Samsung users got the new AI-powered features with the One UI 6.1 update but some claim the new version has some issues, is it true?News 

Users of Samsung Galaxy S23 are expressing dissatisfaction with the slow charging speeds following a recent update.

Samsung has recently released the new One UI 6.1 update to many Galaxy users, which brings a bunch of new AI features to its year-old flagship models. However, reports have been talking about a new update that might slow down download speeds, especially for those who received the One UI 6.1 update for the Galaxy S23 series.

The whole slow charging saga started after many Galaxy S23 users noticed their charging speed dropping from a claimed 25 watts to 15 watts, which is significantly below the market standard. Most of these people noticed the change after they installed the new AI-powered One UI 6.1 update, which comes with a download package of almost 3GB.

So, did Samsung really throttle the download speed with the new update? People have done these tests to claim, and one report suggests that the charging speeds of the Galaxy S23 won’t change much even after installing One UI 6.1. It has been noted that download speeds vary depending on how much juice is already in the phone.

So if the phone has 70 percent battery left, the charging speed is usually slower to charge the battery efficiently. However, if the phone has less than 20 percent battery left, the charging speed will be faster to charge the battery quickly.

The Galaxy S23 model supports a wired charging speed of 25W, which is really slow for the segment, but these speeds are claimed to give the battery a longer charge cycle than a phone that charges at least 60W. It looks like the rumors about the phone charging slower are not true and people don’t need to worry much before installing the new One UI 6.1 update on their phone.

The One UI 6.1 update brings AI features like Circle search, live translation, note-taking assistance, and generative editing to the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy Z Fold and Flip 5 models, and even the Galaxy Tab S9 models.

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