"The most advanced and complex equipment in a telecom tower is the radio equipment. In this category, made in India equipment is mostly being installed in the US," says Ashwini Vaishnaw News 

India takes the lead in 6G; The US wants to use our 4G and 5G technology, says Ashwini Vaishnaw

Indian engineers have started receiving patents for 6G technology and there are currently about 100 of them, said Union Minister for Railways, Communications, Electronics and IT Ashwini Vaishnaw. Talking about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision, Vaishnaw said that in case of 5G, India will share the stage with the world, but in 6G technology, the country can take the lead. “The country is now becoming an exporter of technology. Today the Additional Secretary called me and said that the US wants to use India’s 4G and 5G technology,” he said…

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According to the details shared by the Department of Telecommunications, India’s 6G vision include a multi-platform next-generation network, standardisation, the ecosystem for devices and systems, R&D finance, innovation solutions and identification of the spectrum News 

Next Generation Networks, Speed 100 Times Faster than 5G, Standardization: What is Bharat 6G Vision?

Just five months after 5G was launched in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the next step for the industry with 6G at the new International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in New Delhi. He launched the 6G R&D testbed on March 22, unveiling the ‘Bharat 6G Vision’ document. The ITU is the United Nations agency specializing in information and communication technology (ICT), headquartered in Geneva. India signed a host country agreement with ITU in March 2022 to establish a regional office. In addition to India, the new office serves Bangladesh, Nepal,…

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