The Minister of State for Electronics and IT discussed two major developments, which are the culmination of a deep and multi-year AI strategy and the initiation of a national robotics policy, to position India as a major player in the global AI and robotics landscape AI 

MoS Chandrasekhar Outlines Plan for India’s AI Programme, Highlights Robotics, Chips, and Datasets

Electronics and IT Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar on Friday unveiled a comprehensive roadmap for India’s artificial intelligence program, which will serve as the primary or foundational blueprint for a broader national robotics strategy. He discussed two major developments which are the culmination of a deep and multi-year AI strategy and the launch of a National Robotics Policy to make India a major player in the global AI and robotics landscape. The minister acknowledged the significant work of the six artificial intelligence working groups. These groups are tasked with achieving the six…

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Its Ireland data center is finally operational. News 

TikTok Begins Transferring European Users’ Data to Its First Regional Data Center

TikTok has begun transferring the data of its European users to its newly established data center in Ireland. The social media platform, which primarily focuses on videos, has confirmed that its Ireland data center is now operational, marking a significant milestone in its ongoing Project Clover. The initiative was introduced by TikTok in March, following the European Commission’s decision to prohibit its employees from using the app on work devices. Despite announcing plans for the data center in Ireland as early as 2020, TikTok faced delays and had initially anticipated…

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1.1 million people in the U.S. alone reported for information theft. (Pixabay) News 

Rise in Data Breaches Following Natural Disasters Leaves People Vulnerable

The incidence of information theft is increasing, with more than 1.1 million individuals in the United States alone reporting such crimes to the Federal Trade Commission in 2022. It can be disempowering when a thief exploits your personal data by opening accounts or engaging in other fraudulent activities. However, there are measures you can adopt to mitigate the most severe consequences. Colleen Tressler, senior project manager at the FTC, has tracked consumer issues, including identity theft, for more than three decades. He said fraud and scams often emerge during special…

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The leaks showed that the company received thousands of Autopilot complaints over the past years. News 

Tesla Reports Insider Wrongdoing Led to Data Breach Affecting 75,000 People

According to a notification on Maine’s Attorney General website, a Tesla data breach that occurred earlier this year and affected over 75,000 individuals was the result of “insider wrongdoing.” The majority of those impacted, approximately 75,735 people, were likely current or former Tesla employees. In a letter to employees, the company stated that although there is no evidence of the data being misused in a way that could harm them, they are still providing this notice to inform them about the incident and the precautions taken. The breach occurred on…

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Intruders accessed systems that stored the names and addresses of domestic and overseas voters. News 

UK Voters’ Data Breach Leaves Majority Vulnerable for Over 12 Months

Around 40 million voters in the UK had their personal information exposed for over a year, according to the Electoral Commission. The agency, responsible for overseeing party and election finance as well as elections in the country, disclosed that it fell victim to a “complex cyberattack.” Although the suspicious activity on its network was initially detected in October 2022, the intruders had actually gained entry to the systems in August 2021. The perpetrators found their way to the Electoral Commission’s servers, which host the agency’s e-mail and monitoring systems, as…

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A class-action lawsuit takes aim at the TikTok owner's video-editing app CapCut. News 

ByteDance Accused of Illegally Obtaining Biometric Information

ByteDance is being sued in a class-action lawsuit for allegedly collecting data from its 200 million active users without their consent through its CapCut video-editing app. The lawsuit, filed in Illinois, accuses CapCut of violating the state’s Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) by gathering information such as face scans and voiceprints without adequately informing or obtaining explicit permission from users. The app also allegedly collects information about the user’s location, date of birth and gender, as well as their photos and videos. Most of this is said to be the…

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Google Play users will begin to see reflected changes in their app's store listing in early 2024. News 

Google’s new policy allows users to remove their account information from the app

Google has introduced a new “data deletion policy” aimed at giving users more clarity and control over their in-app data, requiring Android apps to allow users to delete their accounts from the app and the web. “For apps that allow the creation of an app account, developers will soon have to provide the ability to initiate account and data deletion in the app and online,” Google said in a blog post. According to the company, the goal of the change is to “better educate” users about managing their data and…

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Facebook and Instagram collect personal details, location data, usage data, device data, IP address, browser type and other related information News 

Where do Facebook and Instagram store your data and how do they monitor you? Find out from the experts

Over the years, Facebook and Instagram have received huge fines for violating user privacy around the world. Uutiset18 asked parent company Meta about data collection practices in India. The Company is not bound by any Indian law to disclose what type of data these platforms collect from users, where they store this digital data, whether they store it in India or outside the country, and who has access to such data. However, the company’s reluctance to share such information definitely sets alarm bells ringing. To dig deeper, Return Byte contacted…

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