Microsoft spotted a “Dirty stream” attack on Android apps, check details. (Pexels) News 

Report warns of potential ‘Dirty Stream’ attack targeting Android smartphones through Google Play Store apps

Attention Android smartphone users: Microsoft has identified a significant security flaw in Android apps that could put your device at risk. Dubbed the “Dirty Stream” attack, this vulnerability could allow hackers to hijack popular apps or access sensitive information. It is crucial to take immediate action to protect your device from potential scams. Learn more about this security threat and how to keep your device safe. What is a “Dirty stream” attack? A dirty stream attack is a “path traversal vulnerability pattern” discovered by Microsoft in a recent study. According…

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Improved Bluetooth stability and security highlight the latest developments in Android's upcoming release. (Unsplash) News 

Top features of Android 15 Beta 1 released by Google for upcoming smartphone update

Google has recently released the Beta 1 version of Android 15, providing users with a sneak peek of the upcoming major update to its operating system. This launch signifies a notable advancement in the evolution of Android, showcasing the anticipated new features and enhancements for users to look forward to. Improved mobile network protection One of the main highlights of Android 15 Beta 1 is the focus on improving mobile network security. Users can now access additional security settings through the Security & Privacy menu, giving them more control over…

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With revamped plans and bolstered security, Sunbird returns to bridge the gap between Android and Apple users. (Bloomberg) News 

Sunbird’s return may bring iMessage to Android users in the near future

Sunbird, previously known for its security vulnerabilities in its efforts to introduce iMessage to Android, is staging a comeback. Despite its history of issues, Sunbird has revealed its intention to reintroduce its iMessage for Android services on April 5. In 2022, Sunbird entered the scene with the ambitious goal of expanding iMessage to Android users. However, the app faced significant security issues, which led to its sudden shutdown shortly after its launch. These issues included access to users’ shared media and real-time visibility of messages, causing Sunbird to shut down…

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Apple is facing a big lawsuit from the US Government, and the company is coming out with details that nobody knew. Gadgets 

Apple Watch could have been compatible with Android phones, but the company chose not to: Here’s why.

Apple confirms reports that the company wanted the Apple Watch to work with Android phones, but then decided not to make it official. The company is facing a major US government lawsuit accusing Apple of its anti-competitive nature, and now we’re hearing more unheard of stuff from the horse’s mouth. Apple has admitted in its response to the Department of Justice (DOJ) claims that it had tried to get the Apple Watch to work with Android phones, but for a number of reasons it never happened. In fact, a Bloomberg…

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Android 15 update will coming later this year but the developer preview 2 version shows us the features that people can expect. News 

Sharing audio, sending satellite messages, and tracking devices offline

Android 15 QPR beta comes with new goodies for smartphone users who can expect significant updates later this year. Google I/O 2024 is confirmed for May 14th, and that’s where we’ll hear more from the company about the next version of Android, but most of us won’t have to wait that long to see what Android 15 has in store. A developer version of QPR 2 available now if you want to play around with half-baked and buggy Android flavors. iPhones have had satellite communication technology for a few years,…

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Epic Games is the maker of popular titles like Fortnite which has battled with giants like Apple over its app store fees. Gaming 

Epic Games Store Set to Launch on iOS and Android Devices This Year

After a long time, the wait is finally over as the Epic Games Store is set to arrive on iOS and Android by the end of this year. The company has revealed this exciting update with the X release, which heralds the arrival of its mobile app store on Apple and Google platforms before the end of 2024. We’re coming to iOS and Android!Same fair terms, available to all developers, on a true multi-platform store – with amazing games for everyone. — Epic Games Store (@EpicGames) March 20, 2024…

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Truecaller is used by millions of people across the world as it helps for spam detection and fraud prevention. But some of you might want to remove the number. News 

How to Delete Your Number from Truecaller on Android and iOS

Truecaller has become a must-have app for smartphone users to help them identify unknown callers and block spam calls. Due to its widespread use, many users rely on it to manage their calls effectively. The main feature of Truecaller is its ability to identify unknown callers even if their numbers are not stored in the phonebook, providing a valuable service. In addition, it allows users to check the IDs of unknown numbers, which increases the level of security. Despite its usefulness, some users may want to remove their numbers from…

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Google I/O 2024 keynote will be hosted by CEO Sundar Pichai, who is likely to share new AI products and more about Android. AI 

Dates for Google I/O 2024 Revealed: Anticipated AI Developments, Pixel Updates, and More

2024 is only three months away, but Google is already gearing up for a big annual developer even in the next few months. That’s right, the Google I/O 2024 bugle has been heard and we also know when the next Google conference will be held this year. Google uses the I/O platform to show off a new version of Android, some major Pixel releases like last year’s Pixel Fold, and other key developer products that set the stage for platform development. Sundar Pichai will once again take the stage and…

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India's security agency CERT-In has listed a fresh set of vulnerabilities affecting Android users. Here's what you can do to be safe. News 

Here’s What We Know About the New Security Alert for Android Users from the Indian Government

The Indian government has issued a new security warning to millions of Android users this week with an Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) bulletin. The team emphasizes that these exploits can allow attackers to obtain sensitive information and execute arbitrary code on your phone. CERT-In Android Security Alert: What it says The new vulnerabilities also affect Android versions 12, 12L, 13 and the latest 14. The number of phones running these versions in India should easily exceed 10 million, which means a high-severity classified alert is worth considering. CERT-In…

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iQOO is offering its new Z-series mid-range phone with Android 14 out of the box and a reliable hardware setup. News 

Newly Launched iQOO Z9 5G Comes with Android 14 and 5000mAh Battery: Price and Features in India

iQOO has launched its latest budget offering, the iQoo Z9 5G in the Indian market this week. iQoo’s latest Z-series smartphone is packed with features and loads of features without putting a dent in your wallet. The iQoo Z9 5G has a 50-megapixel main camera on the back and a 120Hz refresh rate display on the front. The phone has the latest Funtouch OS 14, which is based on the Android 14 operating system. It also has an IP54 rated dust and waterproof layer. Early bird sale of iQoo Z9…

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Windows PC support Android apps via Amazon's app store but the new update suggests PC users will lose the option in the next 12 months. News 

Microsoft will no longer support Android apps on Windows PCs.

Microsoft has announced that it will end official support for Android’s Windows subsystem starting March 5, 2025 next year. The software giant had announced that it would bring Android apps to Windows 11 in collaboration with Amazon’s Appstore almost three years ago. Now, Microsoft has released an official statement on its website that reads, “Microsoft is ending support for the Windows Subsystem Android™️ (WSA). As a result, the Amazon App Store on Windows and all apps and games that depend on WSA will not be supported starting next year. According…

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Content Creation will be easier with the new Adobe Express Firefly generative AI features. (REUTERS) AI 

All features of Adobe Firefly generative AI models now accessible on Android and iOS devices

Adobe has recently enhanced its suite of products by incorporating generative AI features. The company has now introduced Firefly generative AI features to its mobile app version of Adobe Express. This new addition will make mobile editing easier and enable users to create appealing content on the go. Adobe initially unveiled the Firefly generative AI feature in September last year and is now extending this smart AI capability to its mobile app. Learn more about this feature and how it can enhance your editing experience. Adobe Express Firefly is powered…

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Microsoft pulls the plug on the Windows Subsystem for Android, signaling the end of Android integration on Windows 11. (AP) News 

Microsoft discontinues support for Android apps on Windows 11, preventing users from using mobile apps on their PCs.

Microsoft has made the unexpected decision to end support for running Android apps on Windows 11, bringing an end to an era for users who have become accustomed to the ease of accessing their preferred mobile applications on their PCs. The announcement has surprised many, as the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) was considered a major feature of Windows 11 when it was launched in 2021. Microsoft is dropping support for Android apps The disappearance of the Windows subsystem for Android was officially confirmed in a developer document published by…

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Lava has launched its newest 5G smartphone, the Blaze Curve 5G, in the Indian market. Here's everything you need to know about it, along with our initial impressions. News 

Impressions and More on the Launch of Lava Blaze Curve 5G Featuring Curved AMOLED Display and Ad-Free OS

India’s domestic smartphone brand Lava has expanded its 5G smartphone range in India by launching the Lava Blaze Curve 5G. From my initial use, the device looks promising thanks to the versatile combination of hardware and software. These include a curved 120Hz AMOLED display, a clutter-free Android experience, and Widevine L1 support. The Lava Blaze Curve is powered by the Mediatek Dimensity 7050 chipset, comes with a responsive in-display fingerprint sensor, and has a solid set of internals for the price. Read all the details. Lava Blaze Curve 5G: Specifications…

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Check the new Android Auto apps updates and related features that are rolling out now. (Unsplash) News 

Certain Android Auto apps will only function when the vehicle is in ‘P’ mode, emphasizing the importance of staying focused on the road.

Safety is a top priority for Android Auto, as the platform is now restricting the use of entertainment apps while driving. Google is implementing measures to ensure that certain apps can only be accessed when the car is parked and fully stopped. These apps will be available for electric vehicle users to enjoy while their car is charging or when they are waiting. The latest version of Android Auto includes touchscreen games designed to keep drivers entertained during breaks in their journey. Android Auto version 11.4 According to a report…

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Check out how Gemini works on Google Calendar. (Google Calendar) News 

Gemini introduces Google Calendar integration for Android devices, allowing users to create events using voice commands.

Google recently changed the name of its AI chatbot from Bard to Gemini and revealed that the Gemini app can now be integrated into different Google Workspace apps. Initially, Gemini did not have access to the Google Calendar app, but this has now been rectified. With AI-powered assistants now available on a range of Android apps, users can efficiently complete their daily tasks using simple text and voice commands. Find out how users can now create and access events on Google Calendar through Gemini. Gemini on Google Calendar According to…

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Google introduces a game-changing feature, allowing users to hand-annotate on Google Docs. News 

Google Docs now allows Android users to add handwritten annotations, encouraging creativity

Google has introduced a new feature that enables users to hand-annotate on Google Docs using a stylus or their finger, aiming to improve the digital writing experience. This innovative markup feature is now available for Google Workspace customers, Google Workspace Individual subscribers, and personal Google accounts, but is currently only compatible with Android devices. The feature, which was released on February 27 to Rapid Release users and will be released as Google’s standard version on March 11, offers a choice of standard pen and highlight colors, including black, blue, red,…

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WhatsApp is rolling out the 'search by date' feature to search for messages and media files by a specific date on Android. News 

WhatsApp Introduces ‘Search By Date’ Feature for Android Users

If you’re a WhatsApp user who often has to sift through conversations to find a specific message, here’s a good news: WhatsApp is introducing a “search by date” feature to search for messages and media files by a specific date on Android. Importantly, this feature has been available on other platforms where WhatsApp is present, such as iOS, Mac and even WhatsApp Web. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the same on his WhatsApp channel. “When you realize you got the perfect answer in an old chat…” she said, sharing a…

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Android users feel safer with thumb sensors while iPhone users only have Face ID for security, but it is time Android gets a better and safer facial tech. News 

This Startup Could Bring Face ID-Like Security Technology to Android Users

Apple has offered Face ID on the iPhone for a few years, and its security is foolproof enough for the company to ditch Touch ID altogether. The situation with Android phones has been different, as people feel more secure with a biometric fingerprint sensor than a software-based face unlock feature. But we may finally have a breakthrough thanks to this one startup that has joined hands with one of the biggest mobile brands to make security technology affordable and ready for mass adoption. A Harvard Labs-based startup called Metalenz has…

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Google faces new malware threats that pose issues for Android users and the new one is able to steal all your information. News 

Warning! Another Malware Threat Targeting Android Users, Now Targeting Chrome Browser

Android malware threats continue to come in all shapes and forms. The latest warning comes in the form of the Chrome browser used by millions. Security experts have reportedly shared information about a new version of the Android XLoader malware, which now disguises itself as Chrome and seeks access to your text messages and the ability to run in the background to wreak havoc on users. The Bleeping Computer report cites McAfee to talk about the problems and the modus operandi of the new detection malware. Android XLoader Malware Threat:…

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