Microsoft-backed OpenAI has completed a deal that values the artificial intelligence company at $80 billion or more, according to reports. News 

Report: OpenAI, Creator of ChatGPT, Now Valued at $80 Billion

(Reuters) – Microsoft-backed OpenAI has completed a deal that values the artificial intelligence company at $80 billion or more, the New York Times reported on Friday, citing people with knowledge of the deal. According to the report, the company would sell the existing shares in a so-called tender offer led by private equity firm Thrive Capital. Under the agreement, employees can redeem their shares in the company instead of a traditional financing round that would raise money for the company, the report added. OpenAI did not immediately respond to Reuters’…

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MrBeast and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman engage in a playful conversation about Sora (MrBeast) News 

MrBeast warns OpenAI CEO Sam Altman against leaving him ‘Homeless’ following ‘Sora’ launch

Renowned YouTuber MrBeast, known for his highly successful videos, recently had a lighthearted and thought-provoking conversation with OpenAI CEO Sam Altman regarding Sora, a cutting-edge text-to-video generator introduced by OpenAI only 48 hours ago. A hilarious exchange between MrBeast, whose real name is James Stephen Donaldson, and Altman highlighted the potential negative effects of AI technology on content creators like MrBeast. The discussion took place on X (formerly Twitter), which interested both netizens and industry enthusiasts. OpenAI’s latest innovation, Sora, has gained attention for its ability to quickly create hyper-realistic…

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How OpenAI CEO Sam Altman interacted with X users to showcase Sora’s capabilities. (Sora) AI 

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman utilizes Sora to transform X user prompts into impressive AI videos.

OpenAI has introduced Sora, a cutting-edge video generation tool capable of transforming text prompts into 60-second videos. The announcement of this remarkable AI model was made via OpenAI’s X account. Following the announcement, CEO Sam Altman encouraged X users to submit prompts, assuring them that he would utilize Sora to create AI-generated videos based on their suggestions. True to his word, Altman astounded everyone by uploading a series of breathtaking AI-generated videos inspired by these prompts. Sora AI videos with X Altman’s post said, “We’d love to show you what…

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OpenAI CEO Sam Altman showcases Sora's magic, creating a viral oceanic bicycle race from Kunal Shah prompt on X. (@sama) News 

Spectacular video created by Sam Altman in response to CRED CEO Kunal Shah’s prompt for the new Sora tool

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman showcased his creativity by utilizing the recently introduced AI model Sora to convert a tweet from CRED CEO Kunal Shah into a captivating video. Altman introduced Sora on February 15 through X and encouraged users to submit prompts. Numerous X users provided suggestions to Altman, who then used them as inspiration to produce remarkable videos using this groundbreaking AI model. An imaginative prompt by Kunal Shah Kunal Shah had responded in his tweet with a unique scenario: “Cycling race in the sea with different animals as…

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OpenAI has launched text-to-video tools, text-to-image generator and now it wants to tap the big search arena as per reports. News 

OpenAI Aims to Compete Against Google with its AI-Powered Web Search

OpenAI is heavily involved in AI development with all sorts of publicly available tools, including the popular ChatGPT. OpenAI has a strong partnership with Microsoft, which could help a company using the platform build its own search tool. A report by The Information suggests that OpenAI is competing in Google’s search field, and its advanced AI expertise is likely to give it an edge over the existing duo. Search is very useful for people, and ChatGPT would allow OpenAI to expand its reach and subscriber base to more regions. It’s…

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OpenAI’s Sora can create hyper-realistic scenes from text-based prompts, based on what we have seen so far. News 

OpenAI’s Sora Transforms Text into Realistic Videos of Puppies

Over the past two years, AI has made significant progress on various fronts, including pioneers like OpenAI and the steadily advancing Google, which has established itself as an AI powerhouse. As we enter 2024, tech companies are ramping up their efforts to capitalize on this momentum. In particular, Google has garnered attention with the release of Gemini 1.5, while OpenAI has also announced Sora, its latest text-to-video AI model. As the name suggests, OpenAI’s Sora has the ability to bring text-based prompts to life by creating lifelike scenes. Imagine yourself…

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ChatGPT is helping people with simplifying work and other tools let you create images but even hackers seem to be using the AI chatbot. News 

ChatGPT Raises Concerns for Microsoft and OpenAI Due to New Hacking Risks

Microsoft and OpenAI said on Wednesday that hackers are using large-scale language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT to improve their existing cyber attack techniques. Companies have detected attempts by Russian, North Korean, Iranian and Chinese-backed groups to use tools like ChatGPT to spy on targets and build social engineering techniques. In collaboration with Microsoft Threat Intelligence, OpenAI disrupted five state-linked actors that attempted to use AI services to support malicious cyber activities. “We disrupted two China-linked threat actors known as Charcoal Typhoon and Salmon Typhoon; an Iran-linked threat actor known…

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OpenAI has announced that it is testing the ability for ChatGPT to remember things. Here's what you need to know. News 

Here’s How ChatGPT’s New ‘Memory’ Feature Recalls Details About You

As a ChatGPT user, you should know that every conversation is new because the chatbot cannot retain the details you want it to follow or the style you want it to remember, which ends up wasting your time repeating information in new conversations. However, this is all about to change as OpenAI has announced that it will test ChatGPT’s ability to remember things. “We’re testing memory with ChatGPT. Remembering what you’ve discussed in all chats saves you having to repeat information and makes future conversations more useful,” the Microsoft-backed AI…

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Karpathy, who joined OpenAI in his second stint last year, was previously a senior director for AI at Elon Musk's Tesla. News 

Andrej Karpathy, a Founding Member of OpenAI, Resigns from the Company

Andrej Karpathy, an artificial intelligence researcher and co-founder of OpenAI, said on social media platform X that he had left the Microsoft-backed company on Monday. The news marks a significant departure from OpenAI, one of the top labs competing to develop increasingly capable artificial intelligence. “My immediate plan is to work on my personal projects and see what happens,” Karpathy said on Tuesday. Karpathy, who joined OpenAI in his second stint last year, was previously a senior director of artificial intelligence at Tesla, where he played a key role in…

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OpenAI CEO Sam Altman stressed that the AI industry, like OpenAI, shouldn't be in the driver's seat when it comes to making regulations governing the industry. (AFP) News 

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman cautions about potential dangers of artificial intelligence due to ‘misalignments’

On Tuesday, the CEO of OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, expressed concerns about the potential dangers of artificial intelligence that keep him up at night. Specifically, he highlighted the risks associated with “subtle societal misalignments” that could potentially lead to disastrous consequences caused by these systems. Sam Altman, speaking at a world government summit in Dubai via video call, reiterated his call for a body like the International Atomic Energy Agency to oversee artificial intelligence, which is likely to advance faster than the world expects. “There are some things that…

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Apple is garnering big attention for its Vision Pro headset and even the tech bigwigs are excited for the new product. News 

OpenAI Chief Sam Altman Shares His Thoughts on Apple Vision Pro: Find Out What He Said About the New Device

Apple Vision Pro has got people excited and like all other Apple products, it has attracted a lot of interest. Even techies are curious about the device and what it promises for the future of mixed reality. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes Apple could give his company an Android-like impact in the segment. And now, OpenAI head Sam Altman has shared his thoughts on a new Apple Gizmo that considers the iPhone the most impressive piece of technology ever released. So what does Altman think of the Vision Pro and…

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OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is in talks with investors, including the UAE, to raise funds for a tech initiative to boost the world's chipbuilding capacity and expand its ability to power AI. AI 

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, aims to increase worldwide production of AI chipsets and is actively seeking substantial investment.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is in talks with investors, including the United Arab Emirates, to raise funding for a technology initiative that will boost the world’s chip-building capacity and expand its ability to use artificial intelligence, among other things, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. The project could require as much as $5 trillion to $7 trillion, the report added, citing people familiar with the matter. OpenAI and its largest investor, Microsoft, did not immediately respond to Reuters requests for comment. Altman’s fundraising plans aim to address constraints to OpenAI’s…

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OpenAI is finally letting people know when they see an AI-generated image with all the details about the origin of the content. AI 

OpenAI Introduces Watermarking Technology for AI Images Produced by DALL-E 3

OpenAI understands the need to inform people when they see an AI-generated image, especially images generated by its own DALL-E 3 platform, and for this, the company offers watermarks. OpenAI has confirmed that it uses an open standard established by the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA). This means that any AI image created with DALL-E 3 will have metadata, such as the name of the AI tool used to create the image. It is an interesting coincidence that OpenAI is introducing its own version of the watermark at…

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OpenAI has many people using its popular AI chatbot these days and concerns about leaks will get them worried. AI 

The Leakage of Conversations with Random Individuals by ChatGPT Raises Significant Concerns

ChatGPT is widely used by people, but concerns about AI and its privacy will not go away as more cases come to light. A popular artificial intelligence chatbot has been accused of leaking private conversations, likely causing Sam Altman and Co. to worry about its applications in public. The leak is detailed in this report with screenshots showing the usernames and passwords of employees working on the pharmacy’s prescription drug sites. The employee noticed the chats leaked by ChatGPT along with their name and even the store number where the…

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The AI giant wants to help prevent teens from falling into the risks posed by artificial intelligence and this partnership will focus on that. News 

OpenAI Collaborates with AI-Secure to Assist Teenagers

OpenAI has announced a partnership with non-profit organization Common Sense Media to minimize AI risks to young adults. They will initially collaborate on AI guidance and educational materials for parents, educators and youth, as well as curating family-friendly GPTs in the GPT Store based on Common Sense ratings and standards. “Artificial intelligence offers incredible benefits for families and youth, and our partnership with Common Sense further strengthens our safety efforts, ensuring that families and youth can use our tools with confidence,” said Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI. OpenAI is facing…

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Italy's data protection authority said on Monday it told OpenAI that its artificial intelligence application ChatGPT breaches data protection rules. News 

Italy Raises Privacy Concerns Over OpenAI’s Actions

MILAN: Italy’s data protection authority told OpenAI on Monday that its artificial intelligence app ChatGPT violates data protection rules. After an investigation launched last year, the regulator believes there are elements that point to possible violations, it said in a statement. It added that OpenAI has 30 days to present its defense arguments. ChatGPT was briefly banned by Italy’s data protection authority last year for allegedly violating EU data protection rules. As recently as April last year, the Italian agency accused OpenAI of failing to verify the age of ChatGPT…

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Elon Musk's artificial intelligence startup xAI is in talks to raise up to $6 billion at a proposed valuation of $20 billion. AI 

Elon Musk’s AI Company Aims to Secure Up to $6 Billion in Funding to Compete with OpenAI

(Reuters) – Elon Musk’s artificial intelligence start-up XAI is in talks to raise up to $6 billion at a proposed valuation of $20 billion, the Financial Times reported on Friday, as the billionaire entrepreneur plans to mount a challenge to OpenAI. The start-up has been in talks with family offices in Hong Kong and is targeting Middle Eastern sovereign wealth funds for funding, according to the report, citing several people familiar with the matter. The AI race has heated up with several investors signing big checks for startups looking to…

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Microsoft-backed OpenAI has banned the developer of a bot mimicking Democratic presidential hopeful Congressman Dean Phillips. AI 

OpenAI Enforces Ban on AI Bot for Breaching Election Campaign Regulations

(Reuters) – Microsoft-backed OpenAI has banned the developer of a bot impersonating Democratic presidential hopeful Congressman Dean Phillips. The maker of ChatGPT is the first action it is seeing for the misuse of its AI tools. political campaign, the Washington Post reported on Saturday. “We recently removed a developer account that knowingly violated our API usage policies, which prohibit political campaigning or impersonating someone without permission,” an OpenAI spokesperson said in a statement to Reuters. Dean.Bot, powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, was created by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Matt Krisiloff and Jed…

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Microsoft chief Nadella is impressed with a new AI device that aspires to replace smartphones in people's lives. AI 

Here’s what Microsoft’s Satya Nadella said about the new AI device aiming to replace your phone.

Microsoft has been on an AI spree for the past few months, and the company is clearly in the mix of anything unique that comes to market. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella spoke in an interview where he talked about the impact of CES and what products caught his eye at CE 2024 earlier this month. Nadella mentioned one product and even compared it to the first iPhone released by Steve Jobs in the late 2000s. The Microsoft chief was impressed by the Rabbit R1 AI device, which he claims is…

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On Microsoft founder Bill Gates’ podcast, ‘Unconfuse Me with Bill Gates’, Altman talked about his most-used phone app and why it isn't ChatGPT. AI 

Here’s why OpenAI CEO Sam Altman doesn’t use ChatGPT as much as you might think

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, the company behind the generative AI chatbot – ChatGPT, has revealed his most used app on his phone. And no, it’s not ChatGPT, as you might have guessed. On Microsoft founder Bill Gates’ podcast, “Unconfuse Me with Bill Gates,” Gates asked Altman about his most used phone app. Altman revealed that his most used app is Slack, a popular team communication app. Apple’s iMessage came in second, and this also confirms that Altman uses the iPhone as his primary device. “Loose. I wish I could…

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