Apple iPhone 15 series will be the first to get USB-C charging support and it wants people to know more about the change.News 

Apple Store Employees Advised to Suggest USB-C Chargers for iPhone 15 Purchasers

Apple is gearing up for a new iPhone event this week, while asking store employees to understand the new products launching this year. There is a lot of excitement around the new iPhone 15 series, not only because of the expected new cameras, but because of the biggest change in the iPhone, which is USB C charging support.

For years, Apple has relied heavily on the accessory market, which has grown even more since the company decided to remove the charger from the box. And now, according to reports, Apple is training its in-store staff and telling them to recommend all iPhone 15 buyers get a USB C charger as well.

The company says that the current cables will not work with the new charger and they will have to purchase the new charger separately to get the most out of their iPhone 15 model. In fact, Apple could also bring color-matched USB-C charging cables to the iPhone 15 series, which is likely to entice buyers to get one for their iPhone. Apple is finally moving to USB-C for iPhones after a new EU ruling ordered all mobile phone brands to use one charger for all mobile devices.

Most Android phones already support USB-C charging ports, and the new ruling was aimed squarely at Apple, forcing the company to follow the rules, which it believes could stifle innovation.

According to reports, iPhones could finally offer charging speeds of up to 35W thanks to the introduction of USB-C, but that will likely be limited to the Pro versions as the company looks to give buyers more reasons to get the premium models. In addition to existing iPhone fanboys, Apple may finally get Android users to jump on board this year, as a recent market study noted, suggesting the company could benefit from the move.

The launch is now hours away, and we’ll have all the live updates from the event at the Steve Jobs Theater on Tuesday as Apple prepares for its biggest launch of the year.

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