Sam Altman will reportedly not return to resume the role of OpenAI's CEO, as multiple reports suggest. Here's what we know so far.News 

Twitch Boss Takes the Reins at OpenAI: Sam Altman Steps Down as CEO

After all the drama that followed the departure of former OpenAI CEO Sam Altman – including the possibility of Altman returning to take the helm, it appears that the creator of ChatGPT will not be returning as CEO, as multiple reports say.

Meanwhile, OpenAI has named Emmett Shear, the former CEO of Twitch, as interim CEO, replacing Mira Murat in just a day, according to Forbes. Notably, this comes after The Information reported that OpenAI’s board did not agree to Altman’s return, and thus the board will not resign — as Altman’s alleged condition for the return was. Other publications, including Bloomberg, reported the same.

The Verge reports that the hiring of Emmett Shear as interim CEO has ended the possibility of Altman returning to the CEO role. While OpenAI’s board was really pressured by the mass layoffs, investors and some reports suggest that Microsoft — which has a fair share of OpenAI investments — was also behind Altman’s reinstatement. However, none of this happened, and the board failed to meet the alleged deadline of 5 PM PT set by Altman and his cohorts.

After this, several OpenAI employees came to support Altman on X and sent messages of support. Among those who supported Altman are OpenAI COO Brad Lightcap and CTO Mira Murati, who will be replaced by Shear.

Emmett Shear – the new interim CEO – is known to be a quirky and opinionated leader. Time and again, he has expressed his opinion about the risks associated with generative artificial intelligence.

It remains to be seen what happens next in this surprise saga and what Sam Altman says. Last time Altman posted a message from OpenAI’s headquarters in California, he said, “The first and last time I’ll use something like this” while holding a guest card to enter OpenAI’s premises.

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