The satellite-based feature could improve on Apple's iPhone tech to provide SMS support for Android users.News 

Pixel Users Could Be First to Receive SMS Feature Through Android 14’s Satellite Technology

Android 14 has the potential to become the initial mobile platform to introduce SMS functionality to phones using satellite technology. While the iPhone 14 series was the first to incorporate this technology, other brands, such as Samsung, are now following suit and are anticipated to introduce it in their upcoming Galaxy S24 series next year.

However, Android may have an edge over its competition, especially since the mobile platform could support sending text messages via satellite, which is not available to iPhone users.

The details of this feature come via this Team Pixel account, which claims that the SMS satellite feature will be added to Android, but it will need compatible hardware to support it, which is fully provided by mobile phone manufacturers.

The message also says that Pixel and Samsung Galaxy phones will be the first to offer an SMS-centric satellite feature. The Pixel 8 series will be released in the coming months, and it is likely that the Google team will have more information about this technology, probably during the launch event in October. The account hasn’t been officially linked to Google, so we’d take the news with a pinch of salt.

Apple has shown the true purpose of satellite technology, as it has already helped people stranded in remote areas to call rescue teams. Hikers and other adventure enthusiasts can now relax when traveling to remote parts of the world and contact the offices if they get stuck.

As satellite technology arrives on Android, expect more and more people to benefit from its availability. Apple has started offering the feature for free for the first 2 years, and it will be interesting to see if Google can make a similar deal. We can’t wait to hear more about this venture, which should happen soon, and hopefully Google will release it in more markets than Apple has offered so far.

Meanwhile, Android 14 is getting ready for public release, with the beta version reaching the final stages of testing, so expect the full stable version to appear in the coming weeks.

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