Baidu, the Chinese search giant, will "very soon” launch its own generative AI model called Ernie 3.5. According to Reuters, Ernie 3.5—a large language model (LLM)—will power Baidu's ChatGPT-like chatbot, Ernie Bot, and help in upgrading its search engine.News 

Baidu has been set to launch Ernie 3.5, your Generative AI model: What do you need to know

Chinese search giant Baidu publishes his own generative AI model called Ernie 3.5.reuters, according to Ernie 3.5-Suuri Language Model (LLM)-SAA Power Batgpun chatbot, Ernie Bot and helps you upgrade her search machine.

This development takes place after Baidu’s CEO Robin Li announced the same in the ZhhongGuancun forum, widely considered as one of China’s most respected technology forums.

Only a few months ago, Baidu launched his Ernie bot on a mixed reception.Reuters states that after mixed reviews, Baidu has kept his products, including Ernie Bot and Ernie 3.5 LLM, in the test mode.

At the global level of Openai, America-Microsoft-Tukeman’s first migrant benefits, when it comes to Generative AI after it released CATGPT back in November 2022. Microsoft, as a billion dollar investments of Openaii, made Google and other grouping.

Later, Google revealed Bardin – its own chatbot, which is a Powered by Lamda – which later changed to Palm 2 (revealed Google I/O 2023).

Chinese search giant Baidu could prove the rapid growth of American companies that could look at the evening with the odds with its American colleagues as it doubles with artificial intelligence with Ernie 3.5.

GeOffery Hinton, which was considered one of the pioneers of artificial intelligence, left his job on Google to openly discuss the risks associated with generative AI chatbots. However, he also clarified that he did not apologize for the development of Google’s generative AI.

When speaking to the BBC, Hinton claimed that “international competition means that a break would be difficult” and “if everyone in the United States stopped developing it, China will only receive a big lead.”

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