The new upgrade in the Windows Photos app is available for Windows Insiders across all channels currently. (Microsoft windows)News 

Transform Your Photos! Microsoft Unveils Background Removal Feature for Windows Photos

In order to stay competitive, Microsoft has enhanced its Windows features to provide users with greater convenience. The company has recently introduced several updates to Windows Photos, which are currently accessible to Insiders. One notable feature allows users to easily eliminate the background of a photo and replace it with a solid color. Additionally, Microsoft has incorporated various enhancements and addressed issues based on valuable feedback from users. Stay informed about these exciting new features in Windows Photos.

Windows photo background removal

With the new update, Microsoft introduced the ability to easily remove the background of photos or replace them with another color. Users can remove the background with one click. Users can then save the resulting image and even copy it to the clipboard.

You can also replace the selected background with a solid color. For this, you need to use the color picker to select the right shade. You can do it either by clicking on the palette, entering a color code or setting RGB values.

Windows Photos filmstrip

Microsoft has brought some changes to Filmstrip as well. Filmstrip is used to allow a quick preview of other photos in the same folder and users can easily select multiple photos for comparison and review. This feature has now been redesigned:

When you open a photo, Filmstrip is off by default.

1-To enable Filmstrip, you need to press the F key or you can click on the icon in the lower left corner.

2- Microsoft has moved the filmstrip below the image, enlarged the thumbnails and added a larger scroll bar at the bottom to enable the best viewing experience and improve usability. Now it’s easier to navigate and select the photo you’re looking for.

Timeline scroll bar

Microsoft has added a timeline scrollbar to all folders. This feature allows you to find the photo you are looking for very easily.

Sharing photos with OneDrive

Now you can share a photo backed up to OneDrive. All you have to do is right-click the image and select Share, using OneDrive. This allows you to send the link by email or copy it to the clipboard.

To get these new features, you need to update your Photos app to version 2023.11110.8002.0 or later. According to Microsoft’s announcement, this update is coming to Windows Insiders for all channels.

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