Tesla CEO Elon Musk states that Tesla has been generating real-world videos with accurate physics for about a year, similar to Sora. News 

Elon Musk asserts that Tesla has been producing Sora-like videos for OpenAI for the past year.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has shared some intriguing insights into potential synergies between OpenAI’s Sora and its own autonomous driving ambitions after the ChatGPT maker unveiled its text-to-video model. Musk responded to a video on X titled “What does @OpenAI’s Sora have to do with @Tesla’s FSD (Full Self-Driving) v12″? year”. However, the tech billionaire mentioned that the videos weren’t very interesting because the actual training data only comes from the electric car maker’s camera-equipped fleet. “It wasn’t very interesting because all the training data came from the cars, so…

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Tesla's iPhone app now supports ultra wideband (UWB), offering improved security and precision for digital car keys. (Bloomberg) News 

Tesla enhances iPhone app to improve accuracy tracking and security similar to Apple AirTag technology

Tesla has released a notable update to its iPhone application, which includes the addition of ultra-wideband (UWB) support in version 2024.2.3. This improvement, emphasized by Not a Tesla App, offers a stronger and more secure digital key experience in comparison to Bluetooth technology. With UWB’s precise tracking capabilities, the vehicle can accurately determine the precise position of the key, reducing the likelihood of replay spoofing attacks. What are replay spoofing attacks? In replay spoofing attacks, cybercriminals intercept secure online communications and then fraudulently delay or resend them to the wrong…

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk plans to buy chips from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) as part of the company's spending spree on computing hardware for artificial intelligence. (REUTERS) AI 

Elon Musk intends to purchase AMD chips for Tesla as part of a major AI initiative.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Inc., has announced his intention to purchase chips from Advanced Micro Devices Inc. as part of a significant investment in computing hardware for the purpose of managing artificial intelligence. After saying on his X social media platform that Tesla will spend more than $500 million on Nvidia Corp. hardware this year, Musk was asked if he would also buy chips from AMD. “Yes,” the billionaire replied. Nvidia is currently the leading so-called AI accelerator—processors suited to the data-intensive demands of technology—but competitors like AMD…

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The Austin-based electric vehicle (EV) maker is estimated to have handed over almost 483,200 vehicles in the fourth quarter. (REUTERS) News 

Tesla, led by Elon Musk, shifts focus to everyday buyers following success with electric vehicle enthusiasts.

Tesla Inc. is anticipated to announce on Tuesday that it achieved another record-breaking year in 2023, largely thanks to devoted Elon Musk enthusiasts and tech-savvy early adopters. Currently, the company is striving to expand its customer base. Analysts surveyed by Bloomberg estimate that the Austin-based electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer delivered approximately 483,200 vehicles in the fourth quarter. This suggests that Tesla likely surpassed its target of delivering 1.8 million cars last year, which is a historic milestone for the company but still only a small portion of the typical sales…

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US regulator found autopilot safety flaws in 2 million Tesla vehicles. (REUTERS) News 

Tesla Issues Recall for 2 Million Cars to Address Autopilot Safety Issues, Dealing a Major Setback to Elon Musk

Tesla Inc. is set to address its largest recall to date, involving over 2 million vehicles, following a ruling by the leading US auto-safety regulator. The regulator concluded that Tesla’s driver-assistance system, Autopilot, does not provide sufficient safeguards against misuse. This decision comes after an extensive investigation into the defect, which the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration intends to continue in order to assess the effectiveness of Tesla’s proposed solutions. According to a spokesperson from the NHTSA, the investigation revealed that Tesla’s methods of ensuring driver engagement were insufficient. “Automated…

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Tesla's latest Optimus Gen 2 is human-like in more ways than one, thanks to its newfound abilities, allowing it to dance, cook, and even exercise. AI 

Elon Musk Unveils ‘Optimus’ AI Robot Capable of Performing Squats and Boiling Eggs

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has shared a video of the company’s new Optimus Gen 2 robot, and based on first impressions, it is quite human-like, performing functions such as squatting, cooking eggs and more. Optimus Gen 2 is Tesla’s latest robot, and is the successor to Optimus Gen 1, which was announced in March. Compared to Bumblebee, which was announced in September 2021, on an annual basis, development seems to be progressing quickly. For those in the know, this robot is part of Tesla’s AI and Robotics division and uses…

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Tesla introduced its new Cybertruck on Thursday which is faster than ever. Know more. (REUTERS) News 

Tesla’s Revolutionary Ride: Cybertruck is Faster than a Porsche!

On Thursday, Tesla commenced the delivery of the Cybertruck to customers, marking the realization of Elon Musk’s personal endeavor. The billionaire proudly claims that this electric vehicle is more robust than bullets and swifter than a Porsche. “It’s very rare that a product comes along that seems impossible … that experts said would never be made,” a giddy Musk told an audience at Tesla’s Austin, Texas, headquarters. “And this is one of those times.” The angular truck that inspired the world of “Blade Runner” or “Mad Max” arrives two years…

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When Tesla starts Cybertruck deliveries on Thursday, though, it may have a devised a cheat that DeLorean couldn’t: color wraps. (REUTERS) News 

Cybertruck Makeover: Tesla Color Wraps to the Rescue!

Tesla Inc. has ingeniously crafted its stainless-steel Cybertuck to stand out as a truly unique creation – the inaugural vehicle accessible to the general public that eliminates the need for paint. This accomplishment is no small task, considering that the only other company to approach this concept, DeLorean, managed to sell a mere 9,000 cars before succumbing to bankruptcy in 1982. However, when Tesla begins Cybertruck deliveries on Thursday, it may have a gimmick the DeLorean couldn’t: color wraps. A decorative film affixed to the vehicle’s exterior — and a…

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The Tesla Logo is seen at a dealership in Durango, northern Spain, October 30, 2023. REUTERS/Vincent West (REUTERS) News 

Cybertruck Craze: Tesla Draws Black Friday Shoppers to Showrooms!

During the Black Friday retail event, Tesla Inc. showcased its upcoming all-electric vehicle, the Cybertruck, in various US showrooms. This attracted a large number of enthusiastic shoppers who were eager to get a closer look at the truck, which is covered in stainless steel. At the Tesla showroom at Westfield UTC in San Diego, a group of about 25 people crowded around the only Cybertruck on display while others waited in line outside. Shoppers were forced to stand about 10 meters away from the vehicle, which was roped off, and…

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Tesla coming to India may not happen anytime soon. Check what Indian government is saying. (REUTERS) News 

Tesla’s India Takeover: EVs Rolling In and Factories Popping Up!

According to sources familiar with the Indian government’s perspective, India is nearing a deal with Tesla Inc. that would enable the American automaker to export its electric vehicles to the country starting next year and establish a manufacturing facility within two years. The announcement could come at the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit in January, one of the people said, declining to be identified because the discussions are private. The states of Gujarat, which is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home base, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu are under consideration as they already…

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Musk, the CEO of Tesla, attended a banquet on the evening of Nov. 15 to welcome Xi. (via REUTERS) News 

Tesla and China: A Bond That’s Growing Stronger Thanks to Elon Musk and Xi Jinping!

President Xi Jinping of China showed his support for Tesla Inc., the electric carmaker owned by Elon Musk, during a recent event. In response, Musk expressed his gratitude for the warm reception from China, highlighting the close relationship between the two entities. According to a Weibo post from Tesla’s official China account, Tesla CEO Musk attended the party on the evening of November 15 to welcome Xi, who is in San Francisco to meet and talk with US President Joe Biden as part of it. week’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation leaders’…

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Check out what the Indian government plans for the EV sector. REUTERS/Vincent West (REUTERS) News 

Tesla’s India Invite: Get Ready for Five Years of Tax-Free EV Imports!

In an effort to attract companies like Tesla Inc. to sell and manufacture electric vehicles in India, the country is contemplating tax reductions on imported fully-assembled electric vehicles for a duration of up to five years. The Indian government is working on an electric vehicle policy that would allow international automakers to import battery-powered vehicles at reduced tariffs if they eventually commit to building them in India, people familiar with the matter said. No final decision has yet been made on what the policy will look like, the people said,…

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A BYD Co. Denza D9 minivan on display at the Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo, Japan, on Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2023. (Bloomberg) News 

BYD’s Popularity Grows as Tesla Struggles

BYD Co., China’s leading electric-vehicle manufacturer, is experiencing increased expectations due to its record-breaking profits, even as Tesla Inc.’s rally slows down due to weaker sales growth. BYD is fast approaching Tesla as the world’s largest electric car seller. Still, shares of Elon Musk’s company are still up 68% this year, even with the recent pullback, far outstripping the 28% rise in BYD’s Hong Kong-listed stock. That could be ready to change. Investors have snapped up bullish options on BYD, while analysts have raised earnings per share forecasts for the…

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Demand stayed weak despite the lower prices, leading some to conclude that the pool of “first-adopter” consumers may have been tapped. (Bloomberg) News 

Investors in Tesla and Electric Vehicles Face a Crucial Moment

After a few years of rapid growth, the electric-vehicle industry, which gave rise to billion-dollar startups and propelled Tesla Inc.’s value to new heights, is now facing setbacks. The central theme of this earnings season is the decline in demand for electric cars. The first was Tesla’s dismal earnings report last week, followed by scathing comments from General Motors Co, Mercedes-Benz Group AG, Honda Motor Co and car rental company Hertz Global Holdings Inc. The change has been shocking for investors, as the valuation of most electric vehicle stocks assumes…

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China is the world’s biggest EV market and dozens of brands are looking to stand out with new technologies. (AP) News 

Geely and Baidu Enter Automated Driving Race with Tesla

China’s automated-driving sector is witnessing increased competition as Jiyue 01, the inaugural electric vehicle from a collaboration between Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co. and Chinese search and technology powerhouse Baidu Inc., enters the market. The sports utility vehicle launching on Friday is equipped with Baidu’s Apollo platform, which has been in development for 10 years and has been used in driverless vehicles since 2016. Although the Jiyue 01 still uses a high-precision map for assisted driving, it is moving towards a pure-vision approach that mostly uses cameras to assess the…

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At $38,990, the base Model 3 sedan now costs $8,700 less than the average amount paid for a car or truck in the US. (REUTERS) News 

Tesla Prices Compete with Average US Vehicle Costs Following Billions in Savings

According to an investor, Tesla Inc. could potentially lose $1.2 billion annually due to recent price reductions, as their popular electric vehicles are now directly competing with gasoline cars in terms of pricing. At $38,990, the base Model 3 sedan now costs $8,700 less than the average price paid for a car or truck in the United States. According to Bloomberg Green’s analysis, the starting price of the Model Y SUV is $3,700 below the average car price of about $48,000. Tesla started cutting prices at the beginning of the…

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Despite the tacit consensus on the future of drivetrains, obstacles remain for electric cars to meet their emissions-reduction potential. (Bloomberg) Gadgets 

Electric Cars Powered by Batteries Are the Future

The increase in electric vehicles is truly remarkable. Over the past decade, Teslas have gone from cars for the uber-rich to cars for Uber drivers. All the major automakers have invested in electric cars, lowering prices and expanding the options available. According to BloombergNEF, more than 14 million electric cars will be sold globally this year, up from just 700,000 in 2016. And some 23 countries have now passed the crucial electric car tipping point – 5% of new car sales – after which adoption will begin. up dramatically. In…

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Optimus, the Humanoid robot, is adding mind-boggling skills to its many functionalities. (Tesla Optimus/X) News 

Robot Developed by Elon Musk Demonstrates Yoga Moves

Billionaire Elon Musk’s highly anticipated Humanoid robot, Optimus, unveiled by Tesla in August 2021, has recently showcased its astonishing learning capabilities. In a captivating video, Optimus impressively demonstrates a wide range of yoga poses, leaving the online community in awe. Known for his groundbreaking inventions, Elon Musk has once again astounded the public, with Optimus emerging as the latest sensation captivating the Internet. Discover the remarkable abilities of this extraordinary Humanoid robot, Optimus. About the humanoid robot Optimus Tesla Optimus’ official X account shared a video post of the humanoid…

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Tesla's humanoid robot, which is called 'Optimus' can now perform yoga, and sort objects by their colour, thanks to new abilities made possible using AI and self-calibration. News 

Elon Musk Celebrates Progress as Tesla’s Humanoid Robot Demonstrates Yoga Moves

2023 has been a big year for generative AI, and it’s only going to get bigger. More and more companies are beginning to reveal their long-term plans for AI, and some experts are concerned about AI’s potential to replace jobs and even make sense. While this may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, Elon Musk’s Tesla recently unveiled a video of its AI-based humanoid robot – Optimus – performing various tasks on X (formerly Twitter). In the viral video, we see the humanoid robot performing a variety of…

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Elon Musk makes a heart with his hands during a Senate bipartisan Artificial Intelligence (AI) Insight Forum on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, US, (Bloomberg) AI 

Elon Musk Warns of Dangers of Artificial Intelligence at US Senate Tech CEO Summit

During a closed-door session with US senators, Elon Musk expressed his views on artificial intelligence, describing it as a two-sided tool. He acknowledged its potential for immense benefits but also raised concerns about potential risks to society. The session, attended by over 20 leaders from the technology and civil society sectors, was centered around discussions on AI. Elon Musk, the billionaire owner of X (formerly known as Twitter), was among the participants. Musk, the CEO of Tesla Inc., told senators that they should not worry about things like self-driving cars,…

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