For $5 a month, News 

iPad Studio Set-Up Now Possible with Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro

Since the launch of the first iPad by Apple in 2010, it has been widely believed that the tablet is more suited for consumption than creation. However, Apple has consistently attempted to challenge this notion. The initial iPad was equipped with competent versions of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote productivity apps, while the more advanced iPad 2 was launched with tablet-specific versions of GarageBand and iMovie. Since those early stumbles, years of advancements in more powerful software and hardware — like the iPad Pro — have turned Apple’s tablet lineup into…

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With this feature, profile icons will show up within the group chat, making it easier for users to distinguish other group participants. News 

WhatsApp To Introduce Profile Icons For Group Chats

According to reports, WhatsApp, the widely used instant messaging app owned by Meta, is preparing to introduce a new feature that will allow users to add profile pictures to group conversations. This feature makes profile icons visible in a group chat, making it easier to distinguish users from other participants in the group. “Thanks to the latest WhatsApp beta update for Android available on the Google Play Store, the feature is available to some beta testers,” WABetaInfo said. Because this feature adds profile icons to group chats, you’ll need…

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With this feature, users can link up to 4 devices to their accounts, while maintaining the same level of privacy and security thanks to end-to-end encryption News 

WhatsApp Developing Companion Mode For iPad Users: Here’s What You Need To Know

Apple enthusiasts can rejoice as WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, is said to be developing a feature that will allow the popular instant messaging app to be used on iPads as a companion device. This feature allows users to link up to 4 devices to their account while maintaining a level of privacy and security thanks to end-to-end encryption. The feature will be available in a future update of the app. We announced that WhatsApp is launching Companion Mode, which will allow users to link an additional iOS device…

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The $30 game will be available on June 30th. Gaming 

Nintendo to Release Follow-up to ‘1-2 Switch’ Party Game

Nintendo is set to release a follow-up to its popular party game, 1-2 Switch, on June 30th. The new game, called Everybody 1-2-Switch!, allows players to participate in some of its mini-games using their smartphones instead of Joy-Cons. The original game featured 28 mini-games designed to add excitement to social gatherings, including some unusual ones like putting a crying baby to sleep and pretending to be a supermodel on the runway. Another mini-game required players to milk a cow. According to a report from Fanbyte last year, Nintendo has been…

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WhatsApp users need to be careful about clicking on this dangerous link. (Unsplash) News 

Alert: Be Cautious of WhatsApp Link That May Cause App to Shut Down

Android WhatsApp users should exercise caution as a seemingly harmless link is making rounds on both individual and group chats, which can lead to the app crashing. According to Android Police, opening a chat that contains the problematic link, such as, can trigger the crash. While the link typically redirects users to WhatsApp’s settings, it is currently causing the Android version of the app to crash, as confirmed by Security Researcher Mayur Pandya on Twitter. WhatsApp Business users are also affected by the bug. The report states that when…

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Workers that have an office seat will have to return by September 5th. News 

Meta to Implement Three-Day Office Presence for Employees

Meta’s persistent efforts to bring its employees back to the office may finally pay off as the social media giant announces that office-based workers will be required to work in-person for a minimum of three days per week beginning September 5th. However, those who are currently working remotely will be allowed to continue doing so. According to a spokesperson, Meta is dedicated to promoting remote work and recognizes that it can have a positive impact on employees’ performance. The company aims to enhance collaboration and work culture to facilitate optimal…

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Meta-owned WhatsApp is reportedly working on a redesigned keyboard with an emoji category bar on Android. News 

WhatsApp Working On Android Keyboard With Emoji Categorization

According to reports, WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, is developing a new keyboard for Android that features a category bar dedicated to emojis. With this feature, tabs that provide easy access to other keyboard functions (including GIF and sticker selection) are moved up, according to WABetaInfo. There are also plans for a chat bar, including moving the attachment sharing buttons and the emoji keyboard button to match the style of WhatsApp Desktop and WhatsApp for iOS. A redesigned keyboard is currently under development and will be released in an…

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That's the second Twitter executive to leave company this week. News 

Twitter’s Brand Safety and Ad Quality Chief Departs

Earlier this week, Ella Irwin, who was responsible for content moderation on Twitter, left the company, indicating further instability in the upper echelons of Twitter. The Wall Street Journal has now reported that A.J. Brown, who was responsible for brand safety and ad quality on the platform, has also decided to leave the company on Friday. Brown’s role involved ensuring that Twitter was a secure place for advertisers to place their ads. At present, there is no official explanation for her departure. Since Elon Musk’s takeover, Twitter has struggled to…

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Apple WWDC 2023 will unveil the iOS 17 but will you get it? Know here. (Pexels) News 

Find Out When You Can Upgrade to iOS 17 on Your iPhone

In a few days, Apple WWDC 2023 will provide fans with the first glimpse of iOS 17. Prior to its official unveiling, leaks and rumors indicate that the upcoming update will introduce numerous features that will improve the overall user experience on iPhones. Anticipated enhancements include a new journaling app, lock screen improvements, and updates to the Music app. However, the release date for these features has been a topic of interest among iPhone users. Find out when you can expect to try out the new iOS 17 features on…

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A 2018 privacy lawsuit brought by Washington, D.C., against Facebook owner Meta Platforms Inc was dismissed on Thursday by a Superior Court judge, who ruled the firm did not mislead consumers over the Cambridge Analytica scandal. News 

Court Rules Out Legal Action Against Meta in Connection to Cambridge Analytica Affair

On Thursday, a Superior Court judge dismissed a privacy lawsuit filed by Washington, D.C. against Meta Platforms Inc, the owner of Facebook, in 2018. The judge concluded that the company did not deceive consumers regarding the Cambridge Analytica scandal. According to the lawsuit, the district’s consumer protection law was violated. In 2018, the social media company faced worldwide scrutiny when it revealed that a third-party personality quiz, which was shared on Facebook, collected profile data from 87 million users across the globe and then sold it to the British political…

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It's a response to the company's objection to the proposed Bill C-18 legislation. News 

Canadian Facebook and Instagram Users to be Subject to Meta Test Restrictions on Posting

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, had previously hinted at the possibility of preventing Canadians from sharing news content due to the proposed Online Sharing Act. In a recent blog post, the company has now revealed that it will be conducting tests on Facebook and Instagram to restrict certain users and publishers from accessing or sharing news content in Canada. This trial will span several weeks, and a “small percentage” of users will be informed if they attempt to share news content. “As we have repeatedly shared, the Online News…

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The next launch opportunity may be in January 2025. Space 

Rocket Lab postpones Venus atmospheric investigation launch

Rocket Lab revealed plans last year to conduct an extensive search for organic molecules in the atmosphere of Venus by launching a small probe. The launch was scheduled for May 2023, but according to recent reports from TechCrunch, it is no longer imminent. The company has not disclosed a new launch date, but a research paper published in July 2022 suggests that a backup launch window is available in January 2025. News of the mission flew under the radar, as it were, but rather ambitious. Rocket Lab plans to use…

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As head of Trust and Safety, Irwin helped oversee Twitter’s policies on harassment, hate speech and violent content. (REUTERS) News 

Ella Irwin Departs Twitter After Serving as Head of Content Policy

Ella Irwin, who was responsible for content moderation and policy at Twitter, has resigned, depriving new owner Elon Musk of one of his most devoted aides. As director of trust and safety, Irwin helped oversee Twitter’s policies on harassment, hate speech and violent content — rules that have been relaxed under Musk. He was also heavily involved in account suspensions and often responded to Twitter users whose accounts were suspended. Irwin confirmed the departure, which was previously reported by Fortune, in an email. Current and former employees said Irwin has…

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Twitter has banned accounts in India for violating guidelines. (Bloomberg) News 

Over 25 Lakh Twitter Accounts Banned in India

According to its monthly report, Twitter has blocked over 2.5 million accounts in India between March 25 and April 26 for violating guidelines related to child sexual exploitation and non-consensual nudity. The microblogging platform has undergone numerous changes related to content, moderation, and verification since Elon Musk took over. In February, Twitter announced modifications to its guidelines that allowed suspended accounts to appeal and be evaluated under new criteria for reinstatement. Accounts are banned In addition to banning a record 25 accounts for violating pedophile and nudity rules, Twitter also…

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Know all about the various threats from the Sun, including a solar storm prediction for today, June 2. (Pixabay) Space 

NOAA Alerts Public to Solar Storm Risk as Sunspot Activity Increases

The sun has been relatively inactive for about three weeks but has recently become more active, causing concern among astronomers and researchers. A new sunspot has emerged on the southeastern side of the Sun and has already caused an M4-class solar flare that resulted in radio blackouts on Earth on May 31. The sunspot is now moving towards Earth, heightening fears of severe solar storms. In separate news, forecasters at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) issued a solar storm warning today, June 2. According to a report,…

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A report released by WhatsApp, which is under the Meta umbrella, received 4,377 grievance reports in April involving account support, ban appeal, product support, safety among others News 

WhatsApp India bans 7.45 million accounts, says it collected more than 4,000 complaints in April

Mobile messaging platform WhatsApp banned 74,52,500 accounts in India between April 1 and April 30, of which 24,69,700 were proactively banned before user notifications. The company has received more than 4,000 complaints related to account support, ban complaints, product support, security and more. On Thursday, the company published its April report on June 1 in accordance with Rule 4(1)d) and Rule 3a(7) of the IT Rules (Intermediate Guidelines and Code of Digital Media Ethics) 2021. The report noted that WhatsApp , which falls under the Under the Meta umbrella, reported…

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Expect to learn more details about the Quest 3, the company's next VR and MR headset. News 

The Meta Connect 2023 event will take place on September 27

Alongside the official reveal of Quest 3, Meta has announced the release date for this year’s Connect. The event, which focuses on Meta’s development in the spaces of augmented and virtual reality, will take place on September 27-28, according to its website. Connect will take place a little earlier than usual this year. The 2022 edition was held in October. More information about Connect 2023 will be released soon, but one thing is for sure: we will know more about Quest 3 in late September. Meta’s next virtual reality headset…

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WhatsApp has a bug problem on Android and you should read more about it over here. News 

WhatsApp crashes on Android if you click this link

Millions use WhatsApp, which means hackers target the messaging app in a number of ways. WhatsApp claims to be safe and stable, but a random website URL can sometimes be good enough to crash any app. A new report has come out that states that a bug is triggered in WhatsApp as soon as you click on a link, causing the messaging app to crash on Android phones. Someone’s Strange Eyes noticed this week that when someone clicks on a link ( sent via a WhatsApp contact or group, the…

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It uses Apple's Metal 3 API for elevated graphics. Gaming 

No Man’s Sky is available for Mac from today

Hello Games made an exciting announcement at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in 2022: No Man’s Sky was finally coming to Mac computers. Now, ahead of WWDC 2023, Mac users can finally play No Man’s Sky to their heart’s content. Hello Games claims to have worked closely with Apple to bring the game to life, and supports the company’s Metal 3 interface “to achieve console-quality graphics while saving battery life on laptops and lower-end devices.” No Man’s Sky is available to anyone with an Apple silicon-equipped Mac (launched in 2020) or…

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AMC Theatres On Demand accounts will migrate to Vudu with free upgrades for higher-resolution content. News 

AMC brings it’s on-demand streaming users to Vudu platform

AMC Entertainment’s streaming service is moving its users to Vudu. Today, the companies announced that Vudu is “AMC Theater on Demand’s new official consumer streaming platform.” AMC launched its on-demand streaming service in 2019, and it has grown in popularity during pandemic-era shutdowns. In 2020, as moviegoers shunned theaters, the company partnered with Universal to allow the studio’s films to go to premium video-on-demand (PVOD) platforms — including AMC’s service — just 17 days after their theatrical release. However, as viewing habits have adapted over the past three years, AMC…

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