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US Trade Representative Cautions India on Requirement for Licenses on Laptop and Tablet Imports

According to a statement, Katherine Tai, the U.S. trade chief, has expressed concerns to India regarding their recent requirement for licenses for importing laptops, tablets, and personal computers.

Tai’s intervention stems from concerns that the licensing system could affect supplies from the likes of Apple and Dell, forcing companies to boost local production.

“He noted that there were stakeholders who needed an opportunity to review and provide input to ensure that if the policy is implemented, it will not have a negative impact on US exports to India,” according to a US statement issued after Tai met with the India Trade Organization. Minister Piyush Goyal on August 26.

Tai was in India to join a meeting of G20 trade ministers last week in the western state of Rajasthan.

India’s new licensing system, set to come into force on November 1, aims to “ensure that Trusted Devices and Systems” enter the country. According to an Indian government official, it also aims to reduce dependence on imports, boost local manufacturing and partially correct the country’s trade imbalance with China.

India and the US are also continuing discussions to find a solution to the countries’ only bilateral dispute at the World Trade Organization over New Delhi’s measures on imports of certain agricultural products into the country, the statement said. Six other disputes were mutually resolved earlier this year.

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