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5 AI developments you might have overlooked today: AI expertise leads to 54% salary increases, Microsoft on the lookout for AI gaming specialists, and more.

AI skills are driving a 54 percent salary increase in India, with Microsoft looking for AI experts to enhance the gaming experience. The Chairman of NAAC is promoting value-based education in the face of AI disruption, while Tim Cook is advocating for the use of AI in climate action. Stay updated with our daily roundup for more news.

1. AI skills drive 54 percent pay rise in Indian industries

The study reveals a 54 percent increase in wages in industries due to AI skills. 95 percent of employees seek artificial intelligence skills for career advancement. Indian employers offer higher salary especially in IT and R&D sectors. Interest in the population is growing, with 96 percent of women and 90 percent of age groups pursuing AI skills. According to a Manufacturing Today report, employers expect a 68 percent increase in productivity with the introduction of artificial intelligence.

2. Microsoft is looking for AI experts to change the gaming experience

Microsoft is looking for AI experts to revolutionize gaming. A recent job posting reveals their goal of integrating AI into future games with a focus on improving player experiences. While details remain undisclosed, it suggests AI-powered NPCs and dynamic content generation, reminiscent of Nvidia’s development. This move underscores Microsoft’s commitment to harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence in its gaming division, Windows Latest reports.

3. NAAC chairman advocates value-based education amid AI disruption

Anil Sahasrabudhe, Chairman, NAAC discusses the disruptive impact of AI on education and advocates value-based education to mitigate its negative effects. He emphasizes incorporating technology into traditional values while preserving them. Sahasrabudhe commends NEP-2020 for measures to reduce stress and promote interdisciplinary learning and notes the role of COVID-19 in accelerating the adoption of online education, The Hindu reported.

4. Tim Cook supports artificial intelligence in climate action at the China Forum

Apple CEO Tim Cook emphasizes the importance of artificial intelligence in combating climate change at the Beijing Forum. When talking about carbon neutrality and environmental goals, Cook emphasizes the role of artificial intelligence in reducing emissions. Apple’s commitment to sustainability includes ambitious goals, with the Apple Watch touted as its first carbon-neutral product. According to a Bloomberg report, Cook’s involvement underscores Apple’s dedication to innovation and environmental responsibility in China.

5. The Financial Times launches an AI chatbot trained on decades of articles

The Financial Times introduces Ask FT, an AI chatbot trained on its extensive archive. Subscribers can ask it curated answers drawn from decades of FT articles. Unlike common AI bots, it draws from trusted, legitimate sources. However, there were some inconsistencies, such as the inclusion of Nikki Haley in the 2024 US presidential race despite her withdrawal, The Verge reported.

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