Plus, its script editor gets its first new features. News 

Google Simplifies Automation of Smart Homes

Google has made a significant effort to prioritize automation following the release of its revamped Home app in May. This has included the addition of a script editor, integration with Nest Cam Indoor, and now, an extensive range of new routines. Google has recently unveiled 18 fresh routines, with an equal distribution of starters and actions, which are now accessible to Google Home users. Starters allow you to activate or deactivate something in response to another device. For example, you can now set the thermostat to automatically turn off when…

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Users can now manage and view the camera's feed through the newer application. News 

Google integrates original Nest Indoor Cameras with Home App

Google has announced that users can now transfer their first-generation Nest Cam Indoor and Nest Cam Outdoor devices from the old Nest app to the new Home application. The company has started rolling out this feature for the indoor camera through the public preview version of the Home app, and it will take a few weeks to reach all users. Nest cameras had their own app before Google bought the company. Over time, Google added support for all of its smart home products to its Home app, but users of…

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Do things like schedule lights and blinds, vacuum while everyone is away and more. News 

Google Home’s Script Editor Enhances Automation Capabilities of Smart Devices

Last month, Google launched its revamped Home app, which included routines to provide users with greater authority over smart home automations. In a recent Google Nest blog post, the company revealed a new script editor that offers users more precise control over automations. For instance, users can now dim lights and lower blinds when the living room TV is on after dark. However, the editor requires some fundamental programming skills as it employs the YAML data serialization language. Building an automation requires three elements: triggers, conditions, and actions. A trigger…

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In January this year, it was reported that the tech giant had started to roll out full TV controls on its Google Home application. News 

Allow Google Now beta users to reorder devices in the Home app: Report

Tech giant Google is rolling out a new feature in its Home app for beta program users that will allow them to reorder devices. The Google Home team promised in December of last year that it was “actively working on the possibility to rearrange your favorites in the first half of next year,” reports 9To5Google. Beta users will now see a Rearrange button at the bottom of the Favorites tab, while “Add” appears to have been renamed “Edit”. It is still unclear when this feature will be rolled out to…

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