The new AI-powered YouTube is rolling out to creators. (YouTube)AI 

YouTube Introduces AI-Based Technology to Enable Content Creation

On Wednesday, September 21, YouTube unveiled a selection of new AI-driven tools that enable individuals to become creators on its platform. These tools provide users with the ability to effortlessly edit videos and upload them to YouTube. Over the past year, Google has made significant investments in its AI tools, incorporating them into various products. Following the integration of AI tools into Workspace and the inclusion of YouTube and other Google apps’ extensions in Google Bard, YouTube now introduces its own set of AI tools, including Dream Screen, a new application called YouTube Create, and other AI features designed to simplify video editing.

Announcing the features in a blog post, Toni Reid, YouTube’s vice president of community products, said: “We’re unveiling a range of products and features that help people push the boundaries of creative expression.” The features were first announced in March when it was revealed that the video sharing platform was working on AI features for the platform.

YouTube is getting artificial intelligence features

First on the list is Dream Create, an experimental feature that YouTube announced it will start testing later this year. This feature is specific to Shorts. It allows users to create AI-generated videos or photo backgrounds for their Shorts by simply typing an idea into the prompt.

“Dream Screen allows creators to create new, fantastical settings for their Shorts, limited only by what they can imagine,” the YouTube blog explained.

Next up is YouTube Create, a new mobile app currently available in beta in select markets. Its purpose is to make video production for short films or longer videos simpler and easier for content producers. The app is free, and once available, it will allow Shorts creators to focus on creating more engaging videos instead of tedious tasks.

The app offers video editing tools such as precise editing and trimming, automatic captioning, voiceover features, and access to a library of filters, effects, transitions, and royalty-free music with beat-matching technology.

More AI features are expected next year

In addition to these features, YouTube is also working on a few other AI features that are expected to be released next year. These are as follows:

1. AI-powered insights: Next year, YouTube Studio will introduce an AI feature that provides video ideas and sketches to help creators brainstorm. Insights are tailored to each channel and based on what the audience is already watching on YouTube.

2. Assistive search in Creator Music: Next year, YouTube will also make it easier to find a soundtrack for a video using Creator Music’s assistive search. This is a premium feature and comes at a price.

3. Automatic Copying with Aloud: It is a still developing AI-powered copying tool that helps content creators open up their content to the world.

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