Google One VPN will be discontinued as the company shifts focus to more popular features within the subscription service. (AP) News 

Reason for discontinuation of Google One VPN announced

Google One users were disappointed today when Google announced that it will be discontinuing its VPN feature in the upcoming months. Launched in October 2020, the VPN by Google One was designed to offer additional online security for Android users, ensuring their data safety. However, Google stated that the usage of the VPN feature did not meet expectations, resulting in its discontinuation. Reasons for termination The VPN was originally only available to Premium subscribers for $9.99 per month. The VPN was later offered at a discounted price of $1.99 per…

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Improved Bluetooth stability and security highlight the latest developments in Android's upcoming release. (Unsplash) News 

Top features of Android 15 Beta 1 released by Google for upcoming smartphone update

Google has recently released the Beta 1 version of Android 15, providing users with a sneak peek of the upcoming major update to its operating system. This launch signifies a notable advancement in the evolution of Android, showcasing the anticipated new features and enhancements for users to look forward to. Improved mobile network protection One of the main highlights of Android 15 Beta 1 is the focus on improving mobile network security. Users can now access additional security settings through the Security & Privacy menu, giving them more control over…

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Know what’s happening in the AI universe today, April 14. (Unsplash) AI 

Summary of AI news [April 13]: CJI Chandrachud promotes ethical AI, discusses AI investment and other developments

CJI Chandrachud promotes ethical AI in legal research; BlackRock CEO predicts AI investment will increase productivity and worker salaries; Instagram improves content discovery with generative AI integration; Surat municipal schools to introduce AI and coding courses- these are just a few highlights from today’s news roundup. Let’s dive in. 1. CJI Chandrachud advocates ethical AI in legal research Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud defends the integration of ethical AI in legal research at the Indo-Singapore Judicial Conference. He praises the role of technology in reforming the judiciary and emphasizes…

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Apple's M4-powered Macs represent a bold step forward in computing technology, promising unparalleled performance and AI integration. (Unsplash) AI 

Details of upcoming Macs powered by Apple’s M4 chip and featuring AI capabilities set to be released soon.

Apple is preparing for a major update to its Mac lineup by introducing the much-anticipated M4 family of chips. This demonstrates the company’s dedication to advancing innovation, especially in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The anticipated release of the first M4 Macs Reports indicate that Apple is on the verge of starting production on its M4 chips, which are set to power a number of Macs. Apple plans to equip every Mac model with the new M4 processors, as there are at least three variants in the pipeline.…

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Apple says this initiative will enable users to carry out repairs of their iPhones with the help of used genuine parts. (Apple) News 

Apple simplifies and reduces costs for iPhone repairs- Full details provided

Apple, which previously only allowed authorized experts to repair iPhones, introduced its Self Service Repair program in 2022, allowing users to fix their devices with Apple-supplied parts and kits. The company has now announced support for used genuine parts, making it easier for users to access quality repairs without having to rely solely on Apple repair centers. Apple expands support for used original parts The iPhone maker says this initiative will allow users to repair their iPhones using used original parts. This may reduce repair costs. To ensure the privacy,…

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Know about Instagram’s new nudity protection feature. (Instagram) News 

Instagram implements new measures to protect users from adult content scams.

In response to ongoing concerns from parents about child safety on the Meta platform, Instagram is testing a new feature to protect its teenage users. The feature will detect and blur nude images shared in messages, helping to keep users safe from scams and harmful content. This decision follows pressure from US and European governments, and aims to improve safety on the platform. Learn more about how the nudity protection feature on Instagram will function. Instagram nudity protection feature for DMs Meta supports teenagers from sex discipline and misuse of…

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OpenAI introduces GPT-4 Turbo with Vision in ChatGPT, enabling image-based responses for enhanced conversational AI. (AFP) AI 

What’s new in OpenAI’s ChatGPT with Vision: Introducing GPT-4 Turbo

OpenAI, a prominent AI research and deployment firm, has announced the release of GPT-4 Turbo with Vision in ChatGPT, their popular AI chatbot. This upgrade is now available through the Application Programming Interface (API). Paid users of ChatGPT can now upload images to receive responses, expanding the capabilities of the newly introduced GPT-4 Turbo with Vision. GPT-4 with Turbo Vision: What’s new? The latest iteration, GPT-4 Turbo, offers up to 128,000 characters, a significant leap over the 8x increase over GPT-3.5 Turbo. Tokens act as blocks of data entered into…

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Meta introduces Meta AI, an AI chatbot for WhatsApp to enhance user experiences with conversational assistance. (REUTERS) AI 

Meta AI chatbot from WhatsApp now available to select users in India

During Meta Connect 2023, Meta introduced a range of new AI-powered features for WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. The event highlighted the company’s venture into artificial intelligence with the launch of ‘Meta AI’, an AI assistant designed for seamless integration across Meta’s various platforms, particularly WhatsApp. Meta AI offers an impressive array of features that allow users to interact with it in the same way that they would interact with another person. Meta AI is developed using a custom model derived from Llama 2, a generative text model, and Meta’s Large…

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Know what happened in AI-verse today, April 9. (Pexel) AI 

AI news roundup [April 9]: New remote proctored exam platform revealed, South Korea’s AI investments and other updates

AI news update: As demand for online exams rises, a company has introduced an AI-driven remote proctored exam platform to prevent cheating. Additionally, South Korea is set to invest $7 billion in AI to maintain its status as a top semiconductor chip provider. Stay informed with more AI updates from April 9 in our roundup. A new artificial intelligence-powered remote monitoring test platform was announced A company called ExamOnline launched a next-generation online remote aptitude test platform based on artificial intelligence technology. The platform utilizes AI-assisted surveillance and uses technologies…

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Google Seach app is speculated to bring a Gemini toggle. Check details. (Bloomberg) News 

New toggle feature coming to Google app on Android allows users to easily switch between search and Gemini

Google is reportedly developing AI features to incorporate into its range of apps. The Gmail app recently introduced AI-based quick reply suggestions, and there have been rumors of an email summarization tool in the works. A leaked report now suggests that Google may be adding a new toggle to the Google app for Android devices, allowing users to easily switch between search and the Gemini AI app. Learn more about this new feature for the Google app. Gemini switch in the Google app Switching between Google Search and the Gemini…

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Tata Group is in advanced discussions to acquire Pegatron's iPhone production facility in India, signaling a strategic move for both companies amid evolving market dynamics. (unsplash) News 

All you need to know about Tata’s acquisition of Pegatron’s iPhone plant in India

According to sources, Pegatron, a Taiwanese manufacturer, is in advanced talks to hand over control of its only iPhone production facility in India to the Tata Group. This move is seen as part of Pegatron’s strategy to reduce its partnership with Apple. The proposed deal, reportedly approved by Apple, would see Tata Group holding at least a 65% stake in a joint venture that would manage operations at the Pegatron plant near Chennai. Pegatron would still offer technical support and retain the rest of the stake. Pegatron has 10,000 employees…

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Stay alert! Government issues advisory against fake ads on social media, highlighting the threat of deepfake technology in perpetrating scams. (unsplash) AI 

Government warns about deepfake and AI scams in fake social media advertisements.

Various sources have reported a rise in fake advertisements on social media platforms. The government is working with intermediaries to address this growing problem. A warning was recently issued to specific citizens, including a member of a well-known technology company, about the spread of fake ads that may use deepfake technology to carry out scams. Be very careful about what you see on social media The government’s communiqué called for vigilance against fraudulent advertisements related to stock market operations, trading and allegedly free tips spread through social media applications. It…

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Apple's collaboration with Shutterstock signals a strategic move towards enhancing its in-house AI capabilities, potentially shaping the future of AI integration in iPhones. (unsplash) AI 

Apple partners with Shutterstock to train its AI model

Apple has teamed up with Shutterstock, a library of stock photos and videos, to use its data for training its artificial intelligence (AI) models. This partnership indicates that Apple is moving towards creating its own foundation model. While there were rumors about integrating Google’s Gemini AI and Baidu’s Ernie Bot into the iPhone 16 series for AI features, it appears that Apple’s focus is on developing its own AI model in the long run. Apple has partnered with Shutterstock Sources familiar with the matter cited by Reuters revealed that Apple…

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Swiggy's innovative partnership with Shikharas opens up a new realm of dining experiences, bringing delicious meals directly to houseboats on Dal Lake, Kashmir. (unsplash) News 

Swiggy introduces Shikara boats to deliver food to houseboats on Dal Lake in Kashmir.

Swiggy’s recent announcement represents a major change in the food delivery industry, especially in unique locations such as houseboats on Dal Lake in Kashmir. This groundbreaking initiative caters to a previously unaddressed demand from both locals and visitors, allowing them to have their meals delivered to their houseboats while enjoying the picturesque surroundings of the lake. Swiggy has partnered with Shikara operators Traditionally, the idea of delivering food to houseboats seemed impossible due to logistical challenges. However, Swiggy has developed a solution in collaboration with Shikara operators to facilitate deliveries…

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Leaked details hint at potential changes in battery sizes for Apple's iPhone 16 series, raising speculation among tech enthusiasts. (amazon) News 

What to expect from the leaked battery details of the Apple iPhone 16

New information has surfaced about the battery capacities of the upcoming iPhone 16 series, indicating significant changes from the previous iPhone 15 models. Although Apple typically does not disclose details about battery sizes, a Weibo source has shared alleged information about the batteries in the iPhone 16 lineup. Apple adds a bigger battery to the iPhone 16 series? According to the leak, the iPhone 16 Pro Max could have a 4,676 mAh battery, which represents a 5.7 percent increase over the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s 4,422 mAh unit. The iPhone…

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Elon Musk anticipates AGI smarter than humans by next year (REUTERS) AI 

Elon Musk of Tesla predicts that AI will surpass the intelligence of the smartest human by next year.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, stated on Monday that he anticipates the creation of artificial intelligence that surpasses human intelligence by either next year or by 2026. In a wide-ranging interview about X spaces suffering from a number of technology glitches, Musk also told Norwegian investment fund CEO Nicolai Tangen that the availability of electricity was limiting AI and that the next version of Grok, his xAI startup’s AI chatbot, was expected to be ready by May. “If you define AGI (artificial general intelligence) as a smarter human, I think…

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Know what happened in the world of AI today, April 8. (Pixabay) AI 

5 AI developments you might have overlooked today: Introduction of world’s first AI software tester, CGI and Microsoft’s collaboration on AI, and more.

AI automation is gaining popularity in the tech industry, with TestGrid introducing the first AI Software Tester to streamline testing processes. CGI and Microsoft also discussed the impact of generative AI on the digital revolution. Stay updated on the latest AI developments in our roundup. The world’s first artificial intelligence software tester was announced Leading automation testing company TestGrid announced CoTester, an AI-powered software tester that makes automation testers easier. The tool has the ability to understand complex software testing and can run on various testing frameworks such as Selenium,…

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Realme is among the top five smartphone brands in terms of volume market share. (Realme) News 

Realme aims to dominate the ₹15-25k segment by introducing P series in 2024.

Realme India business strategy lead, Tarini Prasad Das, revealed to reporters that the company’s goal is to reach a cumulative sales of 50 million smartphones by 2024 through its partnership with Flipkart, while discussing the plans for the P series. “We aim to lead the ₹15,000-25,000 smartphone segment this year as a whole with the launch of the P series. The P series itself is expected to lead the segment,” Das said. Realme is among the top five smartphone brands in terms of volume market share. The company’s market share…

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