The Now launcher has been available for more than 10 years but Google is now ready to pull its plug. News 

The Google Now launcher is shutting down at the end of this month

Google’s infamous habit of shutting down products is prompting the Google Now launch this month. The company has confirmed that the launch vehicle will be shut down completely by the end of April. The information about the launcher is extracted from the latest version of the Google application, which is sourced from 9to5Google. The company has shared a message informing users that the Google Now launcher will stop working by the end of this month. The Google Now launcher was introduced in 2012, and now 10 years later, the app…

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In January this year, it was reported that the tech giant had started to roll out full TV controls on its Google Home application. News 

Allow Google Now beta users to reorder devices in the Home app: Report

Tech giant Google is rolling out a new feature in its Home app for beta program users that will allow them to reorder devices. The Google Home team promised in December of last year that it was “actively working on the possibility to rearrange your favorites in the first half of next year,” reports 9To5Google. Beta users will now see a Rearrange button at the bottom of the Favorites tab, while “Add” appears to have been renamed “Edit”. It is still unclear when this feature will be rolled out to…

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