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Emmett Shear Sounds the Alarm: AI is ‘Dangerous’!

OpenAI co-founder Sam Altman has been dismissed from his position as CEO in a surprising revelation. Despite unsuccessful attempts to reinstate him, the OpenAI board has named Emmett Shear, co-founder of Twitch, as the interim CEO. In a recent podcast, Shear expressed his thoughts on artificial intelligence, shedding light on its expanding technology and potential future applications.

Emmett Shear’s views on artificial intelligence

Shear shared his views on artificial intelligence in a podcast where he said that “the benefits tend to outweigh the downsides and every technology can be misused.” Shear also shares that he is very concerned about AI because its problem-solving abilities will change over time and soon humans will have “everything they need to design AI.” He later stated that AI has the ability to defeat human civilization, which is a huge risk, with a 2-50 percent chance of such an event.

Shear believes that AI now requires human intervention to improve functionality, but there will come a time when it will be able to improve itself quickly. This kind of AI enhancement could become a “dangerous thing because intelligence is power.” Shear further added, “It’s like a universe-destroying bomb. It’s bad in a way that doesn’t make global warming an issue.”

We have seen so many changes suddenly with OpenAI and now with a new CEO, it will be interesting to see what new things will be brought to its products later. On the other hand, Sam Altman leads the new Microsoft AI research group. The news was broken by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella himself. Altman joining Microsoft could be a big advantage for Nadella in advancing Microsoft’s AI goals.

Many technologists and CEOs have an opinion about the capabilities of artificial intelligence, and for now it is scary to look into the future and how technology can control people. Now we’ll have to wait and see what Emmett Shear brings to the table.

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