The new version is available publicly but old and new iPhone users installing iOS 16.5 are facing the issue. News 

iPhone users complain about battery emptying problem after installing iOS 16.5

Apple recently released a new version of iOS 16.5 for iPhone users, and most of the people to install the new version have seen their battery turn faster than usual. In general, you expect the public release to be completely flawless and has no problem. But in this case, the iOS 16.5 update has brought more complaints from users who do not get out of the iPhone battery best.. People have mentioned that a one -hour Facetime call has led to massive battery emptying, where the meter goes from 100…

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Pixel users have complained about overheating and battery drain for which Google now has a fix. News 

Google Pixel 7 users are facing a major battery drain problem: know all the details

If you have a Google Pixel 6 or Pixel 7 device, chances are your phone has gotten abnormally warm since the last update. Many users seem to have raised their concerns about this issue which always drains the battery much faster than usual. Google has heard these pleas and confirmed that a server-side issue caused this problem. It has now fixed the problem and your phone should be back to normal thanks to the changes made by Google. An update provided to the Google app seems to be the culprit…

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Samsung's SDI division, responsible for battery research and development, is reportedly exploring the possibility of introducing stacked batteries to their smartphone business News 

Samsung Galaxy S24 May Use EV Technology to Boost Battery: Report

Samsung is said to be using technology used in electric vehicles to boost the battery of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, which is now about 10 months away. Samsung’s SDI division, which is responsible for battery research and development, is said to be exploring the possibility of introducing duplicate batteries into its smartphone business, reports GSMArena. As opposed to changing the battery’s chemical composition, this innovation involves rearranging the battery’s cells, resulting in a higher energy density, which in turn allows the battery to fit a larger capacity in the same…

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Top 10000mAh power banks can buy now

Over time, smart phones have become an indispensable part of our lives, and therefore it is the need to continuously power supply to fight their battery drainage. But, the power supply is not always available, as a result of the power bank is important. They easily charge your phone, so you can use it without any problems. Power banks will be a wide range of capabilities, such as the 5000mAh and 10000mAh, but high-capacity Power Bank, for example, 10,0000mAh, considered to be a smart choice because it can be downloaded…

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