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Pixel 7 Available in India For Less Than Rs 50,000: Is It The Optimal Time To Purchase?

Google’s latest Pixel 7 series has been available in the Indian market since last year, but now is probably the best time to buy the phone thanks to the special discounts on offer. The Pixel 7 is available online in the country for under Rs 50,000, making it around Rs 15,000 off the original price.

Google has launched the Pixel 7a in the country this year priced around Rs 43,000 and with the discount offer on the Pixel 7, it’s likely that most people are now considering going for the premium version. The Pixel 7 is listed online at Rs 47,999, which gives you the only 8GB + 128GB model in the colors available.

But there are other discounts that you can avail, especially those that can pay for the phone with ICICI debit cards. There’s also an attractive trade-in discount that goes up to Rs 47,000, but you’re likely to get a discount of around Rs 10,000-15,000 unless you’re giving away one of the latest iPhones or Samsung models in exchange for the Pixel. 7.

Some of you might be saying that with the Pixel 8 coming out in the coming months, does it make sense to buy a year old model? And that’s a fair question, but when you consider that the Pixel 8 might launch around Rs 70,000, the temptation to buy the Pixel 7 under Rs 50,000 is definitely higher.

Pixel 7 specs

The Pixel 7 has a 6.3-inch OLED display that offers FHD+ resolution with a 90Hz refresh rate. It has a Tensor G2 chip with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. You get Android 13 stock UI and you’re already updating to Android 14 in beta. The phone has a 50MP + 12MP rear camera setup and a 10.8MP front shooter. You get it with a 4270mAh battery that supports 20W charging speed, but there is no charger in the box.

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