OpenAI's staff has threatened to quit the artificial intelligence startup and join former boss Sam Altman at Microsoft's new division unless the board resigns.News 

OpenAI Staff Ready to Jump Ship and Join Sam Altman at Microsoft: Get the Scoop Now!

(Reuters) – OpenAI staff have threatened to quit the artificial intelligence startup and join former boss Sam Altman in a new Microsoft division unless the board resigns, Reuters reported on Monday.

In addition to chief technology officer Mira Murat, data scientist Ilya Sutskever and chief operating officer Brad Lightcap, about 500 OpenAI staff members announced their resignations, a person familiar with the matter told Reuters.

Here is the letter that sent the warning to OpenAI board members.

To the Board of OpenAI,

OpenAI is the world’s leading artificial intelligence company. We OpenAI employees have developed the best models and taken the industry to new frontiers. Our work on AI security and governance is shaping global standards. The products we manufacture are used by millions of people around the world.

The most intriguing part of the letter is a word of caution from the signatory members, warning that they will leave OpenAI and join Altman and Co. in Microsoft’s new AI research team, where they claim OpenAI employees are openly welcome. Signatories to the letter include Mira Murati, Jason Kwon, Mark Chen, and most importantly, Ilya Sutskever, who is believed to have been behind Altman from OpenAI by boot.

The Altman-OpenAI saga has unfolded over the past 48 hours, with him being ousted as CEO of OpenAI, then Mira Murati being put in charge on an interim basis, and then board members naming Emmett Shear as interim CEO. .

In between all of this, Altman and Brockman have been snapped up by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, where the two are leading a new artificial intelligence research group that many say is Nadella’s masterstroke. It’s clear that Altman has huge support at OpenAI, and most of the company’s staff are willing to put their jobs on the line to get Altman back at the company, or are willing to quit and join him at Microsoft. It’s unlikely we’ve heard the last of this saga, but for now we’ll just have to wait and see where it ends.

(Credit to Reuters)

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