope your union got you overtime,” Biden wrote on Threads. Notably,…

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