WhatsApp users already have a few formatting shortcuts but these new ones make the messaging app even more helpful. News 

Here’s How WhatsApp’s New Text Formatting Shortcuts Work on Web and Mobile

WhatsApp is focused on bringing new privacy features to its users, but this week the messaging app has added something more important, namely new text formatting options. WhatsApp has announced four new text formatting shortcuts that add to the existing list of options that let you text people in bold, italic style, add strikethroughs or even white space. But with the new hotkeys, WhatsApp users can add new elements like bulleted list, block quote, embed code and more. WhatsApp is essentially a messaging app, but the company understands that people…

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WhatsApp realises the need to prevent fake news from spreading widely in the country and it wants to help people from getting deepfake content. News 

WhatsApp Introduces New Service to Combat Deepfake Threat in India with Fake News Helpline

WhatsApp continues its efforts to curb fake news and misinformation on the platform in India, and now it has launched a helpline to cater to those needs. The helpline will be offered in the form of a WhatsApp chatbot to users in the country starting in March. Meta is partnering with the Misinformation Combat Alliance (MCA) to roll out this service in the country. The helpline informs and warns users about possible deepfake threats and content floating on the messaging platform from other sources. Without sharing specifics about the chatbot/helpline,…

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WhatsApp is reportedly working on revamping the user interface for its status updates tab by introducing thumbnails. Here's what we know. News 

WhatsApp’s Status Updates Tab May See Significant Design Overhaul in the Near Future

WhatsApp has been actively introducing a number of new features to improve the user experience, primarily focusing on expanding its channel capabilities. However, recent developments suggest that the Meta-owned chat app is expanding its focus to other sections as well. According to WABetaInfo, a source of new WhatsApp features, the messaging platform is currently revamping the interface of the Status Updates tab, as spotted in WhatsApp Beta version of the Google Play Beta program. The purpose of this upcoming update is to improve the usability of status updates. Status…

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Deleting your account on WhatsApp is an irreversible process. It cannot be reverted even if you perform it by accident. News 

How to Delete Your WhatsApp Account on iOS and Android if You’re Fed Up

In today’s digital world where social media has become an integral part of our lives, there are times when people look forward to simply hitting the reset button. There can be several reasons behind the decision, such as a break from constant announcements or focusing on studying. Sometimes people get bored with one messaging app and look forward to switching to another. One such popular messaging app is WhatsApp, which is widely used by people around the world. It helps us stay in touch with our family and friends. Sending…

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WhatsApp is testing a new interface for the channels list to improve the user experience of the app. Here's what you need to know. News 

Everything You Should Know About the Upcoming Redesign of WhatsApp Channels List

WhatsApp is constantly adding new features to ensure that the app stays fresh and up-to-date. This includes not only new features, but also updates to existing ones to improve the overall user experience. Now, as the channel feature gradually grows in popularity, WhatsApp is testing a new interface for the channel list to improve the user experience of the app. As reported by WhatsApp feature tracker, WABetaInfo, this feature was found in the new WhatsApp Beta for Android update available to users who install the said update. The report…

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Know all about the upcoming favourites filter feature on WhatsApp Web. (Pixabay) News 

Know what is coming: WhatsApp Web to introduce ‘Favourites’ filter for convenient access to chats

In February 2024, WhatsApp will celebrate ten years of being owned by Meta and being part of its social media app family. Over the past decade, the messaging platform has undergone numerous transformations in its quest to become the dominant messaging method, surpassing SMS. Exciting reports suggest that WhatsApp Web, the web version of the platform, will soon introduce a new feature called ‘Favourites’ filter, enabling users to organize their chats more efficiently. WhatsApp Web – An upcoming feature According to a report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp recently pushed a new…

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WhatsApp conversations will automatically become locked on a linked device once they are locked on the primary device. News 

WhatsApp is currently experimenting with a chat lock feature for connected devices.

Every now and then, WhatsApp users get a bunch of new features for a fresh, useful experience. A while ago, Meta introduced the ability to lock conversations; This added an extra layer of security on top of the device’s already existing biometric data, preventing others from accessing it. This has proven to be a useful feature for users, and now they can heave a sigh of relief in the company of snoopy people. However, it should be noted that the same functions will not work on your linked devices as…

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WhatsApp has doubled down on its spam protection efforts by allowing users to block users directly from the lock screen. Here's how it works. News 

Tired of WhatsApp Spam? Now You Can Block Users Directly from the Lock Screen

We have seen how big a threat online scams can be. Not only are they proliferating, scammers are also finding new and sophisticated ways to trick unsuspecting victims. Now if you think about it, a huge number of such scams come to you through apps like WhatsApp. However, Meta has worked on the platform over time and improved it. And now, in the latest update, WhatsApp has doubled down on its spam protection by allowing users to block users directly from the lock screen. The instant messaging application owned by…

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WhatsApp users can customise their texts with these styles before sending it to their friends or family. Here's a look at how it works News 

Learn How to Format WhatsApp Messages with Bold, Italics, Strikethrough, and Other Options

Texting has become much more than just a means of communication. Most people today want to stay in touch with the people around them. Therefore, a plain, simple message may not be able to convey what people want to say. Most SMS programs only allow you to send a simple text – nothing fancy. WhatsApp is an exception in that case, as the user has the option to format the text before sending it. You can bold the words in the paragraphs you want to emphasize, or select italics to…

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WhatsApp users can hide or show their read status which allows them to see other's receipt as well. Here's how you can enable it. News 

WhatsApp Introduces Read Receipts Feature

WhatsApp offers billions of users around the world the ability to connect with their loved ones through instant messaging. Among the many built-in features, one special option is read receipts, also known as the Blue Ticks feature. When these settings are enabled, the sender will know when recipients have read their messages, ensuring that important messages are acknowledged. While the read acknowledgment feature is useful in many scenarios, it also raises valid privacy concerns. For example, users may be pressured to respond quickly to messages they read because they know…

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WhatsApp, owned by Meta, is set to introduce third-party chat support, complying with EU regulations. (Bloomberg) News 

WhatsApp to introduce third-party chat integration in a major development

In preparation for the expected implementation of the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) by March, WhatsApp, a messaging platform owned by Meta, is said to be making arrangements to support third-party messaging apps on its platform. In an interview with Wired magazine, WhatsApp’s design director Dick Brouwer stated that the company is ready to offer interoperability on its platform to serve more than 2 billion users. Privacy, security and interoperability Brouwer highlighted the challenge of balancing providing interoperability to third parties while maintaining WhatsApp’s privacy, security and integrity standards.…

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WhatsApp Channels feature was released last year, and if you are a user, you’ll be pleased to know that Meta could be working to include the ability to pin specific channels at the top of the list. News 

Users of WhatsApp may soon have the ability to pin channels.

WhatsApp introduced the Channels feature last year as a one-way tool for sending information and media. Over time, Meta has added a number of new capabilities to make channels a more versatile feature. Now, WhatsApp is bringing a new update to channels by allowing users to pin them, as reported by WABetaInfo. This feature was spotted in WhatsApp Beta for Android version update. In short, this feature allows you to pin your frequently visited favorite channels to the top of the list. This simplifies access to specific channels, eliminating…

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A new report suggests that WhatsApp is working to bring an AI-powered support system for user queries. Here’s what this may accomplish. News 

AI Could Soon Handle Your WhatsApp Support Queries

WhatsApp, the popular chat app owned by Meta, continues to get new features that keep the experience fresh and powerful. Over the past year, the app has undergone a revolutionary experience, introducing features such as channels, login passwords, and the ability to lock chats with a secret code. Meta is reportedly working on another useful feature – an AI-assisted customer survey solution. According to WABetaInfo, known for its WhatsApp-centric coverage, the app may soon offer AI-generated answers to user queries posted in its support section. This feature is currently under…

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WhatsApp now allows users to share channel posts in status updates, expanding its features. (MINT_PRINT) News 

WhatsApp improves user engagement by allowing sharing of channel posts through status updates.

WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, has recently enhanced its Channels feature by allowing users to share channel posts through status updates. This update comes after the introduction of four other channel-related features last month, some of which were tested in beta versions. User-friendly access to different platforms Recent tests show that sharing channel updates as a status is now available on both Android and iOS versions of WhatsApp. While the feature may have been available for a few days, the official announcement was made on the channel page only…

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WhatsApp is testing a new feature that will let you set some of your contacts as favourites so that you can call them quickly. News 

Details of WhatsApp’s ‘Favourite Contacts’ Feature for Quick Calling Under Testing

WhatsApp is mainly known as an instant messaging app. However, it cannot be ignored that a significant number of users also use it for voice calls, especially in situations where there may be no cellular connection, but Wi-Fi is available. This is why WhatsApp has been working to improve the call experience over time. And now it’s expected to double down on that by adding a new feature that lets you set some contacts as favorites so you can call them quickly. This way, you don’t have to dig deep…

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WhatsApp is said to be working on a feature that will allow it to automatically create reports for accounts and channels on Android. News 

Details of WhatsApp’s Automatic Account Report Feature for Channels Revealed

WhatsApp is constantly introducing new features and improving the quality of life for its users. This not only keeps things fresh but also attracts more users to the platform. Now, in its latest update, the Meta-owned instant messaging giant is said to be working on a feature that will allow it to automatically generate reports for accounts and channels on Android. As discovered by WhatsApp feature tracker WABetaInfo, these reports are available monthly when enabled, and also include your account and channel activity. This brings more peace of mind and…

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Here is a step-by-step guide explaining how to free storage space used by WhatsApp on your iPhone. News 

Looking to Reduce Clutter on Your iPhone Storage? Here’s How WhatsApp Data Could Be the Culprit

WhatsApp has revolutionized the instant messaging landscape. The messaging app has become an essential communication tool for individuals worldwide. However, frequent use of this popular platform to interact with friends, family or clients can consume a lot of storage space on your device. The daily stream of messages, humorous content and videos in WhatsApp groups can contribute to draining your iPhone’s precious storage space. To solve this problem and optimize storage space, it is important to understand why WhatsApp consumes so much space and explore effective solutions. Talking about how…

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WhatsApp offers a convenient solution by allowing users to automatically share their Status directly to Facebook Stories. News 

WhatsApp now allows users to share their status as a Facebook Story.

Many users like to share their stories on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Some people like to use WhatsApp status. While Facebook is a space for sharing life experiences, opinions, pictures and videos with a wider audience, WhatsApp is primarily used for one-on-one or group communication, which also allows for sharing pictures, links and videos. Despite their unique purposes, both platforms share a feature that allows you to share text, photos or videos with your audience for 24 hours, known as Status on WhatsApp and Story on Facebook. Interestingly, many…

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WhatsApp has a monthly record of bad accounts that are banned in the country and here are the details for December 2023. News 

WhatsApp India Bans a Record 6.9 Million Fake Accounts in December 2023

WhatsApp banned a record 69,000,000 bad accounts in India in December 2023 under the new IT Rules 2021, the company said on Monday. 1.–31. December the company banned “6,934,000 accounts”. About 1,658,000 of those accounts were proactively banned before users reported them, WhatsApp said in its monthly compliance report. The most popular messaging platform, which has more than 500 million users in the country, again received a record 16,366 complaint reports in December in the country, with 13 “actioned” records. “Accounts Actioned” refers to reports where WhatsApp took corrective action…

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WhatsApp has multiple security features to keep your chats private but it doesn't work everywhere, at least for now. News 

Users Should Be Aware That WhatsApp Locked Chat Only Functions on Their Phone

WhatsApp Locked Chat is very useful if you want to keep your personal conversations extra private and like to lock them behind a PIN or biometric. WhatsApp already offers end-to-end encryption, which is pretty secure in itself, but you can still make people see your private conversations, especially if you want to prevent them from seeing it. Locked chats are useful in such situations. However, locked chats are only compatible with phones, so if you use the web version of WhatsApp in a browser, locked chats will automatically become visible…

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