In India, WhatsApp collaborates with 10 independent fact-checking organizations across 13 languages to help users verify informationNews 

Combat Fake News On WhatsApp: Follow These Easy Steps!

Meta-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp is launching a security campaign called “Check the Facts” to combat misinformation on its platform. The campaign raises user awareness of WhatsApp’s security features and encourages digital best practices to prevent the spread of misinformation.

The month-long campaign highlights WhatsApp’s built-in product features and security tools, such as block and report, forward stickers that help users spot misinformation and stop it from spreading further, and encourages people to verify information that sounds suspicious or inaccurate through fact-checking organizations. on WhatsApp channels.

Here’s how to combat fake news on WhatsApp

– Understand when a message is forwarded: The Meta-owned app has developed a tag for all forwarded messages and limits the number of times messages are forwarded to encourage users to think twice before sharing. Paying careful attention to messages with “broker tags” will also help slow the spread of rumours, viral messages and fake news.

For example, if a message has a double arrow icon and is marked as “forwarded many times”, it can only be forwarded to one conversation at a time. If a message has a forwarded tag, you can forward it to up to five chats and only one group at a time.

– Blocking and reporting suspicious accounts: The instant messaging app allows users to easily block accounts and report problematic messages, such as messages that spread false information.

If you receive a message from an unknown sender, you can block them, and WhatsApp offers additional information such as public groups. Security tools are also available if additional steps are needed.

– Follow fact-checking organizations on WhatsApp channels for correct information: WhatsApp encourages users to verify information that appears suspicious or inaccurate to prevent the spread of misinformation.

In India, WhatsApp partners with 10 independent fact-checking organizations in 13 languages to help users verify information. Users can follow these fact-checking organizations on WhatsApp channels to get accurate and verified updates.

1. Boom fact check

2. Fact Crescendo

3. In fact

4. India Today Fact Check

5. Newschecker

6. NewsMobile

7. Webqoof

8. Healthy India project

9. Vishvas news

10. NewsMeter FactCheck

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