AI experts are calling for more regulation around the creation of deepfakes. (Pixabay) AI 

‘Leading figures in AI call for increased regulation of deepfakes in public letter’

A group of artificial intelligence experts and industry leaders, including pioneering figure Yoshua Bengio, have penned an open letter advocating for increased regulation on the development of deepfake technology due to its potential societal dangers. “Today’s deepfakes often involve sexual imagery, fraud or political disinformation. As AI advances rapidly and makes deepfakes much easier to create, safeguards are needed,” the group said in the letter, which was drafted by AI researcher Andrew Critch. researcher at UC Berkeley. Deepfakes are realistic images, sounds and videos created by artificial intelligence algorithms, and…

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Most companies have decided to end the work-from-home setup and people will now have to also tackle the challenges posed by the threat of AI. AI 

TCS Chief Clarifies: AI Won’t Replace Jobs, But Employees Must Return to Office for Work Opportunities

People who are used to working from home in India, their time is up and companies are now ready to invite their employees back to the office as things go back to pre-pandemic state. TCS is one of the many tech companies asking their employees to return to the office, meaning many people will have to move back to the metros. Tech companies also give a clear warning to their employees that if you don’t come to the office, the chances of hikes and promotions are slim. Speaking on the…

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Catch what happened in the world of AI today, February 21, 2024. (Pexels) AI 

5 AI developments you might have overlooked today: Reliance supports AI model, AI to forecast land suitability, and more

AI update: Today, a leading engineering institute in India is teaming up with BharatGPT to introduce a ChatGPT-inspired service called “Hanooman,” supported by Reliance Industries Ltd. Additionally, researchers utilized AI to forecast potential changes in agricultural land suitability by 2050. Stay informed about the latest developments in the AI industry on February 21, 2024. Confidence in supporting the development of the ChatGPT-style Hanooman service BharatGPT and its eight affiliated universities presented a teaser of their large language model similar to ChatGPT, Hanooman. The initiative is also backed by Reliance Industries…

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Lava has teased a new device, expected to be called the 'Blaze Curve.' Here's what we know so far. News 

Lava’s Upcoming Phone Possibly Named ‘Blaze Curve’; Anticipated Release in March

India’s domestic smartphone maker Lava might be gearing up to launch a brand new smartphone in the Indian market. It is still unclear what the name of the smartphone will be, but according to a recent report, it could be named Blaze Curve and retail around Rs 20,000. Lava itself has also shared a teaser on its official X account that hints at a new phone. It is likely that the teaser depicts the Blaze Curve. Curve will lead the way!Coming Soon#LavaMobiles #ProudlyIndian— Lava Mobiles (@LavaMobile) February 20, 2024…

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Check out the newly introduced generative AI features in Abode Acrobat. (Abode ) AI 

Abode incorporates generative AI into Acrobat PDF management tool; Explore key features

Abode Acrobat, known for its exceptional features, security, and user-friendly interface, has now incorporated an AI-powered conversational engine to further improve its capabilities. Users can now interact with the tool through voice commands. The new AI features are designed to revolutionize the way digital documents are managed, with the generative AI feature allowing users to quickly comprehend lengthy documents. Discover the benefits of this AI integration for Abode Acrobat users. Adobe Acrobat’s creative AI features According to Adobe’s blog post, its PDF management tool Acrobat has an AI assistant that…

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Tech companies are gradually investing their resources in AI and this brand has decided the mobile business has enough to keep people happy. AI 

This Brand Will No Longer Produce Phones, Embracing AI as the Future

Phone brands are starting to focus on AI, but one company has decided that phones don’t make sense anymore and is fully investing in AI for the future. Meizu is a company that has confirmed its plans to exit the smartphone business and is ready to put all its eggs in the AI basket. Meizu wants to focus on an AI-powered operating system tailored for mobile devices and even launch its first AI-enabled hardware product in 2024. Meizu has proven its hardware with phones launched around the world, but the…

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Tinder's new identity verification program aims to address rising crime on dating apps by requiring users to submit a valid ID and a video selfie. (REUTERS) AI 

Tinder Implements Stricter Measures to Combat AI Scams and Dating Crimes; Passport and Video ID Checks Introduced

Tinder is introducing an enhanced identity verification program in response to the increasing difficulty in distinguishing real users from AI-generated profiles and the rise in criminal activity on dating apps. The popular dating platform will be implementing the system in the US, UK, Brazil, and Mexico in the upcoming weeks and months, following successful testing in Australia and New Zealand. According to a statement released by the company on Tuesday, verified users in these regions experienced a 67% increase in matches compared to unverified users. The process requires a valid…

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Check today’s AI news to catch the updates. (Bloomberg) AI 

5 AI updates you might have overlooked today: Samsung offers AI training, Truecaller explores AI for fraud prevention, and more.

In the latest AI news, Samsung has introduced a new initiative at Visvesvaraya Technological University aimed at offering training in AI and IoT to more than 1100 students to prepare them for the future. Additionally, Truecaller CEO announced plans to utilize AI for company growth and fraud prevention. Stay updated on the latest developments in the world of AI. 1. The Samsung Innovation Campus program was launched to train 1,100 young people in artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things Samsung Semiconductor India Research announces Samsung Innovation Campus program at…

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Sandeep Sarkar from Kolkata fell prey to an online stock trading scam, losing a whopping Rs 20 lakh. News 

Kolkata Man Loses Rs 20 Lakh in Online Investment Scam Seeking Higher Returns

Online scams have undeniably permeated the fabric of the Internet, and this is a growing concern as users not only increasingly rely on online services for basic tasks, but also integrate them into learning and skill development. However, scammers are constantly developing new ways to scam people, whether they are unsuspecting newcomers looking for work or looking to earn extra income. Now in a recent incident Sandeep Sarkar from Kolkata fell victim to an online stock trading scam and lost a whopping Rs 20,000. Unaware of the looming financial loss,…

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Otter is working on developing AI avatars that could take your place in meetings, says CEO Sam Liang. (Unsplash) AI 

Otter CEO Sam Liang unveils plans for AI avatar to represent you in meetings

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you spend your entire workday attending meetings without accomplishing any actual work? This can result in wasted time and reduced productivity. Fortunately, a solution may be on the horizon. According to Otter CEO Sam Liang, an AI avatar could soon step in to take your place in meetings, answering questions and participating in discussions just like you would. AI avatars in meetings Speaking to Business Insider India, Otter CEO Sam Liang said that he often wonders if all the scheduled work…

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Reddit has signed a contract allowing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company to train its models on the social media platform's content from its users. AI 

This AI Company Signs Content Licensing Deal with Reddit

(Reuters) – Reddit has signed a deal to allow the artificial intelligence (AI) company to train its models on the social media platform’s content, Bloomberg News reported, citing people familiar with the matter. Reddit, which is planning an initial public offering (IPO), has told potential investors it signed a $60 million annual deal earlier this year, according to a report. The details of the AI deal could change as negotiations continue for the Reddit IPO, which could come in March. The content licensing agreement comes at a time when interest…

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Some game studios are experimenting with AI tools to give voice to a potentially unlimited number of characters and conversations. (AP) AI 

Some video game actors are allowing AI to replicate their voices, but they are wary of being replaced.

Actor Andy Magee may be the voice behind a video game goblin with a Cockney accent or a gruff Scottish blacksmith forging a virtual sword. Except it’s not exactly Magee’s voice. It is a synthetic voice clone created by artificial intelligence. As video game worlds expand, some game studios are experimenting with artificial intelligence tools to voice a potentially limitless number of characters and conversations. It also saves time and money on “vocal scratch” recordings, which game developers use as placeholders for testing scenes and Scripts. Feedback from professional actors…

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Know what happened in the AI world today, February 19, 2024. (PR newswire) AI 

5 AI developments you might have overlooked today: AI is not meant to replace jobs, Tamil Nadu launches AI mission, and more

Recent developments in the world of artificial intelligence include S&P Global Market Intelligence President Adam Kansler stating that AI will not replace jobs, but may create a demand curve that requires a deeper understanding of the technology. Additionally, Tamil Nadu has announced an Artificial Intelligence Mission to drive innovation and development within the state. Stay informed about the latest advancements in AI. S&P Global Market Intelligence highlighted how AI can create a demand curve In a recent interview, Adam Kansler emphasized that AI is not here to take our jobs…

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Xiaomi 14 Ultra is confirmed for a big launch in 2024 but does that mean we get to see the new model in the Indian market this time around? News 

Confirmed Launch Date for Xiaomi 14 Ultra Announced, Will Expand to Additional Countries in 2024

The company has confirmed the Xiaomi 14 Ultra and we also know when and where the new Ultra model will be launched this year. For some reason, Xiaomi has reserved previous Ultra iterations for its home market, but 2024 will be different when the 14 Ultra will also hit the global market. The Ultra title has shown us Xiaomi’s partnership with Leica and what a real deal can do for the companies involved. The Xiaomi 14 Ultra is a premium model that competes with Pixels, Galaxy Ultras and Pro Maxs…

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OpenAI CEO aims to secure massive investment for AI computer chip production. AI 

AI systems like ChatGPT are not genuinely intelligent, experts say

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, is said to be seeking up to $7 trillion in investment to produce the large quantities of computer chips necessary for running AI systems, according to reports. Altman also recently said that the world will need more energy in the AI-saturated future he envisions — so much more that some kind of technological breakthrough like nuclear fusion might be necessary. Altman clearly has big plans for his company’s technology, but is the future of artificial intelligence really that rosy? As a long-time “artificial intelligence” researcher,…

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iPhone users are starting to have security issues that have plagued Android users for years and the latest is a trojan threat for banking apps. News 

Major Face ID Security Issue on iPhones Can Potentially Lead to Financial Loss for Users

Android users have been worried about malware threats for years, and now iPhone users have similar concerns that can steal personal information and even their money. The iOS Trojan malware is said to be designed to gain access to devices and be able to read messages and other confidential items. Group IB’s Threat Intelligence Unit has identified a Trojan called GoldPickaxe.iOS, and the threat has been attributed to a Chinese-language threat actor codenamed GoldFactory. The biggest red flag about this Trojan and threat actor is that the attacks come from…

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Microsoft-backed OpenAI has completed a deal that values the artificial intelligence company at $80 billion or more, according to reports. News 

Report: OpenAI, Creator of ChatGPT, Now Valued at $80 Billion

(Reuters) – Microsoft-backed OpenAI has completed a deal that values the artificial intelligence company at $80 billion or more, the New York Times reported on Friday, citing people with knowledge of the deal. According to the report, the company would sell the existing shares in a so-called tender offer led by private equity firm Thrive Capital. Under the agreement, employees can redeem their shares in the company instead of a traditional financing round that would raise money for the company, the report added. OpenAI did not immediately respond to Reuters’…

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OnePlus made a mistake sharing wrong details about the new OnePlus 12 series phone and it is offering a quick solution for the buyers. News 

Full Story: OnePlus 12R Purchasers Eligible for Full Refund Until Specified Date

OnePlus has finally confirmed what will happen to people who bought the new OnePlus 12R model. It all started when the company made headlines for the wrong reasons. OnePlus managed to get one thing wrong in a newly launched phone that is likely to change people’s opinions or purchasing decisions. OnePlus has confirmed that the 12R version does not support the UFS 4.0 standard, but instead gets UFS 3.1 storage. The verified details of the OnePlus 12R recording technology were shared by Kinder Liu, COO and President of OnePlus this…

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Recording slow motion videos on your iPhone device is simple and requires barely any effort on your end. News 

A Quick Guide on Capturing Slow Motion Videos on Your iPhone

The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models have quickly become hot-selling devices since they were launched in September 2023. One standout feature is the improved camera experience, which has captured the attention of both photography and film enthusiasts. While features like the ability to shoot in ProRes LOG are important, the slow motion video feature has improved significantly over the years. It allows users to add drama and intrigue to scenes. Importantly, this feature is not exclusive to the iPhone 15 series; it’s available for iPhones as old as…

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How OpenAI CEO Sam Altman interacted with X users to showcase Sora’s capabilities. (Sora) AI 

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman utilizes Sora to transform X user prompts into impressive AI videos.

OpenAI has introduced Sora, a cutting-edge video generation tool capable of transforming text prompts into 60-second videos. The announcement of this remarkable AI model was made via OpenAI’s X account. Following the announcement, CEO Sam Altman encouraged X users to submit prompts, assuring them that he would utilize Sora to create AI-generated videos based on their suggestions. True to his word, Altman astounded everyone by uploading a series of breathtaking AI-generated videos inspired by these prompts. Sora AI videos with X Altman’s post said, “We’d love to show you what…

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