Google was supposed to have its ChatGPT rival out in the market by now but the company is clearly wanting to make sure its AI chatbot is fully ready.AI 

ChatGPT: Google’s AI Chatbot Launch Delayed – Find Out When It’s Coming!

According to new reports, Google’s wait to seriously challenge ChatGPT is likely to be extended into early 2024. The company has talked a lot about its AI plans, which we’ve already seen with things like Search AI integration and Docs and Gmail.

But a challenger to ChatGPT is still in the works, and Google is said to be taking a longer look at the technology before it’s expected to launch in the first quarter of 2024, according to a report from The Information.

Google has faced this setback after realizing that its Gemini AI chatbot is still not equipped to handle the difficult tasks that people might throw at it. The development is certainly a concern for Google, who, according to the report, have already talked about the AI technology and told them that it will launch itself in November this year.

Google has already spoken about its decision to go easy on the launch of a ChatGPT competitor as it seeks to resolve the scenes and enter the market with a fully compatible AI model.

These decisions are also because Bard has received mixed feedback from the market, and would like to see a supposed equal or better version of the ChatGPT 4.0 competitor, which could then be pushed towards the enterprise market where the company could actually make money. its technology.

There is no doubt that OpenAI has a solid advantage due to its generational jump and cross-platform availability, but there is certainly no need to rush the AI model that Google is trying at the end and use the expertise of its founder Sergey. Brin to create a robust and healthy AI system.

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