Google is going big with AI and Search results in the near future will have a big AI-centric impact for users.News 

Google wants to bring ads to its generative AI search results

Google is ready to fight in the generative AI segment and its plans were presented at I/O 2023 earlier this month. And the company already seems intent on monetizing its AI-centric platforms, with a new report from Reuters suggesting that Google has begun testing ads in AI search results.

Ads have been a key part of Google’s digital revenue for years, and bringing ads into AI search results feels like an evolving business model for tech companies. Google has already given us a teaser of how ads in the AI world will change search. Microsoft is already funding AI-focused revenue with ChatGPT. OpenAI has a ChatGPT Plus version that helps the company get some of the money back.

According to industry reports, AI is playing a different role in advertising monetization for companies like Google. Search with AI means you can get results, get products listed and even see their reviews all on the same page.

It’s a million dollar industry waiting to be explored, and Google is ready to give advertisers a platform to grow in this direction. The use of artificial intelligence also means that the results are more accurate with the right keywords and other attributes needed to achieve better search results. There have been questions about where AI search will take publishers, given their reliance on content and the introduction of special ranking.

But AI search ads will surely have to be Google’s only game if and when AI-powered search results are fair, accurate and debatable in order to spread further fears of AI taking over the internet in all its forms.

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google and even Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, have heard about the concerns about AI and why it needs to be regulated, but behind the scenes, a business model is being presented to use the processes in place at these first AI giants to take advantage of emerging trends in the industry where AI is at the forefront of large applications.

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