A Mangaluru resident fell victim to online scammers who steal Rs 25 lakh from him by luring him into a deceptive trading or investment app. News 

Make Big Money Investing In This App!

Online scams are starting to affect people at an unprecedented rate, with many unsuspecting victims regularly falling prey to the scammers’ innovative methods and being swindled out of their money. In a recent incident, a Mangaluru-based man lost Rs 25,000 to a fake trading app. According to a TOI report, the victim was initially contacted on Instagram in September this year on the pretext of an opportunity to earn money through an alleged stock trading app. The modus operandi of this scam is to gain the victim’s trust and then…

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Scammers are now posing as delivery agents and sending potential victims links, requesting "handling charges" for a courier. Here's how this scam operates. News 

Scammed Out of Rs 80,000: Woman Pays Just Rs 5 for Courier Delivery

All kinds of scams are rampant in India. Scammers have become more and more sophisticated, but they have also started using new techniques to gain the trust of potential victims. While we’ve seen scams like job scams on Telegram and WhatsApp, and even a fake army officer scam where fraudsters posing as defense personnel contact you on brokerage and second-hand marketplaces, the courier delivery scam has mostly flown under the radar. where – scammers masquerading as distribution agents send you malicious links. This is exactly what happened to a woman…

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Scammers use attractive pricing to lure victims into their traps. They will try to pressure you into booking a room immediately by claiming that the deal is about to expire. News 

Don’t Lose Your Money Booking Hotels Online: 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid

As 2023 draws to a close, many people start planning short winter vacations in December. If you’re also considering a getaway, we have something important to tell you. Online hotel fraud is now a growing concern, with scammers taking advantage of travelers’ excitement to trick them. In fact, a recent report revealed that more than 100 tourists have lost their money to online hotel fraud while booking accommodation in Puri through fake websites. Online fraudsters typically set up fake websites in the names of various hotels in Puri and lure…

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The primary objective of SIM Swap scammers in this scam is to obtain personal data, which they can use to obtain a duplicate SIM card. News 

Beware of ‘SIM Swap’ Scam: How Three Missed Calls Could Cost You Your Money

According to a report, a 35-year-old Delhi-based woman, who happens to be a lawyer, lost an undisclosed amount from her bank account when she fell victim to a ‘SIM swap scam’ after receiving three calls on her phone. by The Indian Express. In this peculiar scam, a fraudster gains access to your duplicate SIM card through unfair means and uses it to access your bank accounts and more. This case comes at a time when scams of all shapes and sizes are on the rise across the country, and scammers…

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A man fell victim to cyber scammers while recharging his FasTag and lost Rs. 2.4 lakh. (Pexels) News 

Man Loses ₹2.4 Lakh in FasTag Recharge Scam: Follow These 5 Tips to Protect Yourself

A man fell victim to cybercriminals and lost a significant amount of ₹2.4 lakh while trying to recharge his FasTag account, highlighting the importance of being cautious when seeking customer support for online services. The 47-year-old victim is a resident of Nallasopara and he tried to solve the FasTag problem. He looked for a contact number online and called and unwittingly fell into the trap of a cyber scammer. A fraudster pretending to be an official call center employee gave false assurances. He then instructed the victim to download a…

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Actress Emily Blunt, tech mogul Elon Musk, and rapper Bad Bunny are also among the celebrities whose names could lead you to harmful websites when you search for them online. News 

Beware of Scammers Impersonating Ryan Gosling, Jennifer Lopez and 8 Other Celebrities

McAfee, a US-based online security company, recently identified well-known celebrities whose names are often used by scammers to direct users to malware or malicious websites when searching online. According to a study published by McAfee Labs, Canadian actor Ryan Gosling is at the top of the list of celebrities whose names are most used by cybercriminals in online scams. Actress Emily Blunt, tech mogul Elon Musk and rapper Bad Bunny are also among the celebrities whose names may lead to malicious websites when you search for them online. This research…

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People are falling for all sort of scams these days and the latest is probably the most dangerous because it is done behind the scenes. News 

Warning: Lakhs of Rupees at Risk From Call Forwarding Scam – Be Alert!

India’s digital revolution has come at a high cost, with millions now becoming easy targets for scams. You already know about UPI scam, fake delivery agent scam and now call forwarding scam has hit the headlines. And like all scams, this one can drain your bank account and you won’t even notice the crime going on behind the scenes. Call forwarding is mostly a useful feature that allows people to forward their calls to another number if their primary number is busy, unavailable or unresponsive. But you must be wondering…

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Often, these scammers force victims to repay the loaned money at ridiculously high interest rates, and if they refuse, they would threaten to share their Photoshopped nudes on pornographic websites and their contacts. (Pexels) News 

10 Horrifying Facts about Instant Loan App Scams Involving Blackmail, Suicides, and Nude Photos

Online scams have been around for a while, starting with the infamous ‘Nigerian Prince’ spam emails that aimed to deceive innocent individuals. However, scammers have become more malicious and cunning in recent times. A prime example is the instant loan app scam, where these apps promise quick and convenient loans but charge exorbitant interest rates. While not all of these apps are predatory, many are. The scammers behind them employ various tactics such as harassment, humiliation, and blackmail to force victims into repaying the money with an outrageously high interest…

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One simple phone call and you won't even realise that the scammer has your banking and personal information. News 

Warning: Do Not Engage With This Phone Call or Risk Losing Money

Many people have fallen victim to a recent Telegram scam that helps people earn money simply by liking videos every day. Most of these victims have fallen prey through apps like WhatsApp and Telegram, but now they are evolving and worryingly, these scams are now happening through regular phone calls. That’s right, scammers are now using advanced computerized voice to trick callers and force them to join these programs to like videos in the past. They already have your mobile number because calls made through WhatsApp also need this information,…

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Cybersecurity researchers unveil a new wave of cyber threats as criminals combine voice phishing and OTP theft to breach data defenses. (Pixabay) News 

Report Shows Increase in Cybercriminals Using Voice Phishing and OTP Theft for Data Breaches

Cybersecurity researchers have made a worrying discovery, as they have found that cybercriminals are cleverly combining voice phishing (vishing) with One-Time Password (OTP) grabber services to enhance their illegal operations. The report, published by cybersecurity firm CloudSEK, has provided valuable insights into the changing landscape of threats. The Art of Vishing Vishing, short for voice phishing, is a manipulative technique in which individuals are coerced into revealing sensitive information over the phone. What sets the visit apart is the human touch it adds to cyber attacks, making victims more likely…

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Special Task Force Arrests Accused in OTP-Sharing Scam with Links to Pakistan Intelligence Operatives (HT_PRINT) News 

Seventh Suspect in OTP-related Fraud Arrested in Assam by Odisha STF

In a statement, the Odisha crime branch’s Special Task Force announced the arrest of an additional suspect in the one-time password-sharing scam, who is believed to have connections with Pakistani Intelligence operatives. Earlier, six accused have been arrested in the same case. The accused, identified as Mohammad Ekbal Hussain, was apprehended from Assam’s Nagaon district on September 19, the agency said in a statement on Friday. The accused was produced in Nagaon local court on Friday and was brought to Bhubaneswar after 5 days of transport examination. He will be…

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Job seeker loses Rs. 20 lakh in scam: Beware of online job fraud and avoid them by using these 5 tips. (HT_PRINT) News 

Tips to Avoid Falling Victim to Online Job Scams: Man Loses Rs. 20 Lakh on Telegram

A young engineering graduate named K Harshavardhan from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, fell victim to an online job scam, resulting in a loss of a significant amount of Rs. 20 lakh. Harshavardhan, who had recently completed his engineering degree and was enthusiastic about starting his career, decided to explore job opportunities on the internet. He followed the recommendation of his friend Krishna Chaitanya Reddy and joined a Telegram group called “Developer Professionals,” which purported to assist young individuals in securing software jobs. One fateful day, while Harshavardhan was browsing job postings…

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Two software engineers have fallen victim to like-and-share scam, losing Rs. 34 lakh. It can happen to you too! Stay informed and protect yourself with these 5 safety tips. (HT_PRINT) News 

5 Tips to Avoid Being Duped Out of Money in a Like-and-Share Scam: 2 Techie Victims Lost Rs. 34 Lakh

Two software engineers in Pune were recently targeted by cyber criminals in a worrying increase of like-and-share scams. The incidents occurred between August 23 and 30, causing financial distress and emotional turmoil for the two individuals from Hinjewadi. According to the Times of India, cyber fraudsters lured their unsuspecting targets with promises of substantial earnings for simple online tasks such as hotel reviews and video likes. The lure of easy money proved too tempting for them to resist. The engineers were forced to create accounts on the messaging app Telegram,…

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Indian-American Manoj Yadav arrested in $13M tech support scam, FBI warns of increasing threat. (Pexels) News 

Alert: Indian-American Scams Thousands – Follow These 5 Tips to Avoid Being a Victim

Manoj Yadav, an Indian American, is being charged with wire fraud for his involvement in a scam that targeted more than 7,000 people and resulted in a loss of $13 million. Yadav tricked victims into thinking they were interacting with a reputable tech support company associated with a well-known IT firm. The FBI emphasizes the gravity of this matter, as it carries a possible prison sentence of 20 years and substantial fines. The FBI also draws attention to the significant rise in tech support scams. For more details on the…

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Mumbai police apprehend man for duping individuals seeking online villa bookings (Pixabay) News 

Mumbai Police Arrests Fraudster Behind Fake Online Villa Bookings Scam

A 23-year-old man named Akash Wadhwani has been arrested by the Mumbai police for his alleged participation in deceiving people who were looking to book villas and bungalows online. Wadhwani, who resides in the eastern suburb of Ghatkopar, was apprehended at a hotel in Juhu. It has been observed that he would stay in luxurious hotels as a strategy to evade capture. He is believed to be involved in approximately 20 similar cases. The complaint was made by a BKC employee Wadhwani was arrested after a complaint was filed by…

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Deepfake videos are now making their way to WhatsApp calls which is being used to steal money from people. Here are the details. AI 

Beware: Fraudsters Leveraging AI To Impersonate Your Contacts To Obtain Funds

Scammers are utilizing various methods to deceive people through WhatsApp, and the most recent tactic involves the use of AI in the form of deepfake videos. These scammers are employing deepfake video calls to trick individuals into believing they need to make urgent payments for emergency situations. The scam claimed its first victim when a 72-year-old man in Kerala was duped of Rs 40,000 using a deep fake WhatsApp video call. According to media reports, the FIR lodged by the police in Kozhikode City following a complaint by PS Radhakrishnan…

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The IT engineer from Hinjewadi fell victim to scammers who approached her with a job offer that involved simply liking YouTube videos News 

Pune IT Professional Duped Out Of Rs 49 Lakh In WhatsApp Job Scam Involving YouTube

Online scams are becoming more prevalent on platforms like WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, and international calls, leading to financial losses for many individuals. Recently, an IT engineer from Pune fell victim to such fraudsters, losing a staggering Rs 49 lakh after being promised a 30 percent return on investment. According to a report by Pune Mirror, the incident took place between March 28 and April 28. The complaint was registered two months later. Snehasingh Hridaynarayan Singh (35), a resident of Hinjewad, filed a complaint at the Hinjewad police station. Accordingly, a…

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The new feature will help you avoid those spammy international calls that target users with different schemes to steal money. News 

How to Mute Calls From Unknown Numbers on WhatsApp

WhatsApp users can now heave a sigh of relief as the messaging app has introduced a new feature that enables them to mute calls from unfamiliar numbers. This feature is designed to protect users from falling prey to dangerous WhatsApp scams, where fraudsters call them via WhatsApp (both audio and video) to steal their money or personal information. WhatsApp says that you can manually enable the feature from the settings, which ensures that the messaging app automatically mutes a call that comes from random numbers that aren’t in your contact…

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Nobody says no to a free iPhone 14 Pro Max but at what cost? News 

Man Loses Over 4 Lakh From His Account After Attempting To Win iPhone 14 Pro Max

The opportunity to win a free iPhone 14 Pro Max is highly coveted, but unfortunately, it is a rare occurrence. Despite the prevalence of online scams promising iPhone giveaways, many individuals still fall victim to these fraudulent schemes. And recently, a 23-year-old man was the latest victim of this scam where he didn’t win a free iPhone 14 Pro Max but instead lost more than Rs 4,000 from his bank account. All this scam was done through WhatsApp where the victim received a message saying that he had won a…

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Scammers are finding new ways into tricking users and now banks are giving details on how that works. News 

Beware! ICICI Bank Issues Warning on Latest Banking Fraud

In today’s world, cybercrimes take on various forms, with a major focus on compromising your digital identity. Your mobile device holds sensitive information and even grants access to your bank accounts, making it a prime target for scammers who are constantly devising new tactics to obtain your personal data and money. While banks are a popular target for these hackers, it’s important to note that any breach can occur if an individual falls victim to the attacker’s scheme. And this seems to be happening recently, with banks such as India’s…

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