Optimus, the Humanoid robot, is adding mind-boggling skills to its many functionalities. (Tesla Optimus/X)News 

Robot Developed by Elon Musk Demonstrates Yoga Moves

Billionaire Elon Musk’s highly anticipated Humanoid robot, Optimus, unveiled by Tesla in August 2021, has recently showcased its astonishing learning capabilities. In a captivating video, Optimus impressively demonstrates a wide range of yoga poses, leaving the online community in awe. Known for his groundbreaking inventions, Elon Musk has once again astounded the public, with Optimus emerging as the latest sensation captivating the Internet. Discover the remarkable abilities of this extraordinary Humanoid robot, Optimus.

About the humanoid robot Optimus

Tesla Optimus’ official X account shared a video post of the humanoid robot, revealing its progress and capabilities. The video showed different tasks the robot can do, such as picking up colorful blocks and doing yoga while balancing. The video amazed X users with its progressive features, judging by their reactions. The post said: “Optimus can now sort objects independently. Its neural network is fully trained end-to-end: video in, control out. Join us in developing Optimus (and improving your yoga routine).

According to the Sun’s report, yoga and organization were two new skills the robot has learned from among its many other abilities. So far, the humanoid robot can do various tasks such as walking straight, squatting, climbing stairs, using a screwdriver and more. Musk also reacted to the video by commenting on the “progress”

Tesla’s humanoid robot Optimus is expected to go on sale in 2027, but the company has not revealed an official announcement or information about the robot. However, the price of the robot can be sky high. All Tesla products, such as electric cars, come in the premium range and a full-scale robot is another expensive innovation that only billionaires and large corporations can afford.

X users commented on the Tesla Optimus release, expressing shock and surprise. One user said: “Optimus is so smooth, I’m impressed. Other users said: “What an opportunity and a risk. It’s amazing and scary at the same time. Really blows my mind. This can replace all labor in a company, industry, economy, planet, and elsewhere. So what are we? Incredible engineering work though. Can I have one, please?”

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