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Top features of Android 15 Beta 1 released by Google for upcoming smartphone update

Google has recently released the Beta 1 version of Android 15, providing users with a sneak peek of the upcoming major update to its operating system. This launch signifies a notable advancement in the evolution of Android, showcasing the anticipated new features and enhancements for users to look forward to.

Improved mobile network protection

One of the main highlights of Android 15 Beta 1 is the focus on improving mobile network security. Users can now access additional security settings through the Security & Privacy menu, giving them more control over their online connections and ensuring a more secure browsing experience, reports 9to5google.

Another notable addition is the introduction of full-screen Wi-Fi privacy settings. With a new toggle option, users can now choose whether to send their device name when connecting to Wi-Fi networks, providing better privacy protection and personal data control.

Android 15 Beta 1 also brings a bunch of new widgets, including the expected Pixel Weather widgets. These widgets provide users with real-time weather updates right on their home screens, keeping them up to date with current weather conditions at a glance.

In addition, users now have the option to set their default wallet app settings, streamlining the payment process and making payment transactions easier than ever before. In addition, apps targeting Android 15 can take advantage of edge-to-edge display capabilities, providing immersive and seamless user experiences.

Fixing known issues and bugs

While Android 15 Beta 1 introduces several exciting features, it also addresses several known issues and bugs reported during the development process. Google has been working hard to resolve these issues and ensure a smoother and more stable user experience.

One area of focus has been Bluetooth functionality, with significant improvements to stability, pairing reliability and overall user experience. In addition, security improvements have been implemented to fix vulnerabilities related to the old Bluetooth pairing of certain device models.

Android 15 Beta 1 is a significant step forward in Google’s mobile operating system. As users explore new features and updates, their feedback will play a crucial role in shaping the final release of Android 15, which is expected to arrive in the coming months.

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