Microsoft will begin rolling out its upgraded Copilot companion for Windows on September 26. (Microsoft ) News 

Microsoft Introduces Copilot: AI-Powered Unified Experience for Surface Event 2023

Today, the highly anticipated 2023 Microsoft Surface Event unveiled a range of thrilling software and gadgets from the renowned tech giant. However, the event also shed light on an intriguing development – Microsoft’s collaboration with OpenAI, which will integrate additional features of ChatGPT into Bing and introduce a brand-new AI assistant. Starting September 26, Microsoft will release its improved Copilot companion for Windows, and on November 1, the Office AI app will be available to everyone. The move is part of Microsoft’s ongoing push to add artificial intelligence to its…

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Microsoft Surface event 2023: Windows 11 users, get ready for a tech treat! Microsoft is set to dazzle with a big September 26 update. (Unsplash) News 

Microsoft Surface Event to Unveil Windows 11 Update with Copilot and RAR Support on September 26

Microsoft is gearing up to unveil a significant update for Windows 11, known as 23H2, on September 26, which will introduce exciting new features and enhancements to enhance the user experience. The announcement was made at the ongoing Microsoft Surface event 2023 in New York. Windows Copilot One of the star features of this update is Windows Copilot, an AI-powered assistant. It’s like a helpful friend on your desktop. It allows you to adjust settings, open applications or ask questions. It’s smart and can even use your calendar information to…

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Microsoft announced several new AI features at the Surface Event 2023. (Microsoft) News 

Microsoft Surface Event: Uncover the Latest AI-Powered Innovations from Copilot to Bing

Microsoft held its Surface Event 2023 in New York today, revealing the latest additions to its product lineup, including the Surface Laptop Studio 2 and Surface Laptop Go 3. This marked Microsoft’s first in-person event since the pandemic, but surprisingly, it was not live-streamed, which is atypical for a tech company aiming to generate excitement for its offerings. Over the past few years, Microsoft has placed significant emphasis on artificial intelligence (AI), and following the Microsoft Build Event 2023, the company has now unveiled numerous new AI features. Microsoft CEO…

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Google's emails and memos have been made inaccessible to the public on the internet by DOJ. Photographer: Pascal Mora/Bloomberg (Bloomberg) News 

DOJ Agrees to Keep Google Emails and Memos Out of Public View

In its landmark antitrust lawsuit against tech giant Alphabet Inc.’s Google, the US Department of Justice has taken down public access to emails, charts, and internal presentations that were previously presented as evidence. Google had challenged the government’s online release of the documents, and the court welcomed its concerns. The result: a trial that is much more difficult for the public to watch than the equally monumental and widely watched antitrust case against Microsoft Corp. in the 1990s. The trial, which is expected to last 10 weeks, is the biggest…

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Apple Store in India will open the gates on Friday as the new iPhone 15 series models go on sale across the country. News 

Apple iPhone 15 Release In India Set For September 22: Details On Price, Offers, And More

The iPhone 15 series will finally go on sale in India and other markets on Friday, September 22, as the company had confirmed at a launch event earlier this month. The new iPhone 15 models will be available in stores from 8:00 AM and those of you who have ordered the new iPhones can pay in full in store and collect it. But the availability is not only limited to pre-order, people can just walk into any Apple Store or reseller outlet in the country and buy an iPhone 15,…

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At its Conversations event in Mumbai, Meta announced several new business-centric features coming to WhatsApp soon. Read on for all the details. News 

WhatsApp Introduces Innovative Tools For Businesses: Meta Verified, Flows & Simple Payments

WhatsApp has announced a slew of new business-centric features coming to the app during the WhatsApp Conversations event, including Flows, easier purchasing, and Meta Verified for Businesses. WhatsApp claims that 1 billion users visit businesses every week on WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram Direct. Whether it’s inquiring from brands, browsing product catalogs, seeking support or interacting with stories, this is one of the reasons why we’re witnessing a growing emphasis on developing the business side of the platform. What is WhatsApp Flows? The Flows feature, according to WhatsApp, enables a “richer…

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Enhanced YouTube music mini-player for iPhone makes music control effortless. (Pexels) News 

YouTube Music App Gives iPhone Users New AirPlay Features Including Mini Player and Swipe Controls

YouTube Music has been making efforts to close the gap with popular music apps such as Spotify and Apple Music, which have long been praised for their extensive features. Despite lagging behind, YouTube is determined to keep up and has recently introduced a convenient method for changing songs in its mini-player. Effortless track navigation iPhone gets a permanent mini player update This new feature came to Android in June and is now available on iPhone and iPad. The mini player is now permanent and cannot be removed. They have also…

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OnePlus Open will be the new foldable device in the market but the company could price it aggressively to get more buyers. News 

OnePlus Hints at Upcoming Foldable Phone Release Date

OnePlus has already confirmed that its foldable phone will launch this year. The OnePlus Open is a product rumored to launch in October and now reports suggest that the company could unveil the product on October 19, which is less than a month away. The OnePlus Open is said to be a challenger to Samsung’s foldable lineup, but the company seems to be taking a different route when it comes to pricing the product. OnePlus first announced its foldable goal with the launch of the OnePlus 11 series earlier this…

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OpenAI on Wednesday unveiled DallE 3, the latest version of its text-to-image tool that uses its wildly popular AI chatbot ChatGPT to help fill in prompts. News 

OpenAI Introduces Dall-E 3D Image Creation Tool

(Reuters) – OpenAI on Wednesday unveiled Dall-E 3, the latest version of a text-to-image tool that uses the wildly popular AI chatGPT to populate prompts. Dall-E 3 will be available to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise customers in October via API, the company said. Users can enter an image request and edit the prompt in conversations with ChatGPT. “DALL-E 3 can transform nuanced requests into highly detailed and accurate images,” the company said in a statement. OpenAI said the latest version of the tool has more safeguards, such as limiting its…

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Elon Musk saying he wants to charge all users on X came as a windfall for Jack Dorsey-led Bluesky. (AP Photo/Richard Drew) (AP) News 

Elon Musk’s Remark Sets New Record for Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky

Bluesky, a decentralized social app founded by former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, has emerged as a popular alternative to X (formerly Twitter) this year. Whenever Elon Musk, who recently took over Twitter, makes a controversial statement, it often leads to an exodus of users from his platform to rivals like Bluesky. This trend repeated on September 19, 2023, when Musk’s shocking comment about turning X into a paid-only app prompted a significant surge in new user signups for Bluesky. Consequently, Bluesky achieved a remarkable new record for the highest number…

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Neuralink aims to plant computer chips in human brains to cure people with quadriplegia and other similar disorders. It is conducting experiments with monkeys for that. (Bloomberg) News 

10 Facts to Know About Elon Musk’s Brain-Computer Interface Company, Neuralink

Elon Musk’s Neuralink, a neurotechnology company working on implantable brain-computer interfaces (BCIs), reached a significant milestone on September 20. The company obtained approval from an independent review board to commence recruiting participants for its initial human trials. Neuralink’s primary objective is to address quadriplegia, a condition causing paralysis in all four limbs, through the use of brain implants. While the company has garnered attention for its groundbreaking innovations, it has also faced criticism for making seemingly impossible claims. If you are interested in learning more about Neuralink and its accomplishments…

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Broadcom's long-term deal with Samsung has recently come under scrutiny, resulting in a hefty fine of 19.1 billion won for unfair practices. News 

South Korea’s Antitrust Agency Penalizes Broadcom for Unlawful Agreement With Samsung

South Korea’s antitrust watchdog said on Thursday it will provisionally fine Broadcom Inc and its subsidiaries 19.1 billion won ($14.24 million) for enforcing a long-term supply agreement that was unilaterally unfavorable to Samsung Electronics. The country’s Fair Trade Commission will also issue a remedial order to Broadcom, it said in a statement. A Broadcom representative could not immediately be reached. Samsung declined to comment.

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Elon Musk’s Neuralink will commence human trials soon, but questions over its testing of primates remain. (REUTERS) News 

Investigating the Alleged Death of Monkeys in Elon Musk’s Neuralink Experiments

Neuralink, the neurotechnology company founded by Elon Musk, has announced that it will soon begin human trials following FDA approval a few months ago. The company is currently recruiting participants for a study called the ‘PRIME Study’, which is expected to last for six years. The focus of the study is on individuals with quadriplegia, a type of paralysis that affects movement from the neck down. However, Neuralink has faced controversy this month due to questions surrounding the deaths of test monkeys involved in their experiments. Despite Musk’s previous claim…

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iPhone 15 gets the USB C charging port which supports features like power delivery that makes the new iPhone quite useful. News 

Surprising Feature: iPhone 15’s USB C Port Can Charge Another iPhone

The new iPhone 15 series is the first to feature a USB C charging port as Apple complies with the new EU decision. But contrary to reports, the company plans to sell USB-C iPhones in all its markets. We’ve already told you that the move to USB C doesn’t mean that iPhones will now charge faster than Android phones, but the change still has its benefits, quite a few of them. It was recently mentioned that USB C on iPhone 15 series models allows you to charge AirPods and Apple…

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Neuralink is recruiting patients for a clinical trial to evaluate the safety and functionality of its brain implant technology. (REUTERS) News 

Neuralink Seeks Participants for Initial Human Clinical Trial Led by Elon Musk

Neuralink Corp., the brain implant startup helmed by billionaire Elon Musk, is actively enlisting participants for a clinical trial, marking a significant milestone that brings the futuristic technology closer to becoming a reality for humans. In its blog post, the company said it will enroll patients with quadriplegia caused by cervical spinal cord injury or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) into the study. Neuralink plans to evaluate the safety and functionality of its tool so that people can manipulate external devices at will. The original goal “is to enable people to…

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Google regained only 40% of the mobile traffic it lost when Apple replaced Google Maps with its own app on iPhones. (Unsplash) News 

Executive Reveals Impact of Apple Maps on Google’s Map Traffic

During the antitrust trial against Alphabet Inc., a Google executive testified that despite Apple Inc. replacing Google Maps with its own app on iPhones two years ago, Google has only managed to regain 40% of the mobile traffic it previously had on its mapping service. Google Vice President Michael Roszak said Tuesday that the company used the Apple Maps switch as a “data point” in modeling what might happen if the iPhone maker replaced Google’s search engine as the default in Apple’s Safari browser. In a June 2020 email to…

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Facebook’s new logo includes a darker shade of blue, along with a tweaked lowercase “f”. (Facebook) News 

Spot the Difference: Has Facebook Updated Its Logo?

A major rebranding process took place a few months ago for X, formerly known as Twitter, as the company made efforts to change its name and logo. The iconic Larry the Bird was replaced with a user-created X logo. This rebranding was a significant move by a prominent tech company. In a less noticeable change, Facebook also made adjustments to its logo yesterday. While it went unnoticed by most, a few observant Facebook users spotted the subtle alteration. Were you one of them? Facebook’s new logo In an effort to…

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17 authors, including George RR Martin, have filed a lawsuit against OpenAI for allegedly copying their work to train AI models. Here's what we know. News 

George RR Martin Takes Legal Action Against OpenAI For Utilizing His Writing To Train ChatGPT

George RR Martin, the author of the hugely successful Game of Thrones series, along with other authors, has sued the generative artificial intelligence company OpenAI. They claim that OpenAI has used their books to train ChatGPT and other AI models. As The Verge reports, 17 popular authors — including David Baldacci, Jonathan Franzen, John Grisham, George R.R. Martin and Jodi Picoult – have filed suit in the Southern District of New York. According to the complaint filed by the authors, OpenAI was accused of “wholesale copying of the authors’ works…

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The new iPhone 15 Pro series uses the A17 Pro chipset from Apple which has drastic performance boost and made using the 3nm process. News 

Benchmark Test Confirms iPhone 15 Pro Max Is The Most Powerful Smartphone

The iPhone 15 Pro Max has the best mobile hardware under the hood. The new A17 Pro chipset, which uses the premium iPhone 15 series model, has a lot of upgrades that surpass the capabilities of the A16 Bionic, which itself is quite powerful. But now we have data that proves the prowess of Apple’s A17 Pro chip, which easily matches the likes of the company’s M-series Mac silicon. The A17 Pro powered by the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max has recently gone through the AnTuTu benchmark tests,…

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The brain-chip startup has received approval from an independent review board to begin recruitment for the first human trial of its brain implant. News 

Neuralink to Begin Testing Brain Implant to Aid Paralysis Patients

(Reuters) – Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk’s brain chip startup Neuralink said on Tuesday it had received approval from an independent review board to begin recruiting for the first human trial of its brain implant for stroke patients. Those with paralysis caused by cervical spinal cord injury or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis may be eligible for the trial, it said, but did not disclose how many participants would participate in the study, which will take about six years. The research uses a robot to surgically place a brain-computer interface (BCI) implant in…

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