AT&T responds to a data breach by resetting passcodes for 73 million users, aiming to bolster security measures. (AP)News 

AT&T Begins Resetting Passcodes Following Data Breach Affecting 73 Million Users

In response to the revelation of a data breach dating back to 2019, AT&T has promptly reset customer account passcodes. The breach, impacting a massive 73 million current and former users, highlights a major security oversight for the telecom company. The leaked data includes sensitive personal details like names, addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, and social security numbers.

Huge data leak and security issues

The leaked data also includes encrypted account passwords. However, security experts warn that these passwords are relatively easy to crack, potentially leaving users vulnerable to unauthorized access. The passcodes, typically four-digit numbers, act as an extra layer of security for accessing AT&T services and accounts both online and offline, reports TechCrunch.

AT&T’s Response and Investigation

In response to the breach, AT&T has launched a thorough investigation using internal and external cybersecurity experts. Although the company claims there is no evidence of unauthorized use that led to the data extraction, it remains unclear how the data breach went undetected for several years. AT&T confirmed that the breach affects approximately 7.6 million current users and 65.4 million former account holders.

In order to reduce the potential consequences of a breach, AT&T has reset user account passwords and issued instructions to enhance security measures. A separate website has been set up to inform users of the breach and provide instructions on how to secure their accounts. Additionally, the company commits to communicating directly with both current and former users affected by the leak, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Constant vigilance and cooperation

As AT&T continues to investigate the breach and assess its impact, users are encouraged to remain vigilant and take proactive steps to protect their personal information. Collaboration with external cybersecurity experts underscores AT&T’s commitment to fixing data security gaps and restoring the trust of its user base.

For more updates and information about the breach, users can visit AT&T’s official website and stay up-to-date with ongoing developments and security measures.

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