Apple has reached new heights with CEO Tim Cook at the helm who was internally appointed as the new chief post Steve Jobs. But what happens next? News 

Tim Cook’s Vision for Apple’s Future: Who Will Lead the Charge?

Apple is unlikely to see Tim Cook stepping down as CEO anytime soon, but he admitted that the brand has already set the wheels in motion to get a successor in place in case something happens to him. Cook also talked about his love of working at Apple and how he doesn’t see himself going anywhere other than the trillion-dollar brand believes in working on succession plans, and he claims they have a detailed plan to make it happen. it is supposed to be. Cook spoke on the podcast with…

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Tim Cook has revealed why it makes sense for Apple to launch new iPhones every year, and what it does with old iPhones. News 

Tim Cook Explains Benefits of Annual iPhone Releases

It’s been more than a month since the iPhone 15 series was launched at Apple’s Wanderlust event, and since then there has been a debate about whether it’s worth upgrading the models in the iPhone 14 series – especially from the iPhone 14 Pro to the iPhone 15 Pro. However, it’s worth noting that this opinion raises a significant portion of user conversation every year when new iPhones are launched – either in reviews or user feedback. The same thing happened when the iPhone 14 Pro launched with Dynamic Island,…

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Apple CEO Tim Cook gets one of the highest approval ratings as tech CEO; X’s Linda Yaccarino among the lowest. (Bloomberg) News 

Tim Cook Ranked as One of the Most Influential Tech CEOs Globally

A recent survey has uncovered surprising findings regarding employee satisfaction with tech CEOs. The results indicate that a staggering 83 percent of employees approve of Tim Cook’s performance as Apple’s CEO. In contrast, Linda Yaccarino, the chief of X, received one of the lowest approval ratings among tech CEOs, with only 4 percent of employees expressing approval. This means that a mere four out of every hundred employees viewed her leadership as impactful or beneficial for the company. The survey was conducted by Blind, a social media platform aimed at…

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Apple CEO has been voicing his opinion about Musk and tells why the company is still present on the X Corp platform. News 

Tim Cook’s Comments on X-Corp CEO Elon Musk Revealed

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that Elon Musk’s X (formerly Twitter) has “some things he doesn’t like. Cook called the platform’s apparent anti-Semitism problem “disgusting” in an interview with CBS, but added, “Twitter is an important feature; I like the concept that it’s there to have a conversation.” However, when asked if Apple should advertise on X, he said it’s something the company is “constantly” asking itself. Additionally, Apple’s CEO was asked about the Vision Pro’s release date due to reports that the headset is experiencing manufacturing delays, with…

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Apple's mixed-reality headset is one of the riskiest move by Tim Cook. (Bloomberg) News 

Prepare for Tim Cook’s Most Daring Action at Apple

Despite not being the original creator of the smartphone, home computer, MP3 player, or tablet, Steve Jobs managed to revolutionize these technologies and make them highly desirable to the public. This accomplishment propelled Apple Inc. to its current status as a colossal company worth $2.7 trillion. One criticism of his successor as CEO, meanwhile, is that he has yet to come up with a bold new idea of his own. Tim Cook, a stalwart supply chain expert, has instead built on these existing successes. Even the Apple Watch, which appeared…

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Apple could be preparing to make the 'Made in India' the iPhone 15 available in India almost simultaneously with its global release, as per ET. News 

Report: Indian Version of iPhone 15 to Launch Simultaneously with Global Release

With the iPhone 15 launch on September 12 less than two weeks away, Apple may be gearing up to make the ‘Made in India’ iPhone 15 available in India almost simultaneously with its global launch, according to sources cited by the Economic Times. According to the report, Apple will use the Foxconn facility in Chennai, Tamil Nadu to bring the iPhone 15 to the Indian market around mid-September – closing the gap to the global launch to just a few days – if not at the same time. Additionally, the…

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Are you following the real Apple CEO Tim Cook Instagram account or a fake one? Know how to spot bogus accounts and stay safe. (REUTERS) News 

5 Tips to Spot Fake Instagram Accounts of Apple CEO Tim Cook

Tim Cook, the well-known CEO of Apple, has always been a prominent figure in the technology industry. Despite this, his online presence has been quite limited, with only a Twitter profile, now referred to as X, being his only virtual presence since 2013. As a result, the recent discovery of an Instagram account allegedly belonging to Cook has caused a stir in the digital world. Many followers, including top Apple executives such as Lisa Jackson and Alan Dye, rushed to the account, thinking they were engaging with the influential tech…

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Lionel Messi's arrival doubles MLS season pass subscribers. (AP) News 

Apple CEO Tim Cook Celebrates Increase in MLS Subscribers Thanks to Lionel Messi

The addition of soccer legend Lionel Messi to the MLS has resulted in a significant increase in subscribers for MLS Season Pass, with the “Messi Magic” proving to be a game-changer. Inter Miami club owner Jorge Mas confirmed this exponential growth in a tweet. It’s been a big win for Apple CEO Tim Cook, who is reaping significant rewards as a strategic sports broadcaster, highlighted by the growing popularity of the MLS Season Pass offering. This increase has been largely facilitated by Lionel Messi’s move to Inter Miami after leaving…

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Musk has publicly criticised the Apple tax which is imposed on in-app purchases, relevant for his Twitter business. News 

Elon Musk To Discuss Apple’s 30 Percent Tax On App Purchases With Tim Cook

Elon Musk announced on Thursday his intention to discuss with Apple CEO Tim Cook the possibility of modifying the 30 percent fee that Apple charges for in-app purchases. Musk took to X to express that individuals from various parts of the globe share remarkable content on the platform, but many of them face challenging situations where even a few hundred dollars per month can significantly impact their lives. “While we had previously said that X keeps nothing for 12 months, then 10 percent, we’re changing the policy to X keeps…

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The owner of X wants to change up how creators are paid. News 

Elon Musk to Request Tim Cook to Reduce App Store Fees for X Subscriptions

Elon Musk intends to request Tim Cook to modify the App Store fees that X pays for subscriptions, aiming to enhance creators’ earnings on the platform formerly known as Twitter. Musk’s comments reflect his ongoing criticism of the “App Store tax” imposed by Apple on in-app purchases. Musk framed the demand as part of a broader effort to help content creators get more from paying subscribers. “While we previously said 👏 would keep nothing for the [first] 12 months, then 10%, we’re changing this policy to say 👏 will keep…

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It's called Ajax, though nobody knows how it'll be implemented. AI 

Apple Developing AI Chatbot to Compete with ChatGPT

After maintaining an unusual silence during the ongoing “AI wars,” Apple has finally made a move by developing its own chatbot, according to Bloomberg’s initial report. The toolset, playfully referred to as “AppleGPT” by engineers, is officially named Ajax and has been constructed using Google’s JAX framework. Insider sources reveal that Apple has assigned several teams to work on this project, with one specifically focused on addressing any potential privacy issues. What is Apple really doing with the bot? That’s still unclear, as the company doesn’t seem to have any…

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A U.S. judge has rejected Apple's bid to throw out a classaction lawsuit that accused Chief Executive Tim Cook of defrauding shareholders by concealing falling demand for iPhones in China. News 

Judge Denies Apple’s Request To End Lawsuit Regarding Tim Cook’s China Sales Remark

Apple’s attempt to dismiss a class-action lawsuit alleging that CEO Tim Cook deceived shareholders by hiding declining iPhone demand in China has been denied by a U.S. judge. U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers’ ruling late Monday night opens the way for shareholders led by a British pension fund to sue over the one-day crash that wiped $74 billion off Apple’s market value. The lawsuit stemmed from Cook’s comment on a November 1, 2018 analyst call that Apple was facing sales pressure in markets like Brazil, India, Russia and Turkey…

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Asmi had emerged as a winner of the Swift Student Challenge at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). (Apple) News 

Apple CEO Tim Cook Congratulates India’s Asmi Jain on Winning Swift Student Challenge at WWDC 2023

During the WWDC 2023, Asmi Jain, a 20-year-old Indian who won the WWDC award for developing a healthcare app playground, had the opportunity to meet with Apple CEO Tim Cook. Asmi had emerged as one of the winners of the Swift Student Challenge at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The challenge was to create an original app playground for students around the world using the Swift coding language. 20-year-old Asmi Jain from Indore won the award for her app. Now, for Jain, coding is an opportunity to not only create…

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Cook and other tech executives have been curious to try the popular AI chatbot and most of them have words of praise and caution. AI 

Tim Cook Reveals Apple’s Utilization of ChatGPT for Enhancing Siri

During an interview this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook expressed both enthusiasm and concern regarding the potential of AI. He revealed that he had experimented with the OpenAI chatbot ChatGPT to gain insight into its capabilities and applications. Cook discussed the vast possibilities of AI and shared his observations from his experience with the chatbot. “Oh, of course, I’m using it. Yes, I’m excited about it. I think there are some unique applications for it, and you can bet it’s something we’re looking at closely,” Cook said in an interview…

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For the record, Apple– not even for once– has called the Vision pro, a headset. Apple likes to refer to the Vision Pro as a spatial computer. Of course, no one is stopping you from calling it a headset or an ‘Apple ski glass’ or Apple goggles. Gadgets 

What Was The Reason Behind Tim Cook Not Wearing The Vision Pro ‘Headset’ At WWDC 2023?

During the WWDC 2023 event, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, revealed the company’s latest innovation, the Vision Pro, which he touted as the next breakthrough in personal technology. However, despite the hype surrounding the headset, neither Cook nor any of Apple’s top executives wore it during the presentation, raising questions about its actual potential. Apple has – not even once – called Vision pro headphones. Apple likes to call the Vision Pro a space computer. Of course, no one forbids you to call them headphones, “Apple Ski Goggles” or…

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Apple CEO Tim Cook is all set to deliver the keynote address during the WWDC 2023. (Apple via REUTERS) News 

Apple Unveils Innovative Software and Technologies at WWDC 2023

Today, June 5, marks the highly anticipated Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2023 by Apple, which is expected to be the most significant tech event of the year. The conference will showcase Apple’s latest software for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other devices. Furthermore, there are speculations that Apple will launch its first-ever ‘Mixed Reality Headset’ called RealityPro. The keynote, led by CEO Tim Cook, will begin on June 5 at 10:30 PM IST. While only a select audience invited by Apple can attend the physical event at Apple Park in Cupertino,…

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Apple AR headset to give users a truly immersive experience. (Representative image) (Bloomberg) Gadgets 

Apple to Launch Mixed-Reality Headset at WWDC 2023 Targeting the Metaverse

At its annual Worldwide Developers Conference today, Apple is anticipated to unveil expensive mixed-reality headgear, competing with Meta, the owner of Facebook, in a market that has yet to gain momentum. The iPhone maker has remained mum on reports that it plans to unveil a headset for augmented or virtual reality experiences at its annual developer and app designer camp. The release is the iconic iPhone maker’s most significant product launch since it unveiled the Apple Watch in 2015. It could also increase tensions between Apple CEO Tim Cook and…

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Mark Gurman has said that the launch of Apple's mixed reality headset would define Tim Cook’s legacy as a CEO, and that Apple deviated from their original vision. News 

Apple’s Mixed Reality headset launch could affect Tim Cook’s ‘legacy’: Mark Gurman

Apple’s WWDC 2023 special event will take place next month – June 5 – and during the event, the tech giant is expected to unveil an AR/MR headset for the first time alongside the xrOS operating system. Now, ahead of the rumored reveal, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has said that this release will define Tim Cook’s legacy as CEO, and Apple diverged from the original vision. Gurman claims in a Bloomberg Businessweek newsletter that when Tim Cook launches the mixed reality headset, he aims to recreate the same vibe that Apple…

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As tech layoffs continue unabated amid the global meltdown, Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that mass layoffs are a "last resort" for him. News 

Redundancies are a “last resort”; The company is focused on reducing costs: Tim Cook

As tech layoffs continue unabated amid the global meltdown, Apple CEO Tim Cook has said mass layoffs are his “last resort.” However, the technology giant is reducing costs and has slowed down the pace of recruitment. Cook told CNBC that he views layoffs as a “last resort” and that “mass layoffs are not something we’re talking about right now.” He said the company remains very cautious about hiring. “We’re going to continue to hire, just at a lower clip than we were before. And we’re all doing the right thing…

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As per the report, the Silicon Valley giant must focus on aftercare for the Indian market, especially at affordable prices News 

Battery discharge, screen damage and high repair costs top Apple consumer complaints: survey

Apple opened its first two company-owned stores in India in Mumbai and Delhi this month, sparking excitement among consumers. With CEO Tim Cook attending the launch, the Behemoth grabbed headlines, but the latest survey has revealed that one of the most common complaints received from consumers over the past three years has been the quality of Apple’s products and their high service costs if there is a problem. The study revealed that the problems included battery discharge, screen damage and faulty chargers. “Nearly 3,800 Apple device owners out of 11,269…

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