Google One VPN will be discontinued as the company shifts focus to more popular features within the subscription service. (AP)News 

Reason for discontinuation of Google One VPN announced

Google One users were disappointed today when Google announced that it will be discontinuing its VPN feature in the upcoming months. Launched in October 2020, the VPN by Google One was designed to offer additional online security for Android users, ensuring their data safety. However, Google stated that the usage of the VPN feature did not meet expectations, resulting in its discontinuation.

Reasons for termination

The VPN was originally only available to Premium subscribers for $9.99 per month. The VPN was later offered at a discounted price of $1.99 per month in March 2023. However, adoption rates remained low, prompting Google to focus more on features that were in demand on the Google One platform, reports 9to5google.

The decision to remove the VPN feature is in line with Google’s recent efforts to streamline its services and prioritize features that engage more users. Earlier this year, Google One celebrated reaching 100 million subscribers, and CEO Sundar Pichai highlighted it as a key growth area driven by AI technology.

Current users of Google One’s VPN will be directed to use third-party VPN options, with no specific timeline given for termination. However, Google assures users that the transfer process is seamless.

Despite the discontinuation of Google One VPN, Pixel users don’t have to worry as the free Pixel VPN introduced with the Pixel 7 series in 2022 will remain unchanged. Additionally, there’s an exciting update on the horizon for Pixel 7 users that will introduce a major VPN update that was originally introduced with the Pixel 8. This update, scheduled for June, offers users of older Pixel devices a better VPN experience, eliminating the need for the Google One app and persistent notifications.

In addition, Google Fi users can continue to use the VPN that comes with their service, ensuring that they maintain a secure online experience. While the discontinuation of Google One’s VPN may disappoint some users, future improvements to Pixel VPN and the continued availability of VPN services through Google Fi offer options for those looking for online protection.

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