The Android Studio reports let you see what percentage of devices are running a particular Android version or higher. News 

Android 11 Most Widely Used Version, Android 13 On 15% Of Devices

The latest data from Google reveals that Android 13 has been installed on 15% of active devices worldwide, while Android 11 remains the most prevalent version among active devices. Android Studio reports tell you what percentage of devices are running a specific version of Android or later, according to 9to5Google. This is useful for determining which apps your device supports based on the lowest supported Android version. Data from Android Studio for April 2023 and June 2023 shows that Android 13 saw another period of growth, growing from 12.1% in…

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When it releases, Android users could track the health of their phone's battery using this feature. News 

Android Phones May Soon Have Access to Google’s Battery Health Monitor Similar to iPhones

Several years ago, Apple introduced software features that enabled iPhone users to monitor their battery health. Android users may soon have a comparable option available to them. Google recently revealed some of the features that will be included in Android 14, which is expected to be released soon. Mishaal Rehman, a well-known tipster and attentive observer, has uncovered indications of a battery health tool in Android 14, which may be included in the public release later this year. The feature was initially detected by Mishaal through the new BatteryManager API…

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You can also add driver's licenses and health insurance cards. News 

With Google Wallet, you can add cards by taking a photo

Don’t worry if your favorite store or gym doesn’t have a digital membership card, you’ll soon have the option to create one yourself. Google Wallet will soon add the option to save tickets in Wallet by taking a picture of the card. As long as the barcode or QR code exists, you can copy it to your Android phone for convenience and backup. Google also responds by supporting Apple’s digital IDs. Starting today, Marylanders can add their driver’s license and ID card to Wallet on any device running Android 8…

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Google has also released a bunch of new features for the WearOS. News 

Google Introducing more features in Android; “Emoji Kitchen” “Spotify Tiles” and reading practice improvements

Google has listed a bunch of features that will be rolling out to the Android ecosystem starting June 1st, and one of those features can help new readers improve their language and vocabulary. The new reading practice tool is available for phones and tablets with thousands of compatible children’s books in Play Books. It challenges children or people who are just starting to learn English to read sentences using a microphone. When they click on the instructions, the buttons that appear allow them to quickly look up word definitions or…

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Many people have been harassed by the companies running these lending apps but all that changes now. News 

Digital loan apps in Play Store cannot access your location or call logs anymore

Digital loan apps have become a headache in the last few years, taking advantage of people looking for easy money. But the torture and harassment that followed was a story to tell, and now Google is working with the Indian government to clamp down on these suddenly proliferating platforms. As of May 31st, these apps will have to meet the standards set by Google for the Play Store, as the companies behind these apps will not have access to its contacts, photos, videos, location data, and even call logs. your…

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Indian researchers have come across a new malware called DogeRAT (Remote Access Trojan)—which is targeting users through the distribution of fake Android apps masquerading as legitimate apps. Here's what we know. News 

A new malware called DogeRAT is spreading through fake Android apps

A new malware called DogeRAT (Remote Access Trojan) targets users by distributing fake Android apps. The apps containing the malware are said to be sent to users via Telegram and other social media apps. Discovered by CloudSEK’s TRIAD team, DogeRAT is an open-source Android malware that can steal important information such as bank passwords and government credentials, leaving victims vulnerable. It targets users in a variety of industries, including banking, e-commerce, and entertainment. DogeRAT is a malware that disguises itself as popular apps, and once it infects a victim’s device…

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The new Classical Music app is separate from the original Music app and now Android users can experience the catalogue. News 

Apple Classic Music App is now coming to Android Platform

The Apple Music Classical app is now available for Android users and you can now download it from the Google Play Store. Apple Music and Apple Music Classical are two separate iPhone apps. The main difference between the two apps is how Apple Music Classic handles metadata. Apple Music and Apple Music Classical for Android now have the same differences, according to 9to5Mac. Users can access Apple Music Classical with an Apple Music or Apple One subscription. The app includes ad-free classical music recordings with up to 192kHz/24-bit lossless audio…

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You can also expect faster graphics with less power consumption. News 

ARM’s latest processors drive Android phone manufacturers to use only 64-bit devices

ARM just sent a false warning to Android phone manufacturers who are still clinging to 32-bit technology. The company introduced its first line of exclusively 64-bit CPU core models – unlike last year, there is no legacy technology available to vendors. Cortex-X4, Cortex-A720, and Cortex-A520 don’t always represent big leaps in performance, but they’re likely to drive the pace of Android for the foreseeable future. Cortex-X4, like X3, is a performance core aimed at flagship phones. Its updated architecture offers 15 percent more performance, but uses 40 percent less energy…

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Samsung has been quick to fix the problem for Galaxy phone users but not all issues have been fixed yet. News 

Samsung users are facing the Lockscreen bug with OneUI 5.1 and now it has been fixed

Samsung Galaxy phones running OneUI 5.1 have been experiencing lock screen issues, which the company has finally acknowledged. Several users claimed that after updating their phone to OneUI 5.1, the Lock Screen stopped working properly. Several affected owners shared their concerns on social media, saying that after the update, the phone’s Lock screen would act randomly or render the phone unusable with a blank screen. Samsung has already noticed the problems and promised to fix the problem on all phones with OneUI 5.1. The company quickly released a new update…

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BGMI is finally available to pre-load on Android, starting today, May 27, but will be playable on May 29. On iOS, BGMI will be available to download and play on May 29 itself. Check all details here. News 

BGMI is now available to download for Android; Coming soon

Earlier this month, Krafton – the maker of Battle Grounds Mobile India, or BGMI as it’s known – claimed that the game would be returning to India. And now, the game is finally available for download on Android starting today, May 27th, but you can play it on May 29th. On iOS, BGMI will be available to download and play on May 29. We checked with our own devices and can confirm that the game is available for download from the Google Play Store, but is not yet available for…

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Play Store continues to harbour malicious apps that Google is finding to trace and remove before it causes damage. News 

Screen Recorder App recorded thousands of users without consent

Android apps have a notorious track record of circumventing privacy, either by acting maliciously or by using your phone to steal data or track it. Now, a new kind of problem has emerged in Android apps, where one of the apps available through the Play Store started recording users without their permission to use the microphone. That’s not all, the app even sent the data via an encrypted link to the app developer’s server. According to a report by Ars Technica, an app called iRecorder Screen Recorder was the guilty…

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The OnePlus Pad is available in two storage variants, with the starting model priced at Rs 37,999 and the high-end version at Rs 39,999 News 

OnePlus Pad Review: Best Android Tablet Under Rs 40,000

OnePlus Pad Review: Chinese tech giant OnePlus recently launched its first tablet device – the OnePlus Pad in India, aiming to bring new competition to the growing tablet industry. The new OnePlus Pad offers several impressive features, including a large 11.61-inch display, a massive 9,510 mAh battery, Dimensity 9000 chipset, and a sleek design. OnePlus Pad Price in India The OnePlus Pad is available in two storage variants, with the entry-level model priced at Rs 37,999 and the high-end model priced at Rs 39,999. It is offered in a single…

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The new Redmi budget phones offer 4G support, get FM Radio and have the charger in the box. News 

Redmi A2 and A2+ budget phones with Android 13 launched in India

Redmi has launched its new budget offering as part of the A2 series in India this week. The new models include the Redmi A2, Redmi A2+ and both cost less than Rs 10,000. At this price point, you get Android 13 Go Edition out of the box and some basic features for people looking to upgrade from a feature phone or want a second phone. Redmi A2 and A2+ Price in India The Redmi A2 is priced at Rs 6,299 for the 2GB + 32GB storage model, but you can…

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The new feature was first introduced on foldables and now Google is offering it for Android tablets with these versions. News 

The split keyboard is now coming to Android tablets with this version

Android tablets are still some way from becoming ideal iPad competitors, but Google seems to be moving in the right direction, as support for the split keyboard is now coming to tablets as well. Google is definitely focused on tablets, as illustrated by the launch of the Pixel Tablet earlier this month and also the Pixel foldable to keep things interesting for consumers. Foldables have already received support, and now tablets will also get their share. Google has mentioned that Android 12L is built for such devices, and future versions…

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Engaging with these callers can have serious consequences, such as identity theft, financial loss, or unauthorized access to your accounts. News 

How to block unknown calls on iPhone and Android smartphones: a step-by-step guide

Scam calls from international numbers are on the rise. These fraudulent calls are coming from different countries. Many users have reported falling victim to this new scam, which is causing privacy and security issues. When it comes to scam calls from international numbers, callers/hackers often use different tricks to trick you into sharing personal information or participating in scams. The goal is to gain access to your personal information, financial information or other confidential information. Contacting these callers can have serious consequences, such as identity theft, financial loss, or unauthorized…

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The amount of data collected is determined by the permissions granted to the infected app during installation as well as the Android version. News 

Android malware infects 60+ Google Play apps with 100 million downloads

A new Android malware called “Goldoson” has infiltrated Google Play and has been found in 60 legitimate apps with a total of 100 million downloads. The malicious malware component is integrated into a third-party library that developers accidentally included in all sixty apps, reports BleepingComputer. The Android malware discovered by McAfee’s research team is capable of collecting a variety of sensitive information, such as information about a user’s installed apps, WiFi and Bluetooth devices, and GPS locations. According to the report, it can also commit ad fraud by clicking ads…

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Android 14 also introduces a new system share sheet -- the page that opens when you tap to share content, allowing developers to add custom app-specific actions to the top of the share menu. News 

Google releases first public beta of Android 14

Google has released the first public beta version of Android 14 with new features focused on system navigation, privacy, performance and user customization for both developers and early adopters. “Today we’re releasing the first beta of Android 14, built around our core themes of privacy, security, performance, developer productivity, and user customization, while continuing to improve the big-screen device experience with tablets, foldables, and more.” Google said in a blog post. Among the features, a new back arrow has been updated under Gesture Navigation to help improve the understanding and…

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Play Store faces issues with malicious apps and motives like these don't help anyone. News 

Hackers Can Add Malicious Android Apps to Play Store for Rs 4,000

Malware has been a big problem for Google, and it has had a hard time detecting malicious apps from time to time. Now the company has another problem to solve as according to a new report, hackers now have the ability to add these malicious apps to the Play Store and are doing so for up to $5,000 (roughly Rs. 4,000), but the price may go up. to $20,000 (approx. Rs. 16.40 lakh). These hackers connect through the Darknet, where they can easily find buyers for these apps, and adding…

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Microsoft is integrating its Bing AI with the SwiftKey keyboard on Android—enabling users to use the generative AI by pressing a button on the keyboard—in any app. News 

Microsoft’s SwiftKey keyboard on Android now includes Bing AI

Microsoft is reportedly integrating Bing AI into Android’s SwiftKey keyboard, allowing users to access generative AI by pressing a button on the keyboard in any app. According to The Verge, the feature is currently only reserved for SwiftKey beta users on Android, but can be easily downloaded from the PlayStore. To start using the feature, you need to sign in with your Microsoft account, and when you sign in, a small Bing logo will appear in the upper left corner of the keyboard. As noted by The Verge, SwiftKey has…

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Find my device on Android needs your location and also the phone has to be powered on. News 

Find My Device will soon work offline in Android 14

Android phones may soon support Find My Device even when the device is turned off. It’s fascinating that Apple has offered this feature for iPhones for quite some time, Android folks never got the option. But that could change now, as code traces in Android 14 suggest that Google is building support for Find my device offline, which means you can track a device even if the person has turned off the phone. An insider quoted in the report suggests that the feature will come to Pixel devices and will…

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