Apple's popular iPhone accessory, the MagSafe Charger, was initially launched only in silver—but that could change soon. News 

Apple has a colorful MagSafe charger for the iPhone series

Apple’s MagSafe technology has found a strong footing in the iPhone lineup over the last few generations – with accessories like MagSafe cases and MagSafe chargers. Apple is known for launching its products, especially iPhones and accessories, in numerous colors – but the MagSafe Charger was only released in silver. This may soon change. According to a MacRumors report, Apple could have prototyped at least one colorful version of the MagSafe Charger for the iPhone. This means that Apple may release a color version of the popular iPhone accessory in…

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The Qi2 wireless standard, announced by the Wireless Power Consortium in January 2023, incorporates a Magnetic Power Profile similar to MagSafe News 

Apple iPhone 15 May Support 15W Wireless Fast Charging Without MagSafe

Apple is reportedly gearing up to launch its highly anticipated iPhone 15 series in September 2023. Recent rumors out of China suggest that the upcoming iPhone 15 models will offer support for 15W wireless fast charging, eliminating the need for MagSafe-certified chargers. This means that users can achieve faster wireless charging speeds by using third-party chargers that do not have official MagSafe certification. According to MacRumors, the iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14 models can only achieve 15W wireless fast charging with Apple’s official MagSafe charger or third-party chargers…

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Apple MagSafe Duo charger. (Apple) News 

Apple’s MagSafe Duo is not compatible with the company’s 29W charging adapter

This year, Apple’s iPhone 12 and M1 processors weren’t the only ones grabbing the company’s attention. The new MagSafe chargers also grabbed the headlines. Of those two, the MagSafe Duo charger would now be incompatible with Apple’s old 29-watt USB-C power adapter. This adapter is not really old as it was replaced by a 30 watt power adapter just two years ago in 2018. So there is a good chance that you have this 29 watt power adapter at home and you were using it with MagSafe Duo since this…

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