Outlook Lite features voice typing, transliteration, and reading emails in regional languages. (Microsoft)News 

Experience the Magic of Microsoft Outlook Lite: Transliterate, SMS, and Vernacular Features!

Microsoft is continuously enhancing its services to meet the needs of its extensive global user base. In a recent development, Microsoft has introduced a special offering for its users in India. The company has unveiled new vernacular features in Outlook Lite, an application designed specifically for Indian users, which seamlessly integrates email and SMS functionalities. To delve deeper into the latest additions, read on.

National features in Microsoft Outlook Lite

Microsoft Outlook Lite has brought all the important features of Microsoft Outlook into a smaller application. These features provide fast performance for lightweight devices on any network. Outlook Lite has now developed two features, firstly support for Indian vernaculars and support for text messages. This enables Indian users to communicate effectively.

Outlook Lite includes voice typing, transliteration, and email reading in regional languages. This makes it easier for users to write and read emails in the language of their choice.

Outlook Lite allows Indian users to compose or read in any language, from Hindi and Tamil to Gujarati. Currently Outlook Lite supports five Indian languages which include Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and Gujarati. It plans to add new languages and dialects to cater to the linguistic diversity of Indian users.

Outlook Lite also supports text messages. It simplifies the way users consume event and promotional data. It provides a unified and intelligent inbox that organizes messages into categories such as events, offers and personal messages. Users can easily switch between different categories and view relevant posts in one place. It also reminds them of important appointments, travel bookings, bill payments and fuel reserve reminders.

Rajiv Kumar, Managing Director, Microsoft India Development Center and Executive Vice President, Experiences and Devices, India Group, Microsoft, said, “The development of Outlook Lite reflects our dedication to promoting inclusive digital experiences tailored to India’s diverse communities. With text message integration and vernacular support, Outlook Lite redefines communication accessibility and offers users a more comfortable and personalized user experience.

Outlook Lite will soon also support language translation of text messages. This helps users read messages in their preferred language or switch between languages with a single tap. This is especially useful for users who receive messages in multiple languages.

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