Ixigo teases users with a drone selfie stick prank just ahead of April Fools' Day. (@ixigo)News 

Ixigo introduces ‘Flyfie’ drone selfie stick for travelers, but it’s not available for purchase

Ixigo, the popular travel app, has caused a stir on social media with a sneak peek of its latest innovation – the Flyfie drone selfie stick. The teaser video reveals a mini drone attached to a smartphone, creating a unique flying selfie stick that aims to capture travelers’ moments from a new perspective. Coined as “Flyfie” by @abhibus and ixigo, this concept promotes hands-free aerial selfies and vlogging. Excited users are already ditching their traditional selfie sticks in favor of this innovative drone accessory.

Ixigo’s Flyfie is certainly every travel vlogger’s best friend, but the thing is, you can’t buy it. Why? Well, before April 1st or April Fool’s Day, it’s just a playful prank, so don’t be fooled.

Despite Ixigo’s convincing attempts to trick users, it’s clear that this is all in good humor. Shows in the teaser, such as using the “Theft Guard (beta)” feature to track the kidnapper or navigating obstacles effortlessly in flight mode, highlight the absurdity of the prank.

Social media users reveal the prank

Tech companies have a tradition of pranking consumers every April 1st, and Ixigo is no exception. Despite the absurdity of the concept – reflected in the impractical design and unrealistic functionality – some X users have fallen for the plot and eagerly requested a purchase link.

However, savvy users quickly spotted the prank and exposed it on social media. As one user quipped, “Should I spill the beans?” while another simply stated: “Looks like April Fool’s Day.”

With April Fool’s Day approaching, it’s wise to treat such announcements with a healthy dose of skepticism. Don’t let the allure of innovative but unlikely devices fool you. Good April Fool’s Day!

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