Learn how to make money using ChatGPT. (Pixaby) AI 

Learn How to Earn Money with ChatGPT

It’s true! ChatGPT offers a way to earn money from the comfort of your own home. This innovative AI-powered platform was initially created to rival Google Search, but it has since expanded its capabilities. Users are finding ChatGPT to be a valuable tool for completing essential tasks, and now, it’s also a reliable source of income. In this article, we’ll delve into the various ways you can take advantage of ChatGPT’s money-making opportunities and join the growing number of people benefiting from this platform. First, ChatGPT can be used to…

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ChatGPT plugin can help you in your quest for the job of your dreams. (Unsplash) AI 

ChatGPT Ambition Plugin Helps You Secure Your Desired Salary in Job Search

Are you currently in search of a new job or interested in exploring exciting career prospects? If you’re spending a significant amount of time and effort on job search portals, it’s time to stop. Instead, let artificial intelligence (AI) take over the task of finding your ideal job and high-paying salary. The ChatGPT Ambition Plugin is a robust tool that can help you locate relevant job opportunities and provide valuable insights to simplify your job search process. Learn more about how this plugin can assist you in achieving your dream…

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YouTube's updated policy, which goes into effect immediately, comes as tech platforms grapple with a key issue in America's hyperpolarized political environment: How to combat misinformation without curtailing free speech? (AFP) News 

YouTube Removes Restrictions on US Election Misinformation

On Friday, YouTube announced that it will no longer delete content that makes false claims about the 2020 US presidential election being affected by “fraud, errors or glitches.” This move has been swiftly condemned by those who oppose the spread of misinformation. The announcement by the Google-owned video site is a marked departure from its policy, which began in December 2020, to try to curb false claims — most importantly, pushed by then-President Donald Trump — that his re-election loss to Joe Biden was due to a “stolen” vote. “The…

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GAI is all about creativity and the first obvious question that it throws up is regarding intellectual property. (Pexels) AI 

AI Technology Facing Legal Challenges: Dall-E, Midjourney, ChatGPT and More

In recent times, Dall-E, Beatoven, and Midjourney have gained widespread recognition due to their clever wordplay and poetic titles. Another popular application, ChatGPT, has also garnered significant attention. The emergence of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) has captivated the interest of both individuals and enterprises, as it allows for artificial creativity on an unprecedented scale. These applications have the ability to generate various outputs, including text, images, music, videos, and even 3D printing, although they are not yet flawless. GAI is all about creativity, and the first obvious question it raises…

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And digital clones — avatars by another name — present a world of business, economic, scientific and artistic opportunities, even as they also raise a host of ethical questions. (Pexels) AI 

Possibility of AI Cloning Humans in the Future Examined

There is always that one exceptional employee in every business who is indispensable and irreplaceable, often joked about being cloned. Well, the joke may be upon us one day as the AI boom accelerates. And digital copies – otherwise known as avatars – offer a business, financial, scientific and artistic opportunity, although they also raise many ethical questions. Bloomberg TV anchor Tom Mackenzie cloned himself to see how advanced the technology really is. He then talks to his AI twin, called Tom’s avatar. Created by London-based synthetic media platform Synthesia…

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FireTexts is available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. (Pexels) AI 

Generate Perfect Text Messages with AI App Powered by ChatGPT

Many of us have experienced the challenge of crafting a message, whether it be a well-wish or essential information, and grappling with the best way to articulate it. This often leads to excessive typing and deleting until we finally produce a satisfactory message, which was the norm in 2022. However, with the advent of artificial intelligence in 2023, an app called FireTexts employs generative AI technology to generate the ideal text message for any occasion. Let’s delve deeper into this innovative application. FireTexts is made by AltGrowth and this is…

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The company said it ‘carefully deliberated’ the reversal without explaining further. News 

YouTube updates misinformation policy to permit videos alleging fraud in the 2020 US election

YouTube has made a surprising announcement on Friday afternoon, stating that denialism of the 2020 election is now acceptable. The company claims to have thoroughly considered this decision, but has not provided any details on why they have reversed their previous ban on content that disputes the election results. YouTube had initially prohibited such content in December 2020. YouTube has announced that it will no longer remove content that promotes false claims of widespread fraud, errors, or glitches in past US Presidential elections. The decision was made after the company…

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The sector could expand at a rate of 42% over ten years — driven first by the demand for infrastructure necessary to train AI systems and then the ensuing devices that use AI models, advertising and other service (AFP) AI 

Report Predicts ChatGPT to be a Major Contributor to the $1.3 Trillion AI Market by 2032

The market for generative AI is expected to experience a significant boost over the next decade, driven by the introduction of consumer-oriented AI tools like ChatGPT and Google’s Bard. This growth is projected to result in a revenue surge from $40 billion in 2021 to an estimated $1.3 trillion by 2032. According to a recent report by Bloomberg Intelligence analysts, led by Mandeep Singh, the industry has the potential to grow by 42% over the next decade. This growth will be fueled by the need for infrastructure to train AI…

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Know what’s happening in the AI universe today, June 2. (Unsplash) AI 

Explore the Latest AI Developments: Daenerys’ Kerala Wedding to AI Drone

While Nvidia’s unexpected rise to a $1 trillion value remains a major topic in the world of AI, there are numerous other intriguing developments in this field. One such example is an AI traffic system in India that issued a staggering 400 e-challans in a single day. Additionally, Bill Gates has cautioned that AI may bring about the demise of search engines like Google and shopping platforms like Amazon. These and other noteworthy stories are featured in today’s AI roundup. The AI traffic system sends 400 e-challans in one day…

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It arrives later this month, not long after ‘Street Fighter 6.’ News 

Wireless and Customizable Xbox-Licensed Arcade Stick from 8BitDo

8BitDo has revealed a new arcade stick licensed by Xbox, which will be released later this month. The wireless accessory features customizable controls and interchangeable arcade buttons. The announcement coincides with the launch of Street Fighter VI. Although not the initial arcade-style joystick accessory and not even the first of its kind by 8BitDo, the Xbox Arcade Stick may be worth considering based on the company’s track record of producing quality controllers. The joystick is highly customizable, allowing users to remap buttons and swap out physical buttons with various sizes.…

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OpenAI, the creator of AI-powered conversational chatbot ChatGPT, is rapidly nearing one billion unique visitors per month on its website, making it the fastest-growing website among the top 50 most visited sites on the planet. News 

OpenAI’s Website Close to Reaching One Billion Monthly Unique Visitors, Creator of ChatGPT

OpenAI, the creator of an artificial intelligence-powered conversational chatbot, is fast approaching one billion unique visitors per month to its website, a new report said Thursday, making it the fastest-growing site among the 50 most visited sites on the planet. According to US-based SaaS Webflow design and performance marketing agency, OpenAI’s website Openai.com grew by 54.21 percent in a month. The agency analyzed traffic statistics from the top 50 websites with the most visits in March based on data from Slick Web (an Israeli software and data company). “The ChatGPT…

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It can even create 3D assets from videos taken by smartphones. AI 

NVIDIA’s Neuralangelo AI model can create 3D objects from 2D videos

NVIDIA has introduced a new AI model called Neuralangelo that can create 3D replicas of objects from 2D videos, whether they are classical sculptures or ordinary trucks and buildings. Neuralangelo works by selecting multiple frames that show an object from different angles in a 2D video to get a clear picture of its depth, size, and shape. It then creates a rough 3D representation of the object before optimizing it to mimic the details of the real thing. According to the company, the new model has adopted technology from its…

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It's designed for young people seeking urban mobility. News 

Fiat Topolino EV is an Italian twist facelifted version of the Citroen Ami

Fiat already had its own electric car in the 500 series, but it’s now even more compact in its latest urban transport campaign. The company unveiled the Topolino, which is essentially a facelifted version of the Citroen Am with a redesigned front fascia, brown fabric retractable roof, open sides and cream leather seats. The Topolino shares the Ami’s engine range (both Citroen and Fiat are under the Stellantis umbrella) and looks almost identical, apart from the aforementioned changes. It has a 5.5 kWh battery with a range of 47 miles…

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NVIDIA has introduced ACE for Games, a generative AI model which can be integrated in games, which essentially "sparks life into virtual characters." The demo was showcased at Computex 2023. AI 

NVIDIA reveals ACE model with generative AI for NPC interaction in video games

Artificial intelligence has become this year’s buzzword, with generative AI bots such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google Bard and Baidu’s Ernie bot grabbing headlines. However, NVIDIA – which recently hit a $1 trillion market cap – has now incorporated generative AI into its gaming offerings at Computex 2023. Dubbed the Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE), NVIDIA’s latest AI model allows players to interact with non-player characters (NPCs) naturally and even elicit contextual responses. NVIDIA’s demo, Kairos, featured a user-controlled character interacting with the NPC Jin in an environment very similar to Cyberpunk…

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The attack on MCNA is the largest health breach this year. News 

Ransomware attack exposes sensitive information of nearly 9 million dental patients

A recently disclosed ransomware attack compromised some particularly sensitive medical data. Dental insurer Managed Care of North America (MCNA) said the intruder accessed patients and took copies of patient information between February 26 and March 7, including addresses, social security numbers, driver’s licenses and insurance information. MCNA says some of the information is for parents, guardians and guarantors (people who pay bills on behalf of others). A filing provided by the Maine Attorney General indicates that more than 8.9 million people have been affected. The company has not identified the…

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There’s AMOLED displays, improved weather mapping and much more. Gadgets 

Garmin introduces top-of-the-line smartwatches for deep-pocketed explorers

Garmin just announced new smartwatches aimed at explorers and fitness enthusiasts. However, these are high-end devices with high-end specs and correspondingly high-end price tags. First, the Epix Pro series. The main advantage of these watches is that they have a bright and sharp AMOLED display, which is a design choice that Garmin has started to embrace and offers a vivid image without draining too much battery life. There’s also a built-in flashlight with multiple intensities and flash mode, a red-only display option for darker conditions, and plenty of advanced fitness…

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Know all about solar storm chances this week. (SDO/NASA) Space 

NOAA satellites have revealed that decaying sunspots can trigger M-class solar flares; Is a solar storm coming?

The last ten days have been completely peaceful for the country. The activity of the sun has been low, even though our planet has two active points. One of them, AR3315, is five times the size of Earth and was feared to explode, causing a class X solar flare. However, that didn’t happen, and now NOAA’s latest predictions reveal that much of the unstable magnetic field has died. and that the possibility of a class X flare no longer exists. However, the probability of an M-class volcano eruption is still…

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Asteroid 2012 KP24 belongs to the Apollo group of Near-Earth Asteroids. (Pixabay) Space 

Asteroid 2012 KP24 is on its way to a close encounter with Earth, NASA says

Did you know that scientists study asteroids to learn more about the early solar system and the conditions that existed when the planets formed? Asteroids can also provide valuable natural resources such as water, minerals and other minerals. One of these discoveries was made by studying an asteroid. Until now, it was believed that water has existed on Earth since ancient times. However, a recent study made a surprising discovery that challenges this idea. The study revealed that the water may have originated from asteroids. Over the past few years,…

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Nvidia, known for its chips used in videogames, pivoted to the data center market over the last few years. (REUTERS) AI 

What is Nvidia’s role in recent AI booms? Why are it’s shares rising?

Nvidia Corp. hit a $1 trillion market cap on Tuesday as shares continued to rise after a hearty earnings report forced Wall Street to reassess the chip industry’s potential surprises from the artificial intelligence boom. Here’s an explanation of Nvidia and its role in the rise of artificial intelligence. How big is NVIDIA by market cap? Nvidia’s $1 trillion valuation makes it the fifth most valuable US company behind Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet and Amazon. From gaming to artificial intelligence: NVIDIA’s Focus Shift Known for its chips used in video games,…

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Qualcomm's chips help smartphones harness AI for everything from processing photos to detecting malware. (REUTERS) AI 

According to Qualcomm, AI requires more power than just the cloud

Qualcomm Inc. bets However, the future of artificial intelligence requires more computing power than the cloud alone can provide. The world’s largest maker of smartphone processors is transitioning from a telecom company to an “intelligent computing” company, said Alex Katouzian, a Qualcomm executive. The feature in question is a mobile device that a user taps to access a network or service, and Katuzian used his time at the big keynote event at Computex in Taipei to prove the size of the market. The US company’s chips help smartphones utilize artificial…

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