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Uncover the Latest AI News: OpenAI Mutiny, Wipro-Nvidia AI Alliance, and More!

For the fifth consecutive day, the ongoing OpenAI-Sam Altman controversy remains the focal point in the artificial intelligence industry. Recent reports indicate that OpenAI is currently engaged in intense discussions to address the staff rebellion, which involved over 500 employees threatening to quit unless Altman was reinstated. Additionally, Wipro and Nvidia have joined forces to assist healthcare companies in expediting the integration of AI technology. These stories and more are featured in today’s AI roundup, providing a detailed examination of the latest developments.

OpenAI’s goal is to unify the company

OpenAI is said to be in “intense discussions” to resolve internal turmoil following the departure of CEO Sam Altman. A memo from vice president of global affairs Anna Makanju, obtained by Bloomberg, reveals employee concerns, with many threatening to quit unless Altman returns. The disarray followed Altman’s firing and the unexpected appointment of former Twitch executive Emmett Shear as interim CEO. The company is trying to unify its personnel amid the unrest.

“OpenAI management is in contact with Altman, Shear and the board, ‘but they are not ready to give us a definitive answer this evening,'” Makanju wrote in the memo.

Wipro, Nvidia Healthcare AI Partner

Wipro has partnered with Nvidia to promote healthcare companies to adopt generative AI in healthcare, according to a PTI report. The collaboration includes leveraging Nvidia’s artificial intelligence software to enhance Wipro’s existing healthcare solutions in areas such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Medicare and Medicaid. The purpose is to deliver scalable AI-enabled innovations to the healthcare industry and develop healthcare solutions with powerful computing capabilities, as stated by Nagendra Bandaru, President and CEO of Wipro Enterprise Futuring.

Bengaluru uses AI to manage traffic

Bengaluru plans to boost traffic monitoring with artificial intelligence, Moneycontrol reports. Police officials are aiming to use the latest data analytics to monitor traffic congestion on 20 major roads in the city, including Outer Ring Road, Old Madras Road, Old Airport Road, Hosur Road, Bellary Road, Mysuru Road, Tumakuru Road, and Bannerghatta Road. The selected company develops an artificial intelligence-based search engine for effective traffic management.

“The AI software (smart traffic engine) will primarily help us monitor congestion levels/vehicle queue lengths on 20 identified high-density corridors,” Bengaluru Traffic Police Joint Commissioner MN Anucheth told Moneycontrol.

The University of Cambridge is establishing a center for artificial intelligence and technology

The University of Cambridge has launched the Institute for Technology and Humanity, a new center focused on artificial intelligence and technology, reports the BBC. The aim of the institute is to ensure that the rapid progress of artificial intelligence benefits humanity. Director Dr Stephen Cave expressed his aim to enable researchers to understand the dual nature of AI as a ‘double-edged sword’ and stressed the importance of minimizing technical risks. The institute aims to learn from history and channel the development of technology for the benefit of people’s well-being.

“Previous waves of technological change helped us thrive as a species, with higher incomes and life expectancy and more people alive than ever before. But these waves also came at huge costs,” said Dr Cave.

Artificial intelligence startup Zerve raised $3.8 million in pre-seed funding

Irish startup Zerve has secured $3.8 million in pre-seed funding to boost its research and development efforts, according to a report in the Irish Times. The funds will also be used to expand the company’s personnel, and the current team of 12 people is to be doubled during the next year. Founded in 2021, Zerve focuses on data science and artificial intelligence. The company’s platform facilitates collaboration between data science and AI development teams by providing a cloud-based serverless environment for real-time collaboration and stable deployment.

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