Google has brought Android's Circle to Search feature to iPhones via a new Lens shortcut.News 

Learn how Google’s AI-powered Circle to Search feature is now available on iPhones

Google has introduced a new feature for iPhone users, allowing them to access Android’s Circle to Search feature through a simple shortcut. By utilizing Google Lens and iOS Shortcuts, iPhone users can now enjoy the same functionality that was previously only available on Android devices.

Find a circle: Android feature now on iPhone

Originally introduced to Android earlier this year, Circle to Search allows users to take a screenshot and select specific items for a quick search. Although Google has emphasized that Circle to Search differs from Google Lens primarily in accessibility, as it is universally available on Android devices with a simple long press, both features share the same search and OCR technology. However, Circle to Search stands out for its ability to draw or count items to select instead of just tapping, 9to5Google reports.

“Search from screenshot” option

For iPhone users, the process is now streamlined with a new shortcut. By using the “Search from screenshot” option in the Google app, users can quickly activate this feature. This shortcut is easy to use with the iPhone 15 Pro’s Action Button. But don’t worry if you’re not rocking the latest model; Thanks to the Back Tap gesture, this functionality is available on all modern iPhones. By configuring the Back Tap feature in Settings > Accessibility > Touch, users can double or triple tap the back of their device to launch the shortcut.

Streamlined user experience with Google Lens

When the iPhone is activated, it takes a screenshot of the current screen and sends it to Google Lens for analysis. This allows users to quickly copy text, translate or perform a visual search and include a text query. For the first time, users must select “Always Allow” to allow photo sharing.

While Android’s Circle to Search may offer a more customized user experience, this Google Lens shortcut cleverly extends the visual search functionality to every iPhone, leveraging native iOS features. It’s a smart move by Google to bridge the gap between Android and iOS users and ensure that everyone can benefit from this handy feature.

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