China is the world’s biggest EV market and dozens of brands are looking to stand out with new technologies. (AP) News 

Geely and Baidu Enter Automated Driving Race with Tesla

China’s automated-driving sector is witnessing increased competition as Jiyue 01, the inaugural electric vehicle from a collaboration between Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co. and Chinese search and technology powerhouse Baidu Inc., enters the market. The sports utility vehicle launching on Friday is equipped with Baidu’s Apollo platform, which has been in development for 10 years and has been used in driverless vehicles since 2016. Although the Jiyue 01 still uses a high-precision map for assisted driving, it is moving towards a pure-vision approach that mostly uses cameras to assess the…

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Baidu has a made a bold claim in saying that its recently released Ernie 4.0 AI model is on par with OpenAI's GPT-4. AI 

Chinese AI Model Reportedly Equals OpenAI’s GPT-4 in Power

China’s Baidu has released the latest version of Ernie AI LLM, called Ernie 4.0. According to the bold claim of the company, the new version corresponds to the GPT-4 Large Language model of OpenAI (creator of ChatGPT). As reported by Reuters, Baidu CEO Robin Li unveiled the new AI model at the company’s event in Beijing, China. During the event, the head of Baidu revealed countless features of this AI model, including its ability to write real-time content, such as a martial arts book, and its ability to create visual…

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Know what’s happening in the AI universe today, September 5. (Pixabay) AI 

G20 Summit Sees AI Avatar, China Introduces New AI Models and More: 5 Highlights from Today’s AI News

World leaders attending the G20 Summit in Delhi will be greeted by an AI avatar, which will offer a summary of the ‘Mother of Democracy’ exhibition. The head of Meta India has disclosed that the social media giant is utilizing AI to combat hate speech and false information. Additionally, China has unveiled two new AI models to the public. All this and more in today’s AI review. 1. AI avatar to greet world leaders at G20 summit The G20 summit in India will begin on September 9 and world leaders…

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It's one of the first companies to get China's approval to release a generative AI chatbot. AI 

Baidu Makes ERNIE Generative AI Available to All

Baidu has recently launched ERNIE Bot, its advanced AI language model and generative AI product, making it accessible to the public through different app stores and its official website. In addition to ERNIE, Baidu intends to introduce a series of AI applications that aim to provide users with a comprehensive experience of generative AI’s four fundamental capabilities: comprehension, generation, reasoning, and memory. Opening the ERNIE Bot (which focuses on the Chinese market) to the public will allow Baidu to get much more human feedback, according to CEO Robin Li. The…

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Know what’s happening in the AI universe today, August 17. (Pixabay) AI 

Latest AI Developments: Baidu Expands ERNIE Bot, TUI AG Integrates ChatGPT and More

Today in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), Baidu has revealed the expansion of its AI chatbot, ERNIE Bot, with the addition of support for 5 additional plugins. Simultaneously, the Associated Press has released guidelines outlining the appropriate use of AI in newsrooms. Furthermore, recent research has uncovered a deep-learning AI model capable of identifying congenital heart defects. These are just a few highlights from today’s AI roundup. 1. Baidu announces expansion of ERNIE Bot To keep up with other chatbots in the industry, Baidu announced the expansion of its…

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Baidu Inc, China's leading search engine provider, said the latest iteration of its ChatGPTstyle service had surpassed the widely popular Microsoftbacked OpenAI chatbot on multiple key metrics. AI 

Baidu’s Ernie 3.5 AI Beats OpenAI’s ChatGPT On Multiple Performance Measures

Baidu Inc, the top search engine provider in China, announced that its latest version of ChatGPT-style service has outperformed the highly popular OpenAI chatbot, which is backed by Microsoft, on various significant metrics. Baidu said in a statement on Tuesday that Ernie 3.5, the latest version of its Ernie AI model, had surpassed “ChatGPT in comprehensive ability scores” and surpassed “GPT-4 in several Chinese features.” The Beijing-based company cited a test conducted by state newspaper China Science Daily using datasets including AGIEval and C-Eval, two benchmarks used to evaluate the…

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Baidu, the Chinese search giant, will "very soon” launch its own generative AI model called Ernie 3.5. According to Reuters, Ernie 3.5—a large language model (LLM)—will power Baidu's ChatGPT-like chatbot, Ernie Bot, and help in upgrading its search engine. News 

Baidu has been set to launch Ernie 3.5, your Generative AI model: What do you need to know

Chinese search giant Baidu publishes his own generative AI model called Ernie 3.5.reuters, according to Ernie 3.5-Suuri Language Model (LLM)-SAA Power Batgpun chatbot, Ernie Bot and helps you upgrade her search machine. This development takes place after Baidu’s CEO Robin Li announced the same in the ZhhongGuancun forum, widely considered as one of China’s most respected technology forums. Only a few months ago, Baidu launched his Ernie bot on a mixed reception.Reuters states that after mixed reviews, Baidu has kept his products, including Ernie Bot and Ernie 3.5 LLM, in…

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Chinese search engine giant Baidu has filed lawsuits against "relevant" app developers and Apple Inc over fake copies of its Ernie bot app available on Apple's app store. News 

Baidu is suing Apple and app developers over fake Ernie Bot apps

Chinese search engine giant Baidu has filed a lawsuit against “major” app developers and Apple Inc over counterfeit copies of its Ernie bot app available on Apple’s app store. The company’s AI-powered Ernie bot, launched last month, has been touted as China’s closest answer to US-developed ChatGPT. Baidu said it filed a lawsuit in Beijing’s Haidian People’s Court against the developers behind the Ernie bot and Apple’s fake apps. “Currently, Ernie does not have an official app,” Baidu said in a statement late Friday, posted on its official “Baidu AI”…

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Baidu on Thursday unveiled its muchanticipated artificial intelligencepowered chatbot known as Ernie Bot, with its CEO saying that it was the culmination of the firm's years of hard work in artificial intelligence. News 

Chinese search giant Baidu introduces Ernie Bot to rival ChatGPT and others

BEIJING: Baidu on Thursday unveiled a much-anticipated artificial intelligence-powered chatbot known as Ernie Bot, which its chief executive said was the culmination of years of hard work by the company on artificial intelligence. The bot was not perfect, but they released it now because of market demand, Robin Li said at a media conference in Beijing. The company’s Hong Kong-listed shares fell 10% after he introduced the bot to answer questions, write a poem and produce video and image prompts. So far, 650 companies have announced they will join the…

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