India's growing developer community attracts global tech giants like Apple, with CEO Tim Cook praising the ecosystem's growth and double-digit revenue in India. (Getty Images via AFP)News 

Apple CEO Tim Cook says India is now the top choice for tech giants.

India has emerged as a crucial market for major tech companies, drawing interest due to its expanding developer community. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, praised India’s growing developer base and highlighted Apple’s comprehensive approach, which includes providing support to developers and implementing effective market strategies and operational efficiency.

MoS Electronics and Technology, Rajeev Chandrasekhar tweeted that Apple CEO Tim Cook said, “We have been very pleased to have a rapidly growing developer base in India. Apple is working on the entire ecosystem from developers to markets. operations, the whole thing.”

Cook hailed Apple India’s double-digit revenue growth, which marked a new record for the March quarter. He described India as an “incredibly exciting market” and a key focus for the company.

“We’re growing strongly in the double digits, so we were very, very pleased with that. It was a new March quarter revenue record for us. As you know, as I’ve said before, I think it’s incredibly exciting in the market and it’s an important focus for us,” Cook said of Apple’s performance in India.

India has emerged as a top target for global technology companies due to its large talent pool, low operating costs and stable supply chain environment. In this ever-evolving era of global geopolitical power, India has emerged as a beacon for global tech companies. In 2023, Apple, Microsoft and Meta’s revenue growth in India exceeded the global growth rate.

“From a pragmatic point of view, you have to produce there (in India) to be competitive, and so, yes, the two things are connected in that sense, but we have both operational things going on and we have to go to market and the initiatives that are going on,” he added.

Apple’s efforts to expand its presence in India include strengthening distribution channels and nurturing the developer community. Apple supported over a million developer jobs in India in 2023 and plans to expand.

Additionally, Apple’s achievement of setting a six-month revenue record in India and other emerging markets underscores the country’s importance in the tech world. (LETTER I)

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