iPhone maker Hon Hai to invest more in India for operational needs. (AP) News 

Hai-Ya! iPhone Maker Hon Hai Invests Big in India

Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., the manufacturer of iPhones, intends to increase its presence in India by investing an additional NT$50 billion ($1.6 billion) in construction projects. The announcement in a stock exchange filing late Monday in Taiwan did not provide further details, saying only that the investment was for “operational needs.” The company’s spokesperson declined to say where the new facilities would be or what they would be built for. The news comes as Hon Hai, also known as Foxconn, and other Taiwanese electronics makers continue to diversify their…

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If you've had your sights set on the iPhone 15, now might be the perfect time to buy it, with a Rs 5,000 discount available when using a compatible credit card. News 

Score an iPhone 15 at Rs 5,000 Off – Here’s How!

The Apple iPhone 15 has been available in the Indian market for a few months now. While it was initially launched at Rs 79,900 for the base 128GB model, you can now get it for a much cheaper price thanks to various random offers. Now the latest offer is available on Amazon where you can buy iPhone 15 at a discount of Rs 5,000 if you use HDFC Bank Credit Card. This means you can get the iPhone 15 at an effective price of Rs 74,900. This is an instant…

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Recent iPhones have great battery backups, but what will you do when charging isn't an option and you want to save the battery for longer? Read on to find out. News 

No Charging? No Problem! Quick Tips to Keep Your iPhone Battery Going Strong

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to get the most out of your iPhone’s battery, but it starts draining quickly when you need it the most? You are not alone. In some situations, like when you’re traveling or if you forget to charge your iPhone before leaving for work, it’s hard to get through the day without practically having a full battery. Here, following some basics can go a long way in ensuring that you extend your phone’s battery life. This is especially true for iPhones…

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MPs from various political parties received threat notifications on their iPhones in November. With the iPhone threat notifications issue turning into a huge controversy, Apple has scrambled a team to meet Indian officials. (Unsplash) News 

Apple to India: US Team Rushing to Discuss iPhone Security Alerts!

In the beginning of this month, several opposition party leaders were startled when they received alarming notifications on their iPhones, warning them about potential state-sponsored attackers attempting to compromise their devices remotely. Concerned about this issue, the leaders shared screenshots of the alerts on their X accounts, seeking clarification. However, no further action was taken regarding the iPhone threat notifications, leading the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-in), a department under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), to issue a show cause notice to Apple. According to reports,…

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Check out Apple’s latest patent which includes iPhone privacy screens. (Representative Image) (Unsplash) News 

Unlock the Secrets of Apple’s iPhone Privacy Screen – Coming Soon!

Apple has been known to file some peculiar patents throughout the years. These include concepts like a MacBook-integrated iPhone, a car without windows, vibrating VR socks, and even a MacBook with a DJ turntable. These ideas may seem out of character for Apple, but it’s important to note that not all patented products actually make it to production or even prototype stages. Nonetheless, it is fascinating to witness the engineering capabilities of Apple. In their most recent patent, Apple engineers have apparently been working on improving iPhone privacy by introducing…

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Apple could be considering the development of its own in-house camera sensor technology to further improve imaging performance. News 

Apple Ready to Take iPhone Photography to the Next Level with In-House Camera Sensors!

Apple relies on Sony’s camera sensors, which it uses to create the world-famous iPhone cameras. However, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman’s PowerOn Newsletter, Apple may be considering developing its own internal camera sensor technology to further improve imaging on a larger scale. Gurman mentions that imaging and camera sensors are big selling points for iPhones and mixed reality devices. Apple believes that by gaining more control, including designing its own imaging hardware, it can improve its products. Despite this change, Gurman notes that Apple will continue to depend on manufacturing…

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Apple has confirmed the news recently to support RCS messages on iPhones but how big deal is it for users in other parts of the world? News 

RCS Messages: A Big Deal For iPhones, But Is It Relevant To Everyone?

Apple surprised everyone recently by confirming its decision to bring RCS messages to iPhone users. A lot of people were definitely excited to hear about the development, but more than anyone, it was Google who would have been happy to hear the news. RCS, or Rich Communication Services, has been around for years, but Google has decided to own the platform in the last few years and has asked more tech brands to join the green side. Many people have been wondering how RCS support for iPhones from 2024 will…

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You can get gift cards on purchases of various Apple products such as the iPhone 14. (Apple) News 

Score Big Savings at Apple Store – iPhone 14, MacBook Air and More on Offer!

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday draw near, companies have unveiled incredible discounts on a wide array of products including smartphones, tablets, laptops, electronics, and more. Apple has also revealed its latest Apple Store Shopping Event, presenting buyers with an opportunity to acquire devices like iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, Apple Watches, and more. The event commences on November 24 and will continue until Cyber Monday, allowing buyers ample time to purchase their preferred tech gadgets. Take a look at all the promotions introduced by Apple as part of the Apple Store…

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Know whether the fight over blue and green message bubbles will come to an end as Apple announces support for RCS in 2024. (Google) News 

Unhappy News: Apple Unveils Unappealing Color for RCS Bubbles on iPhones

Throughout 2023, Google consistently made subtle requests to Apple during their major events, urging them to back their RCS messages. RCS chat is viewed as the next evolution of carrier-supported messaging, replacing SMS. After numerous hints and gestures towards Apple, the tech giant based in Cupertino has finally declared that iPhones will support RCS starting in 2024. However, there is a condition. Google’s pleas to Apple also included a desire to eliminate the distinction between green and blue bubbles, which indicate whether the sender is using an iPhone or an…

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Apple has opened up a myriad of possibilities for what you can do with the 'Action Button'—be it unlocking your car, smart lock, or even running Google Assistant with just the press. News 

Say Goodbye To Siri – Use iPhone 15 Pro’s Action Button To Activate Google Assistant!

The Phone 15 Pro models have an Action Button, and at the same time, it replaces the mute switch that was used to quickly switch between silent and ringing. Apple allows you to use this function button to open the flashlight, open the camera, start recording audio, put the phone on silent mode, open the magnifying glass, set shortcuts and more. The fact that Apple has allowed you to trigger Siri Shortcuts opens up countless ways to use the button — whether it’s unlocking your car, a smart lock, or…

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Apple is considering a design change for the standard iPhone 16 models, potentially going back to the vertical camera layout seen in the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini. News 

Unlock the Future: Get Ready for Apple’s iPhone 16 Series in 2024!

After the successful launch of the iPhone 15 series in 2023, Cupertino-based tech giant Apple has reportedly started working on new iPhone models that are rumored to launch several new features and major updates in September 2024. According to a report from MacRumors, the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro is expected to have a larger display of around 6.3 inches, while the iPhone 16‌ Pro Max is expected to feature an even larger display of around 6.9 inches. According to the report, Apple is considering a change to the design of…

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iPhone 15 models, which debuted in September, have reportedly been getting faster 5G speeds compared to iPhone 14 series from last year. News 

5G Speeds Soar with iPhone 15: iPhone 14 Series Left in the Dust!

According to a report by Ookla Insights, Apple’s iPhone 15 series can achieve faster 5G speeds than last year’s iPhone 14 series models in various countries around the world, including India. According to research results, the new iPhone 15 models, which were introduced in September earlier this year, have received faster 5G speeds compared to last year’s counterparts. In fact, three of the four new iPhone 15 models, including the iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, achieved median 5G download speeds faster than the corresponding iPhone 14…

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Smartphones came many years back evolving from the candy bar keypad phones and now with AI and more tech, these Pin-like devices could be the future. News 

From iPhones to Screens: Imran Chaudhri’s Vision to Revolutionize How We Interact

Smartphones are a part of everyone’s life in every possible way. You can access emails, talk to people, watch movies, play games, take pictures and even make payments. There is no doubt that the evolution of the smartphone has now reached its peak, but questions are being asked about its development and where the future is from now on. It turns out that the future of phones could be replaced by our palms and gestures, and this 3D experience could be provided by devices like the recently announced Humane AI…

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Apple will most likely limit the feature to select countries with a new iOS update for iPhone users who can install any apps. News 

Will You Wait Till 2024 to Sideload Apps on Your iPhone? Apple Has the Answer!

Apple is planning big changes to iOS, and many suspected that these updates would be released as early as next month. But it turns out that the company is reserving these new features for iPhone users until early next year. Bloomberg’s new report contradicts a recent article that hinted that iOS could get support for sideloading apps with the iOS 17.2 update, which is slated for release in December of this year. But new developments say that Apple will move the timeline for this support in certain markets, bringing it…

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Bad news for iPhone users? The iTunes Movie Store is being phased out, but it will now be merged into the TV app. Apple has taken the first steps with the iOS 17.2 beta 2. (Apple) News 

Say Goodbye to iTunes Movies: iOS 17.2 Beta 2 Takes the First Steps!

Yesterday, on November 10, the iOS 17.2 public beta 2 was released, introducing the Spatial video recording feature. Additionally, the update will bring the much-awaited Journal app to iPhones. However, a lesser-known change is that Apple has initiated the process of gradually eliminating the dedicated iTunes Movie Store, which users are familiar with. It is anticipated that the Movie Store will be integrated into the TV app in the near future and eventually removed from iPhones. According to 9to5Mac, which saw lines of code in the latest update, iPhone users…

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Apple to fix the glitches in its software for iPhone, Mac, and iPad before releasing next year's OS. (Unsplash) News 

Fixing Bugs Now: Apple Pushes Back Release of 2021 iPhone and Mac Software

Apple Inc. has taken an unusual step by temporarily halting the progress of next year’s software updates for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other devices. This decision was made in order to address any existing flaws or glitches in the code. The delay, which was communicated internally to employees last week, was to help maintain quality control after a rash of bugs in early versions, according to people with knowledge of the decision. Instead of adding new features, the company’s engineers were tasked with fixing flaws and improving the software’s…

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iPhones are powerful gaming devices and offer impressive camera quality but there is another feature that could bring more people to buy iPhones News 

Unlock the Secret of Your Car’s Health: iPhones to the Rescue!

iPhones are very powerful devices that can do a lot of things that a laptop or even a game console can do. It can even become a portable game console or you can take DSLR photos. But did you know that the iPhone has another interesting trick up its sleeve that is becoming your pocket-friendly auto mechanic? That’s right, thanks to the new iOS 17 update, iPhones now get an improved version of the Visual Look Up feature that helps you identify the text written on an image or any…

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Apple iPhone sales continued to grow while other products saw a decline for the fourth consecutive quarter. Photographer: Indranil Aditya/Bloomberg (Bloomberg) News 

Apple Revenue Declines, iPhone Sales Remain Robust

In its latest report, Apple announced a decline in sales for the fourth consecutive quarter compared to the previous year. However, the company experienced an increase in profit due to the success of iPhones and services. The technology giant said it made a profit of $23 billion on revenue of $89.5 billion, which was slightly less than the same period last year. Apple CEO Tim Cook said iPhone sales set a new record for the September quarter, while money collected from services hit an all-time high. The company brought in…

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After Apple posted less revenue in China than some analysts projected last quarter, Cook blamed weakness in its Mac and iPad businesses. (AP) News 

Tim Cook Aims to Reassure Investors That iPhone Is Still Doing Well in China

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple Inc., aimed to reassure investors on Wall Street that there is still a robust demand for iPhones in China. This comes as Apple faces challenges from the growing presence of Huawei Technologies Co. and an unpredictable business landscape for American companies in the country. When Apple’s revenue in China was lower than some analysts predicted in the last quarter, Cook blamed weakness in its Mac and iPad businesses. The company also pointed to exchange rate fluctuations that reduced the value of money created in…

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These new Apple Arcade games will be available across all Apple devices for the subscribers and they will be launched every week. News 

Eight New Games Added to Apple Arcade for iPhone and iPad Users: Check Out the Titles Here

Apple Arcade is Apple’s game ecosystem that works on iPhone, iPad and even Apple TV models. You must subscribe to Arcade, which allows you to enjoy popular games on any Apple product through your Apple ID. Apple allows you to play games offline and even use multi-brand game controllers. But the good thing about Apple Arcade is that you get new titles every now and then, and the company has announced 8 new games that Arcade subscribers can enjoy on their iPhone. You already get over 200 games in Arcade…

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