The $30 game will be available on June 30th. Gaming 

Nintendo to Release Follow-up to ‘1-2 Switch’ Party Game

Nintendo is set to release a follow-up to its popular party game, 1-2 Switch, on June 30th. The new game, called Everybody 1-2-Switch!, allows players to participate in some of its mini-games using their smartphones instead of Joy-Cons. The original game featured 28 mini-games designed to add excitement to social gatherings, including some unusual ones like putting a crying baby to sleep and pretending to be a supermodel on the runway. Another mini-game required players to milk a cow. According to a report from Fanbyte last year, Nintendo has been…

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Police have a suspect in custody. Gaming 

Suspect Accused of Utilizing Nintendo ‘Duck Hunt’ Gun to Rob Convenience Store

According to York County deputies, a man from South Carolina has been taken into custody for reportedly robbing a convenience store while brandishing a Nintendo light gun. The suspect, who is 25 years old, allegedly used the gun accessory, which was primarily used in the 1980s to play games like Duck Hunt, Hogan’s Alley, and Gumshoe, to steal $300 in cash. He reportedly disguised himself with a mask, wig, and hoodie sweatshirt. According to authorities, the accused brandished a replica firearm at a store clerk and demanded cash from the…

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The popular game seems to be having trouble on select phone models. Read here for more details. Gaming 

Call Of Duty Mobile Could Block Players Using Smartphones From ROG, Vivo And Others

Following the ban of BGMI in India, a significant portion of its user base shifted to playing Call Of Duty Mobile on their mobile devices. However, it appears that players who use ASUS and Sony mobile phones are now facing bans of up to 10 years, as indicated in the notifications they received on their devices. Users have reported unjustified bans on the official Discord server for Call of Duty Mobile and the r/CallofDutyMobile subreddit on Reddit. The game developer has not yet addressed these grievances. It is not clear…

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Switch owners can buy the new colors on June 30th. Gaming 

Nintendo Launches Summer with Colorful Joy-Con Controllers

If you’re in need of a way to brighten up your Switch or require an additional controller set for a fun Mario Kart game, Nintendo has got you covered. The corporation is launching Joy-Con controllers in two delightful pastel color schemes, purple/green and pink/yellow, on June 30th. These controllers will be sold for the same price as other hues, $80, and will provide the same motion control and “HD rumble” features as the previous models. Additional controllers are necessary for local multiplayer games such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Ultimate.…

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The game’s production was allegedly hampered by staffing issues, unclear direction and magical thinking. Gaming 

Microsoft Reportedly Didn’t Get Involved With Xbox Dud “Redfall”

So far, the Xbox exclusive Redfall is known to have been a huge commercial and critical hit when it launched last month. Its rather interesting concept – vampires living on a wealthy Massachusetts island – is hampered by bugs and a general lack of polish. (The description “not fit for public consumption” summed up Jessica Condit’s impressions in an ReturnByte review.) Now Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier has pulled back the curtain on the alleged behind-the-scenes turmoil that led to Xbox’s latest setback in its mission. reach. Sony and Nintendo console retailers.…

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Users in the country will still be able to re-download previously purchased games. Gaming 

Nintendo has officially stopped eShop sales in Russia

Last year, Nintendo put its online store in “maintenance mode” in Russia, which prevented the country’s customers from accessing the online store. Now the company makes it official: Nintendo will stop all sales in Russia. Nintendo of Europe has announced that as of May 31, 2023, the company will stop all new e-commerce sales in Russia. This means you cannot make new purchases in the store or redeem digital codes. Nintendo says that all credit card information and PayPal information will be deleted for security reasons, and that you cannot…

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The action RPG has a 60-plus-hour campaign and an endless dungeon-crawling mode. Gaming 

“Asgard’s Wrath 2” is Meta’s most ambitious VR game to date

One of the biggest announcements at today’s Meta Quest Gaming Showcase is Asgard’s Wrath 2, the sequel to the acclaimed 2019 original, which is slated for release this winter. It’s shaping up to be Meta’s most ambitious game to date – an RPG that the company believes can stand up to the genre’s biggest hits on consoles and PC. To deliver on the promise, developer Sanzaru Games may have to push the 2020 mobile technology VR headset to the limit. Sanzaru studio creative director Mat Kraemer said in an overview…

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It uses Apple's Metal 3 API for elevated graphics. Gaming 

No Man’s Sky is available for Mac from today

Hello Games made an exciting announcement at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in 2022: No Man’s Sky was finally coming to Mac computers. Now, ahead of WWDC 2023, Mac users can finally play No Man’s Sky to their heart’s content. Hello Games claims to have worked closely with Apple to bring the game to life, and supports the company’s Metal 3 interface “to achieve console-quality graphics while saving battery life on laptops and lower-end devices.” No Man’s Sky is available to anyone with an Apple silicon-equipped Mac (launched in 2020) or…

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'Jurassic World Evolution 2' and 'Trek to Yomi' are the other titles you can claim next month. Gaming 

June’s PlayStation Plus monthly games include NBA 2K23

Sony has announced its monthly PlayStation Plus game selection for June. These are the three games that Basic, Extra and Premium people can claim access to and keep access for as long as they subscribe. June’s title is NBA 2K23. The latest installment in the long-running series features the return of The Jordan Challenge, where you can play 15 key moments from Michael Jordan’s legendary career. The collection also includes Jurassic World Evolution 2, a construction and management sim where you can build your own Jurassic World theme park. You’ll…

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More players will soon be able to check out Insomniac's most recent gem. Gaming 

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart will be available for PC on July 26th

After our in-depth review of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, there’s even more news from the Insomniac Games camp. The studio’s previous title, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, will be available for PC on July 26. As is often the case with PlayStation-exclusive PC versions, there are some extra bells and whistles. There are “new ray-tracing shadows for natural light for outdoor areas” that allow for “realistic shadows with natural tones of softness,” notes Julian Huegbrights, an expert on the Nixxes online community (a Sony studio working on the port) on PlayStation.…

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Call of Duty Mobile, Candy Crush Saga and Carrom Pool: Disc Game are the most data-hungry games, collecting up to 17 out of 32 different data points -- including photos and videos, contact information, location data and contacts, a new report has showed. Gaming 

Call of Duty: Mobile & Candy Crush Saga holds position in India’s Most Data-Gathering Mobile Games List

In India, mobile games such as Call of Duty Mobile, Candy Crush Saga and Carrom Pool: Disc Game are the most data intensive games, collecting up to 17 out of 32 different data points – including photos, videos, contacts, location data, and A new report came out on Tuesday . According to cyber security company Surfshark, the most popular apps, Ludo King and Subway Surfers, are ranked 38th and 7th respectively in terms of “data hunger”. Notably, only Subway Surfers collects more than an average of 9.3, including contact information…

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The Aspire 5 gaming laptop comes packed with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2050, DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) and AI-specialized Tensor Cores on GeForce RTX GPUs. Gaming 

Acer Aspire 5 Gaming Laptop with 13th Gen Intel Core Processor Released: Price, Specifications

Acer Aspire 5 gaming laptop: Taiwanese technology giant Acer on Monday launched its new Aspire 5 gaming laptop in India. The new Acer laptops have the latest 13th generation Intel Core processors, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2050 technologies, Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2 Acer Aspire 5 gaming laptop price and availability The Aspire 5 gaming laptop is priced at Rs 70,990 and is available at all Acer Exclusive stores, Acer Online Store, Croma, Vijay Sales and Amazon. Acer Aspire 5 gaming laptop specifications With a sleek and lightweight design, the Aspire…

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The company says it can match the motion clarity of a theoretical 1440Hz display on 360Hz monitors. Gaming 

NVIDIA’s G-Sync ULMB 2 technology aims to reduce motion blur in games

NVIDIA announces G-Sync Ultra Low Motion Blur (ULMB) 2, a second-generation technology designed to reduce motion blur in competitive games. Compared to the ULMB released in 2015, the company says the latest version offers almost double the brightness and virtually no crosstalk – a flickering or double image effect is sometimes seen when anti-blur features are enabled. The clarity of movement is largely determined by the response time of the screen’s pixels. To make things even better, NVIDIA uses “full refresh rate backlight flashing” based on the powerful backlight technology…

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It replies to natural speech, though the responses are a bit... stilted. Gaming 

NVIDIA’s creative AI allows players to chat with NPCs

NVIDIA has unveiled a technology called Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE) that allows players to naturally speak to non-playable characters (NPCs) and receive appropriate responses. The company showed off the technology during Computex 2023’s artificial intelligence generative keynote, with a demo called Kairos in which a playable character talked to an NPC named Jin in a seedy-looking ramen shop. The demo (below 32:9, the biggest widescreen I’ve ever seen) shows the player talking to Jane. “Hi Jane, how are you,” the person asks. “Unfortunately, not very well,” Jin replied. “How is…

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The studio has other games in development, including a new single-player title. Gaming 

Naughty Dog says The Last of Us multiplayer needs more time

One of the most notable omissions from this week’s PlayStation lineup was anything Naughty Dog. Many (including yours truly) were waiting for the studio to reveal more details about Last of Us multiplayer, but we’ll have to wait a little longer to learn more about this title. In a statement posted on Twitter, Naughty Dog said: “We’re incredibly proud of the work our studio has done so far, but as development continues, we’ve realized it’s best to give the game more time.” As such, it now seems unlikely that we’ll…

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The GameCube and Wii emulator was slated to arrive on Steam later this year. News 

The Dolphin Emulator Steam release has been delayed indefinitely due to a Nintendo DMCA notice

Valve removed Dolphin from Steam after receiving a DMCA takedown notice from Nintendo. In late March, the developers of Dolphin, an open-source emulator capable of running most GameCube and Wii games, said they planned to bring the free app to Valve’s store later this year. In a May 26 legal notice seen by PC Gamer, Nintendo’s legal team asked Valve to remove Dolphin from Steam, claiming that the emulator infringes on the company’s intellectual property rights. Because the Dolphin Emulator infringes Nintendo’s intellectual property rights, including without limitation its rights…

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Watch someone blaze through 'Breath of the Wild' while blindfolded and many other runs starting on May 28th. News 

How to watch the Summer Games Fast Speed Marathon 2023

It’s time again to watch skilled players hack their favorite games as fast as they can for a good cause. Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ) is back again with a week-long charity running marathon. The event starts at 1pm ET on Sunday, May 28th and ends early on June 4th. You can catch all the action on the Games Done Quick (GDQ) Twitch channel embedded below. If you miss an interesting tour, you can watch it later on GDQ’s YouTube channel. The event starts with Sonic Frontiers making their SGDQ…

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Dubbed "Slavery Simulator," the Portuguese-language game saw players trade in slaves and strategize to prevent the abolition of slavery News 

Google removes ‘slavery’ gaming app amid racist protest in Brazil

Google has withdrawn a gaming app that allowed players to buy, sell and torture black virtual “slaves” following an outbreak of racism in Brazil. Dubbed “Slavery Simulator,” the Portuguese-language game has players trading slaves and strategizing to prevent the abolition of slavery in order to amass virtual wealth. The prosecutor’s office said it had opened an investigation into “hate speech” related to the game, downloaded by hundreds of people. The app itself came with a disclaimer condemning “slavery of all kinds” and emphasizing the game was “for entertainment purposes only”.…

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BGMI is finally available to pre-load on Android, starting today, May 27, but will be playable on May 29. On iOS, BGMI will be available to download and play on May 29 itself. Check all details here. News 

BGMI is now available to download for Android; Coming soon

Earlier this month, Krafton – the maker of Battle Grounds Mobile India, or BGMI as it’s known – claimed that the game would be returning to India. And now, the game is finally available for download on Android starting today, May 27th, but you can play it on May 29th. On iOS, BGMI will be available to download and play on May 29. We checked with our own devices and can confirm that the game is available for download from the Google Play Store, but is not yet available for…

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PlayStation Showcase 2023 ran over 70 minutes and showcased new announcements, such as the revival of Marathon by Bungie, gameplay footage of Marvel's Spider-Man 2, and hardware reveals like the handheld remote play device called Project Q. News 

PlayStation Showcase all the major announcements: Spider-Man 2 game, new handheld and more

Sony’s PlayStation Showcase, which took place after a period of nearly 600 days, has finally come to an end, lasting over an hour and ten minutes – with new announcements, the revival of Bungie’s Marathon, the progress of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and even hardware announcements. including a new handheld remote playback device called Project Q and a new wireless PlayStation headset for PS5 and PC. Here are the key announcements from PlayStation Showcase 2023: Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 game We finally got our first look at Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man 2,…

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