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Details on Google’s plan to delete data of users who used Chrome browser in ‘Incognito Mode’ finally revealed

The recent class-action lawsuit against Google has exposed that Incognito mode is not as private as previously believed. It was discovered in January that Google had been covertly gathering data from users’ Incognito browsing sessions. However, in a positive development, Google has agreed to delete all of the collected data as part of the lawsuit settlement. This action will not only remove billions of user records but also implement corrective measures for the use of Incognito mode. As a result, users can expect increased transparency regarding the tracking of their data. Learn more about the details of the Google settlement.

Google deletes incognito mode data

According to the Wall Street Journal (via Tom’s Guide ), a class action lawsuit over Google’s privacy notice in their incognito browsing mode has finally reached a settlement. The case was already registered in 2020, highlighting Google’s lack of transparency about what user data was tracked. Now the tech giant has agreed to “destroy billions of data” from its users. In addition, the company will update its announcements to increase transparency regarding which user data will be tracked with future changes. In addition, incognito users can also disable third-party cookies.

David Boies, an attorney representing consumers, said: “This settlement is a historic step in demanding honesty and accountability from dominant technology companies.” Although Google will delete data from the past 8 years, the settlement did not highlight the harm caused to individuals. However, the party concerned can present his claim, in which 50 cases have already been registered.

Earlier in 2022, it was also reported that Google marketing director Lorraine Twohill mentioned to CEO Sundar Pichai the risk of claiming incognito mode as “private”.

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