Apple introduces generous discounts on premium Apple Watch bands, providing employees with exclusive access to savings. (Unsplash)Gadgets 

Apple offers new Apple Watch perk to employees: Get all the details

Apple is offering its employees substantial discounts on two Apple Watch bands. The Link Bracelet, previously priced at $349, is now available to employees for just $209. Similarly, the Milanese Loop, which used to cost $99, is now priced at $59 for employees.

Uncertainty surrounding discounts

Apple often offers its employees special discounts on a varied selection of products. However, it is uncertain whether this discount is a sign of future changes to the Apple Watch lineup or is just a regular special offer for Apple staff, reports MacRumors.

In addition to discounts on the Link Bracelet and Milanese Loop, Apple is extending discounts of up to 50% on the Black Unity and Pride Edition bands exclusively for its employees. This move not only encourages employees, but also celebrates diversity and inclusion in the Apple community.

Speculations about the Apple Watch X

Rumors have been swirling about the expected release of the “Apple Watch X,” which has been speculated to bring significant changes, including the loss of compatibility with existing Apple Watch bands. Reports suggest that Apple is working on a new magnetic system to replace the current lock system, suggesting possible design updates and technological advancements. However, it is unclear whether the Apple Watch X will debut in late 2024 or be delayed until 2025.

The introduction of discounts on high-end Apple Watch bands is fueling speculation among tech enthusiasts about the company’s future plans. Some speculate that these discounts could be a strategic move by Apple to clear inventory ahead of the rumored Apple Watch X launch. Others see it as a gesture to Apple employees for their dedication and hard work.

As Apple continues to announce new products and updates, expectations for the Apple Watch X and its potential impact on the accessory and wearable tech ecosystem are growing. Until then, employees can take advantage of these exclusive discounts to customize their Apple Watches and stay connected in style.

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