Apple said it has "never worked with any government to insert a backdoor into any Apple product and never will." (REUTERS) News 

Russia Alleges US Intelligence Breached Thousands of iPhones; Apple Responds

The primary security agency of Russia has alleged that an American intelligence agency hacked numerous iPhones, including those owned by Russian citizens and individuals associated with diplomatic missions and embassies located in the nation. The statement from Russia’s Federal Security Service, better known as the FSB, was scant on detail and did not specify which US intelligence agency was behind the alleged attacks. Russia’s security agency claimed that Apple Inc., the maker of the iPhone, cooperates closely with US intelligence, particularly the National Security Agency. The statement says that the…

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Customers at the newly inaugurated Imagine store, a leading retailer of Apple products, in Bengaluru, (PTI) Gadgets 

Apple WWDC 2023: Highlights from 1st Gen iPhone to Apple Watch

The much-anticipated Worldwide Developers Conference 2023 (WWDC) is fast approaching, scheduled to run from June 5 to June 9. Although the event will be held virtually, a special group of developers and students will receive an exclusive invitation to Apple Park for an exceptional experience. This event has become an iconic gathering for tech enthusiasts worldwide. As we look forward to the upcoming WWDC conference, let’s take a look back at some of the greatest moments in Apple’s history, all focused on change. In June 2007, Apple made a groundbreaking…

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Apple WWDC 2023 will unveil the iOS 17 but will you get it? Know here. (Pexels) News 

Find Out When You Can Upgrade to iOS 17 on Your iPhone

In a few days, Apple WWDC 2023 will provide fans with the first glimpse of iOS 17. Prior to its official unveiling, leaks and rumors indicate that the upcoming update will introduce numerous features that will improve the overall user experience on iPhones. Anticipated enhancements include a new journaling app, lock screen improvements, and updates to the Music app. However, the release date for these features has been a topic of interest among iPhone users. Find out when you can expect to try out the new iOS 17 features on…

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The project is expected to generate employment for at least 50,000 people in the state. Taiwan-based Foxconn plans to manufacture 2 crore iPhone units annually at the plant after the completion of three phases News 

iPhone manufacturer Foxconn to acquire 300 acres of land in Bengaluru by July 1; Will release first phone in April 2024

The Siddaramaiah-led Congress government in Karnataka will hand over 300 acres of land to iPhone maker Foxconn by July 1 to set up a manufacturing unit for the smartphone giant in Bengaluru. Minister of Large and Medium Industries M.P. Patel said the Taiwanese electronics giant will start manufacturing iPhones at Devanahalli’s Bengaluru unit by April 2024. The government says the Rs 13,600 crore project has accelerated the pace of the project and the designated land will be made available to Foxconn by next month. The project is expected to provide…

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Apple has updated its list of obsolete products, including the original iPad Air and the Thunderbolt Display. News 

Apple iPad Air and Thunderbolt display are now classified as outdated

Apple has updated its list of older products, including the original iPad Air and Thunderbolt display. This means owners of these devices will no longer be able to take advantage of repair and service options at the Apple Store and other authorized service centers for these devices, MacRumors reports. For those who don’t know, Apple categorizes a product after its lifecycle into two categories: Obsolete or Obsolete. Products appear when “Apple stopped distributing them for sale more than 7 years ago” and “Apple has stopped all hardware services for older…

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Apple's popular iPhone accessory, the MagSafe Charger, was initially launched only in silver—but that could change soon. News 

Apple has a colorful MagSafe charger for the iPhone series

Apple’s MagSafe technology has found a strong footing in the iPhone lineup over the last few generations – with accessories like MagSafe cases and MagSafe chargers. Apple is known for launching its products, especially iPhones and accessories, in numerous colors – but the MagSafe Charger was only released in silver. This may soon change. According to a MacRumors report, Apple could have prototyped at least one colorful version of the MagSafe Charger for the iPhone. This means that Apple may release a color version of the popular iPhone accessory in…

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The company is expected to stop selling one of its older iPhone models when the iPhone 15 series comes out later this year. News 

Production of these iPhone models may be discontinued after the release of the iPhone 15 this year: Learn more

Apple’s iPhone 15 is expected to launch later this year, and rumor mills have been busy coming up with new details and even leaked the design of these iPhone models. It is widely expected that Apple will introduce the iPhone 15 series with USB C charging support, which may or may not be limited to certain markets. But with the hype already starting to build, there are other aspects of Apple’s iPhone lineup that deserve a mention. The new releases mean that older iPhone models will be discontinued, and in…

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The new version is available publicly but old and new iPhone users installing iOS 16.5 are facing the issue. News 

iPhone users complain about battery emptying problem after installing iOS 16.5

Apple recently released a new version of iOS 16.5 for iPhone users, and most of the people to install the new version have seen their battery turn faster than usual. In general, you expect the public release to be completely flawless and has no problem. But in this case, the iOS 16.5 update has brought more complaints from users who do not get out of the iPhone battery best.. People have mentioned that a one -hour Facetime call has led to massive battery emptying, where the meter goes from 100…

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When the iPhone is not in use and placed horizontally, it will showcase various information, including calendar appointments, weather updates, notifications, and more. News 

Apple likely to bring Smart Screen-like iPhone lock screen in iOS 17

US tech giant Apple is gearing up to unveil iOS 17 at the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference, starting with the main event on June 5, 2023. One of the notable features of iOS 17 is an updated lock screen interface that transforms the iPhone into a “smart home screen.” According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, when the iPhone is idle and placed horizontally, it displays a variety of information such as calendar appointments, weather updates, notifications and more. He also said that there will be “significant changes” to the Wallet app…

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Apple continues to evolve with the screen sizes for iPhones and it could take another step in that direction with the iPhone 16 Ultra. News 

Apple could bring an even bigger iPhone 16 Pro Max next year

Apple has gradually succumbed to public pressure by introducing iPhones with larger screens, something that would have been unimaginable when Jobs was around. And next year, the company could go to the next level with the rumored iPhone 16 Ultra, which is expected to have a 6.9-inch display. Some reports say it will be called the iPhone 16 Pro Max, but the Ultra moniker has been in the news for a while, and with the development of the 6.9-inch iPhone model and leaked renders, those rumors could be close to…

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Apple had adopted a diagonally-arranged rear camera layout starting with the iPhone 13 series, which continued with the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. News 

Apple iPhone 16 likely to get vertical camera layout similar to iPhone 12: All details here

US technology giant Apple is reportedly planning major changes to iPhones next year. The upcoming lower-end iPhone 16 model may have a vertical layout for the rear camera lenses. This design change is expected to extend to the larger iPhone 16 Plus. According to information shared by the Twitter account @URedditor, the iPhone 16 would return to the vertical camera layout last seen on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini in 2021, MacRumors reports. The leaker suggests that this change would make the device easily recognizable as the latest…

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Tata Group has bought the Wistron plant in India according to reports where it will start assembly of the iPhone 15 models. News 

Apple supplier Wistron to stop iPhone manufacturing in India

Apple is making a wide range of changes to its global production lines outside of China, and India is one of its key focus markets. It was recently confirmed that the Tata Group is ready to enter the iPhone arena in India by buying a factory from another iPhone supplier Wistron in India. But now a report from ET suggests that Wistron was more than happy to end its partnership with the iPhone maker as Apple reportedly did not give the vendor a profit. Wistron sources cited in the report…

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The new features are compatible with iOS and will be available for iPhone users in the coming weeks. News 

iPhones will soon speak with your voice after just 15 minutes of practice: what that means

Apple has followed a fair policy of accessibility features for all iPhone users for years, but now it plans to take that strategy to a whole new level. What if we tell you that iPhones will soon speak with your voice, even after just 15 minutes of practice? This useful tool can help people with special disabilities receive phone calls. Apple calls it Personal Voice, where the user can read text into the iPhone and record their voice, which the device then uses for training. So the next time a…

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Phone Link has been around for a long time, and it allows users to connect their Android phone to their PC via a Wi-Fi connection. News 

Cyberstalkers Using Windows 11 Phone Link Feature to Monitor iPhone

Microsoft’s recently released Phone Link feature for Windows 11 users, which allows iPhone owners to view notifications on their Windows PCs, could pose a significant security risk. According to app developer Certo Software, the inclusion of the new Windows 11 feature raises concerns about potential security vulnerabilities that cyberstalkers can exploit against iPhone users. Phone Link has been around for a long time, and it allows users to connect an Android phone to a computer over Wi-Fi. Last month, Microsoft released the Phone Link feature for iOS to all Windows…

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Apple has released iOS 16.5—bringing new features, bug fixes, and security updates for users. The update is rolling out to all iPhones eligible for iOS 16—meaning users with an iPhone 8 and later can download the iOS 16.5 update worldwide. News 

Apple releases iOS 16.5 with new features, Pride wallpaper and bug fixes: All the details

Apple has released iOS 16.5, which brings new features, bug fixes and security updates to users. The update is rolling out to all iOS 16-eligible iPhones, meaning users with iPhone 8 or later can download the iOS 16.5 update worldwide. iOS 16.5 – which is the Fifth Iterative Update to iOS 16 – appears to be a minor update that includes a few changes to Apple apps, including Apple News and the addition of new wallpapers. Here’s everything new in iOS 16.5: Apple News App: Apple has updated the Apple…

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Engaging with these callers can have serious consequences, such as identity theft, financial loss, or unauthorized access to your accounts. News 

How to block unknown calls on iPhone and Android smartphones: a step-by-step guide

Scam calls from international numbers are on the rise. These fraudulent calls are coming from different countries. Many users have reported falling victim to this new scam, which is causing privacy and security issues. When it comes to scam calls from international numbers, callers/hackers often use different tricks to trick you into sharing personal information or participating in scams. The goal is to gain access to your personal information, financial information or other confidential information. Contacting these callers can have serious consequences, such as identity theft, financial loss, or unauthorized…

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With Live Speech on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, users can type what they want to say to have it be spoken out loud during phone and FaceTime calls as well as in-person conversations. News 

Apple brings advanced accessibility features – live speech, personal voice and more

US tech giant Apple has announced new software features for cognitive, visual, auditory and mobility accessibility, as well as innovative tools for people who do not speak or are at risk of losing their ability to speak. Coming later this year, the new Live Speech feature on iPhone, iPad and Mac will allow users to type what they want to say to be spoken aloud during phone and FaceTime calls, as well as in-person conversations. Users can also save frequently used phrases for quick dialing in lively conversations with family,…

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EU has warned Apple not to limit the charging speed and other functionality of cables that are not certified under Apple's "Made for iPhone" program. News 

EU warns Apple about limiting functionality of iPhone charging cables: Report

As the release of the iPhone 15 series approaches, more and more rumors are surfacing that suggest the series may be equipped with USB-C, and while Apple is expected to move to USB-C, the EU has warned Apple not to restrict. According to a MacRumors report, the cables charge speed and other functions that are not certified under Apple’s “Made for iPhone” program. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in March that “Apple is optimizing the fast charging performance of MFi-certified chargers for the iPhone 15.” Unknowingly, Apple has been using the…

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The Silicon Valley titan reported profit of $24 billion on revenue of $94.8 billion in the first three months of this year News 

Apple’s result exceeded the forecast thanks to iPhone sales and service revenue

Apple said Thursday that iPhone sales and revenue from services contributed to quarterly earnings that beat forecasts despite inflationary pressures and a slowing global economy. The Silicon Valley titan reported a profit of $24 billion on revenue of $94.8 billion in the first three months of this year. “We are pleased to report an all-time service record and a record March quarter for iPhone despite a challenging macroeconomic environment,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said in the earnings release. iPhone sales totaled $51.3 billion in the quarter, surpassing the same period…

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Apple has already settled a similar case in the US and offered a free battery replacement to the defective units. News 

Apple is accused of curbing the iPhone in the UK and faces lawsuits worth billions

Apple continues to face accusations that it has deliberately discouraged iPhone users from degrading battery units. We’ve heard of these reports before, and now the company is facing a £1.6 billion lawsuit in the UK accusing Apple of holding back the iPhone 6 and 6s models. Justin Gutmann has filed a lawsuit on behalf of UK users who have been affected by this abuse known as the battery door. The lawsuit alleges that Apple deliberately slowed down the performance of iPhone models to reduce battery drain. Apple has previously faced…

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