OpenAI CEO Sam Altman was fired by the board 48 hours back and now the company has got a new interim CEO but who is Emmett Shear and what's his background?News 

Introducing Emmett Shear: The New CEO of OpenAI and His Thoughts on AI

OpenAI has decided to move on from Sam Altman and the company has even confirmed Emmett Shear as the new CEO of the artificial intelligence company. Emmett Shear is clearly not an unknown candidate, as he admitted to being the CEO of Twitch, which was his address until March of this year. Here, Shear confirms the news with this X release

Shear has experience in the technology sector, as it is part of well-known projects. But what does Shear bring to OpenAI, a company that has rapidly revolutionized AI under Altman’s leadership, and what kind of expertise does he bring to the table to build the AI company’s interim future. Here are the details

Shear graduated from Yale University in 2005 with a major in computer science. He was also an active part of Y Combinator where he built a calendar app called Kiko with Justin Kan. Shear decided to sell the app on eBay for a reported $250,000 after Google launched its calendar app.

Access to the world of Live Platform

Shear’s first encounter with live video came through, launched in 2006 with Kan, Micheal Seibel and Kyle Vogt. This platform presented a live feed of Justin Kan’s life through a webcam attached to his head. The company later turned to allowing other people to host their videos and launched a new-look in 2007, where it had more than 30 million monthly unique visitors. was finally shut down in August 2014.

But as showed promise, Shear built a separate platform for gamers called TwitchTV. The platform was introduced in beta on July 6, 2011 and for more than 4 years

Future OpenAI With Shear

Shear will lead an artificial intelligence company that has fully invested in technology and is already shaping the future of artificial intelligence with its movement. But what does OpenAI’s new interim CEO think about artificial intelligence? His recent comments paint a worrying picture of the company. In the podcast, Shear said that AI might not be the smartest intelligence and talked about his concerns about AI.

He feels that when technology starts to develop on its own, it can be dangerous because he feels that intelligence is power. In fact, Shear has been outspoken on the security side of the AI debate, suggesting that he may bring a conservative touch to OpenAI, which has clearly impressed the OpenAI bigwigs, who have named him their company’s new CEO.

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