Haven't used your Google account for more than two years? Remember to make it active again so that it doesn't get deleted on December 1, 2023. News 

Countdown to Deletion: Don’t Lose Your Google Account!

It’s unlikely that you haven’t used your Google Account in a while, but if that’s the case, or if you have a secondary account that you don’t check often, be aware that Google will be deleting it on December 1, 2023, which is just a few days away at this point. . Yes, Google will start deleting inactive Google Accounts along with all the data associated with them – photos, Gmail, contacts, Drive storage, and so on. The important thing here is that your account is considered “inactive” if you…

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ISRO is ready to conduct the next space exploration project with the Venus mission, also known as the Shukrayaan mission. (Nasa) Space 

Explore Venus with ISRO: Uncover the Secrets of Shukrayaan Mission!

Following the successful Chandrayaan-3 and Aditya-L1 missions, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is preparing to launch its upcoming mission to Venus, known as the Shukrayaan mission. ISRO Chief S. Somanath has provided an update, stating that the project payloads have been fully developed. During a speech at the Indian National Science Academy in Delhi, the ISRO Chairman discussed the distinctive features of Venus and the potential for Earth’s atmosphere to become toxic in the future, similar to what Shukrayaan has observed. The significance of the Venus mission is worth…

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eSIM has been around for many years but Apple decided to give it special attention by launching eSIM-only iPhones last year. News 

Ready To Go Digital? Ditch Your Physical SIM Card For An eSIM!

Apple released the first eSIM iPhone 14 model in certain markets last year. eSIM as a technology has existed for several years, but this is the first time that a technology company decided to completely abandon the physical SIM card in favor of eSIM, which is gradually gaining a foothold in markets like India as well. Although eSIM is not new in the country, most of the smartphone users are not aware of the use of eSIM cards. In fact, not all iPhone users in India activate the eSIM card,…

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OnePlus' new trailer gives us our first look at the OnePlus 12 in its new nature-inspired green colour, and a major change coming to the iconic alert slider. News 

Alert Slider Gets A Makeover – Check Out OnePlus 12’s ‘Nature Inspired’ Colours!

OnePlus has officially released a teaser video for the OnePlus 12, its upcoming flagship phone that will follow the OnePlus 11. The trailer gives us our first look at the phone in its new green color inspired by nature. The BBK-owned company has also released a set of official images on Weibo, showing us the white and black models as well. Although the device looks quite similar to the outgoing OnePlus 11, a closer look reveals that OnePlus’ iconic feature – Alert Slide – has changed position. It is now…

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Apple could release the iOS 17.1.2 update sometime later this week, based on a new report. Here's what you need to know. News 

iOS 17.1.2: Apple’s Latest Update is Coming Soon!

Apple is expected to release the iOS 17.1.2 update later this week, as reported by MacRumors. The publication says this based on recently discovered analytics logs. However, it is not clear what this new update will bring. It could focus on bug fixes before the expected iOS 17.2 update. The latter is expected to bring new features such as Apple’s Journal app, support for recording spatial video on the iPhone 15 Pro models, a translation option for the Action Button on the iPhone 15 Pro, and soon Apple Music users…

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Before that surprise decision to shut down the Alibaba Quantum Computing Lab, the firm was in the midst a complicated six-way split. (AP) News 

Alibaba’s Quantum Computing Dream Ends: Lab Closes in Cost-Cutting Move

Alibaba Quantum Computing Lab, based in Hangzhou, China, has been closed down as part of the company’s efforts to improve its financial performance. In a statement on Monday, an Alibaba spokesperson revealed that the company will be donating its equipment to Zhejiang University. The closure of the lab will unfortunately lead to the loss of approximately 30 employees. However, Alibaba may assist some of these individuals in finding positions within the same university, according to an anonymous source familiar with the situation. The Chinese e-commerce leader is in the midst…

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Deceptive Designs: Dark patterns manipulate consumers, (unsplash) Gaming 

Liz Weston Exposes How Amazon and Epic Games’ Deceptive ‘Dark Patterns’ Cost You Money!

Do any of these things sound familiar to you? ● You can’t find an easy way to cancel an unwanted subscription, so you let it continue for another month. You tell yourself you’ll try again later. ● You feel rushed to make an online purchase that you regret, but you cannot cancel the transaction or request a refund. ● You want to read an article or shop online, but you are bombarded with pop-ups asking for your information. There’s no easy language to say, so you click “allow” just to…

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Google Calendar might soon say goodbye to Android Nougat and older versions, favouring security and improved features. News 

Oh No! Time to Upgrade? Google Calendar to End Support for Android Nougat and Older Versions

Google Calendar may no longer be available on Android devices that are not running Android 8 or a newer version. Users of Android Nougat 7.1, which was released in 2016, may be affected by this change. Google seems to be narrowing down its support requirements, as suggested by TheSpAndroid’s recent discoveries of code and an image in the latest Google Calendar release, hinting at the possibility of discontinuing support for older Android versions. In the latest calendar update (release v 2023.46.0-581792699), TheSpAndroid found a new flag “UnsupportedOperatingSystem__enabled”. Activating this flag…

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Australia's government has decided to bring Apple Pay, Google Pay and other digital payment services under the same regulatory umbrella as credit cards and other payments. News 

Regulation Revolution: Apple Pay and Other Payment Apps Get a Makeover!

SYDNEY: The Australian government said on Monday it will bring Apple Pay, Google Pay and other digital payment services under the same regulation as credit cards and other payments as part of legislation to be introduced to parliament this week. Digital wallets from the likes of Apple, Google and WeChat developer Tencent have exploded in popularity, but are not covered by Australia’s payments law. The legislation, first announced last month, expands legislation that gives the Reserve Bank of Australia powers to regulate payments to cover new and emerging technology. “We…

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Apple hires some of the smartest people available in the market but Tim Cook shares the tips that can get you a job at the tech company. News 

Apple CEO Tim Cook Reveals The Secret To Getting Hired: THESE Traits Are A Must!

Apple is a dream job for most people, not only because of the brand but also because the tech geek is recognized as one of the best jobs in the market. But if you’re worried about needing Apple employee-like skills like coding and math, you may have got it all wrong. Speaking in a recent interview with singer Dua Lipa, Apple CEO Tim Cook shared details that many would surely take note of, especially if you’ve ever tried or wanted to work at Apple. In the interview, he used the…

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Grab massive Cyber Monday deals on tech products such as Acer Nitro 5, Apple Watch, iPad, and more. (Unsplash) Gadgets 

Score Big Savings on Apple Watch Series 9, Acer Nitro 5, iPad and More this Cyber Monday!

Although the Black Friday sale has ended, e-commerce websites are now offering significant discounts for the Cyber Monday sale. Those interested in purchasing tech products can benefit from the substantial discounts available on various brands including Apple, Acer, HP, and others. Take a look at the best deals on tech products such as laptops, Apple Watch, iPads, Acer Nitro 5, and more by clicking here. Cyber Monday discounts on tech products Apple Watch Series 9: Apple’s smartwatch has several safety and health features that can be useful for users in…

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Google Pay lets you make bill payments as well as mobile recharges and now some users have spotted paying more for these payments. News 

Pay Up! Google Pay Charges a Fee for UPI Payments in India

Google Pay is one of the most popular apps used to make UPI payments in India. You can pay your friends or family and even buy products from the store using the platform. But it seems that Google Pay is now ready to start charging its users if they make certain types of payments. Reports over the past few days suggest that Google Pay will now charge a convenience fee that applies when you try to use the platform to pay for mobile top-ups. Google hasn’t officially shared updates on…

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Google may officially end the support for Android Nougat devices with Google Calendar version 2023.46.0-581792699. Here's what we know. News 

Say Goodbye to Google Calendar on This Android Version!

Google Calendar is an integral part of many people’s workflow. Not only do people rely on it to schedule important meetings, but it also serves as Google’s core service on Android. But if you are still using a device running Android 7.1, then unfortunately you have some bad news as Google may officially end support for the same version 2023.46.0-581792699. However, it is worth noting that Google has yet to make any official announcements. Still, X user AssembleDebug found this information on TheSpAndroid. According to the user, Google Calendar now…

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If you've had your sights set on the iPhone 15, now might be the perfect time to buy it, with a Rs 5,000 discount available when using a compatible credit card. News 

Score an iPhone 15 at Rs 5,000 Off – Here’s How!

The Apple iPhone 15 has been available in the Indian market for a few months now. While it was initially launched at Rs 79,900 for the base 128GB model, you can now get it for a much cheaper price thanks to various random offers. Now the latest offer is available on Amazon where you can buy iPhone 15 at a discount of Rs 5,000 if you use HDFC Bank Credit Card. This means you can get the iPhone 15 at an effective price of Rs 74,900. This is an instant…

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Recent iPhones have great battery backups, but what will you do when charging isn't an option and you want to save the battery for longer? Read on to find out. News 

No Charging? No Problem! Quick Tips to Keep Your iPhone Battery Going Strong

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to get the most out of your iPhone’s battery, but it starts draining quickly when you need it the most? You are not alone. In some situations, like when you’re traveling or if you forget to charge your iPhone before leaving for work, it’s hard to get through the day without practically having a full battery. Here, following some basics can go a long way in ensuring that you extend your phone’s battery life. This is especially true for iPhones…

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YouTube user have the option to watch ad-free video if they pay for the service and now they get more features and reasons to become a paid user. News 

Premium YouTube Users Get Ready to Play – YouTube Playables Now Available on Mobile and PC!

YouTube has been in the news for the past few weeks, and the reasons are varied. The platform uses a lot of ad blockers and works for users who use it to block ads on the platform. But now there are some regular updates from YouTube which has released Playables app for its Premium users who don’t see ads between videos and even have the option to play videos in the background. YouTube is bringing games to the platform for its paid users, putting it in competition with companies like…

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Wordle 890 answer for November 26: The fastest way to solve the puzzle goes through these Wordle hints, clues and solution. (HT Tech) News 

Can’t Crack the Wordle 890 Puzzle? Get the Clues and Solutions Here!

Sunday’s Wordle puzzle, number 890, is expected to be a relaxing challenge for many players. It is not particularly difficult and can potentially be solved in just 3-4 attempts. However, success will depend on having a prepared strategy. Those who rely on guessing will likely struggle, as Wordle is a highly strategic game that requires the use of letter elimination. If you are unfamiliar with this technique, be sure to review the provided Wordle hints and clues. Additionally, if you wish to maintain your winning streak, the solution can be…

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Know what’s happening in the AI universe today, November 26. (Pexels) AI 

Uncover the Latest AI Innovations: From Pentagon Replicator to Google Dream Track!

Let’s take a look at today’s daily roundup, which includes the Pentagon’s replicator initiative targeting the widespread use of AI-powered self-driving vehicles by 2026. Aitana, the virtual model, from Spain, is making waves in the AI industry and earning up to €10,000 per month. In Japan, AI robots are transforming agriculture and addressing labor shortages in smart farms. Additionally, the Governor of California is advocating for statewide GenAI training to help people adapt to the changing job market. 1. The Pentagon’s replicator initiative aims for mass deployment of autonomous vehicles…

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The Aditya-L1 mission was launched by ISRO aboard the PSLV-C57 on September 2, 2023. (ISRO Facebook) Space 

ISRO Unveils the Final Stage of Aditya-L1 Mission – Get Ready to Be Amazed!

India’s space program is making significant progress with a series of successful missions. Following the triumph of the Chandrayaan-3 mission, ISRO has now accomplished the launch of India’s inaugural solar mission, Aditya-L1. The Indian Space Research Organisation is eagerly awaiting the Aditya-L1 solar probe’s arrival at Lagrangian point L1, which is scheduled for January 7. Stay informed about the latest developments regarding India’s groundbreaking solar mission. Aditya-L1 assignment in final stage According to a PTI report, the ISRO chairman spoke about the exciting progress of the Aditya-L1 mission at the…

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Google Maps for Android is finally getting the compass feature back.  (Google) News 

Explore the Colorful New World of Android Auto with Google Maps!

Google Maps has become the go-to app for navigating within cities, states, and countries. It is ideal for both long-distance travel and checking routes with heavy traffic. Recently, Google Maps has undergone a major visual update, including a revamped color palette. This update is now also available on Android Auto. Stay informed about the changes made to your trusted navigation companion and make the most of its features. The color palette of Google Maps has been renewed According to a report by 9To5 Google, a recent update to Google Maps…

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