WhatsApp Business will get several new features that will aid in providing a better customer service experience. (WhatsApp) News 

Meta unveils updates for WhatsApp Business – Here’s what to expect

Meta Platforms has unveiled a range of fresh features for WhatsApp Business during the Conversations event in Mumbai. In recent years, WhatsApp has gained immense popularity, surpassing SMS as the preferred method of communication. Recognizing this trend, Meta has consistently introduced new features to retain users and prevent them from migrating to alternative apps. Additionally, WhatsApp Business has emerged as a valuable platform for businesses to grow their customer base, offering features tailored to enhance customer experience. Meta announced several new features for WhatsApp Business today at its discussion event.…

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"We're also announcing new paid messaging features so small businesses can reach customers more efficiently," the Meta head posted on his Facebook handle. (Unsplash) News 

New WhatsApp Business Feature Streamlines Communication for Small Businesses

On Tuesday, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the WhatsApp Business app, with its extensive user base of over 200 million, will soon have the capability to generate Facebook and Instagram advertisements in order to discover and engage with potential customers. Notably, a Facebook account will not be required for this feature. “We are also announcing new paid Communication Features so that small businesses can reach customers more effectively,” Meta-pää wrote on his Facebook handle. To start using the feature, companies only need an email address and a payment method.…

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The Meta-owned platform is encouraging more people to use similar business tools by releasing a shortcut that allows some businesses to quickly access the option to advertise a status on Facebook. News 

WhatsApp Business Launches ‘Boost Status’ Feature: Here’s How It Works

Meta-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp is reportedly rolling out a new Boost Status shortcut for Android and iOS businesses that will allow them to promote their status updates on Facebook and Instagram. The shortcut encourages businesses to consider promoting status updates to reach a wider audience. “WhatsApp has been constantly developing new features to help businesses reach new people and providing important tools to help them better connect with their customers. Many businesses have successfully promoted their products from their catalog through Facebook ads to reach new customers, and this…

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