Social media reacts to boAT's ad, with opinions divided on whether it's a smart marketing move or an awkward attempt to compete with Apple. (boAT)News 

boAT believes it surpasses Apple and encourages a change in perspective. Social media responds.

In the tech industry dominated by giants like Apple, it requires bravery for a smaller company to challenge the established order. This is exactly what Indian audio brand boAt did with its latest advertisement, igniting a contentious discussion on social media.

The ad, shared on social media platforms X, featured boAt’s headphones alongside Apple’s, the text “Think better” and the call to action: “Don’t be a fanboy, be a boAthead.” It was a clear shot at Apple, aimed at encouraging consumers to rethink their loyalty to the tech giant.

Unsurprisingly, the ad received mixed reactions from social media users. Some praised BoAt for its courage and willingness to challenge the giants of the industry. They found it a refreshing change and praised BoAt for promoting Indian brands and providing competitive alternatives to global players.

However, not everyone was impressed. One user pointed out that while the confidence is admirable, boAt still has a long way to go before it can match Samsung, let alone Apple. Comparisons were made to other industries, with one user telling of boAt’s nudge to Apple as Mercedes trolled Maruti – a comparison that didn’t sit well with everyone.

Others questioned the effectiveness of the ad, suggesting it might come off as annoying or even desperate. However, some defended the boat, praising company founder Aman Gupta for his marketing skills. They speculated that the controversial ad was a strategic move to position bots as a viable alternative to Apple for consumers who value performance over brand cachet.

Interestingly, some users shared their personal experiences, revealing that they own both Apple and boAt products and that they find no difference in quality between the two. For them, brand loyalty is secondary to functionality and affordability, which makes the boat a convincing choice.

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